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Secret Points in Space to Manifest Desires

Secret Points in Space to Manifest Desires

“Seth indicates that there are 4 absolute coordinate points that intersect all realities. These points also act as channels through which energy flows into our reality. There are also a vast number of “subordinate” coordinate points.

Our space is filled with these points which supply the energy flow that enables us to transform thoughts and emotions into physical matter. When one of our emotional desires reaches a certain trigger intensity it automatically attaches itself to the nearest “power” point which supplies the core energy flow to manifest the event required.

These points impinge on time and space, as we know them. Physical constructions built at one of these main energy points will last vastly longer. The Great Pyramids were built on a main energy point. These points can be detected as there is a minor aberration of gravity in the immediate vicinity.

In fact there are a number of well documented spots around the world where gravity produces some strange visual effects. One would assume that these are strong coordinate points of concentrated energy.

There are a vastly greater number of the minor subordinate coordinate points which are the ones we normally react with. If houses are built or gardens planted in the vicinity of one of these points then beneficial health and growth results will be apparent.

The Chinese seem to have a handle on this and they employ specialized practitioners to identify the best places to construct a dwelling.

Some individuals are able to “sense” the presence of these points. That is, for no apparent reason they are “drawn” to a particular area…..it makes them feel “comfortable”. It is in the presence of these points that a person has the best chance of manifesting their desires. The points provide the necessary psychic energy to enable the manifestation with less emotional energy than would be required distant form one of these points.

Your own emotional intensities will trigger one of these points into magnifying your thoughts….whether good or bad. Your emotional desire will suddenly resonate in the same manner a bell rings and resonates when struck. These coordination points cause mental resonance which enables manifestation to occur.

Greater energy will therefore be added to the original thought or emotion, thereby facilitating its projection into physical reality. Seth says that intense emotional thoughts exist as electromagnetic energy units which convert more easily into “matter” in the presence of a coordinate point.

……… “Mental images, accompanied by strong emotion are the blueprint for the manifestation of a physical object, condition or event.”……….

The intensity (or emotional yearning) determines how effectively and quickly the desired event will materialize. A person who is in a critical situation and has developed an urgent burning emotional necessity to relieve themselves of that situation, will often find that something happens quickly and “unexpectedly” that soles the problem.”

- Manifestation (Super Mind Evolution System)
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