> The Law of Propinquity in Social Relationships




The Law of Propinquity in Social Relationships

The Law of Propinquity in Social Relationships

Propinquity: “Being near to someone or something. Having reasons for frequent interaction or close proximity.”

What does propinquity have to do with dating? Let me break this down for you with a simple example. Tom and Sally may have all kinds of things in common, including good looks, but their propinquity is low if one lives in L.A. and the other one lives in New York. Another couple, Jeff and Sarah, may have little in common… Other than mailboxes that happen to be side-by-side in the mail room on the ground floor of the apartment building where they both live.

The law of propinquity dictates that Jeff and Sarah are far more likely to end up together than Tom and Sally.

In fact, social psychologists have researched this concept extensively. Social psychologists have studied hundreds of factors to determine who ends up with who when it comes to romantic relationships. Want to know which variable has the biggest impact? You guessed it; it’s propinquity!

By getting specific, you can look for ways to purposefully increase your propinquity with your dream quality man/woman. Then, you can make purposeful adjustments to your regular routines to ensure you occasionally show up where he/she hangs out.

- James Bauer

Source: http://itsallaboutwomen.com/relationships/how-you-can-become-irresistable-to-quality-men/