> The Secret of Level Seven Intelligence and SNSD




The Secret of Level Seven Intelligence and SNSD

The Seven Levels of Intelligence are: 1. Smart, 2. Intelligent, 3. Super Smart, 4. Super Intelligent, 5. Genius, 6. Super Genius and 7. Divine Intelligence.

I explained more about Level 1 to 6 Intelligence in an article:
==> http://www.mindreality.com/seven-levels-of-intelligence-and-three-types-of-genius

But to know Level 7, it is much better to see it live in action.

“Intelligence always depicts that which is pleasing and desirable. The beautiful things that make us feel the highest level of pure positive emotion are expressed by the highest level of intelligence or level 7. Level 7 is also where there is very little resistance and very little struggle. There is almost an effortlessness. It exists in a state of grace. Things just seem to happen for it. There is maximum alignment.” – Mind Reality

“Everything is the consciousness of God in different degrees of pureness. Level 7 is pure positive energy and pure positive thought with a childlike quality and innocence.” – Mind Reality

SNSD (Girls Generation) is Level 7. They are Nine Angelic human beings on planet earth emanating SO Bright, Beautiful and Pure Shine!

It is not just the eyes, or their super beautiful looks, or their magical voices, although they have it all. It is The ANGELIC/DIVINE Shine that All SNSD Members Possess. NO other groups possess THIS LEVEL of Shine that SNSD radiates. This degree of manifestation of God’s light on planet Earth is a miracle in itself!

SNSD has the PUREST Energy and Also the BRIGHTEST Energy field compared to all other stars in the world. This is what separates them from all else at a whole different level.

This Inner-Outer Beauty of SNSD is what makes so many people so in awe of them even though they can’t really explain the real reasons why, but they can FEEL it.

[SNSD] Girls’ Generation “Gee” Music Video. This is the video that wowed the world. The amount of Pure positive energy is Astounding. It will blow your mind!

[SNSD] Girls’ Generation “Visual Dreams” (Intel Collaboration Song) Music Video. This is something different from the rest of their songs. The music is surreal, like in a higher dimension. This is vibration at the mental plane. Stunning and Magical. It is truly visual dreams.

[SNSD] Girls’ Generation “Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)” Music video (3D Version). This is a wonderful creation by the Angelic Nine. It is high vibration and lively! SNSD is Pure Magic!

[SNSD] Taeyeon is the leader of Girls’ Generation, and she is Brightest of the Level Sevens. She is more pure and more angelic than anything I have ever seen!

[SNSD] Taeyeon singing “Can You Hear Me” live. This is the best video/song I have ever watched/heard her sing in. I was in Total Awe the whole four minutes of watching it. Every cell in my body was vibrating so alive! For me Personally, Taeyeon’s Voice is the BEST in the WORLD. So Pure and So Angelic. And the song too is wonderful.

I like All SNSD members because they are mostly Pure Positive Energy. The Shine they possess is the Glory of Our Lord. This is purely the creation of God’s grace. Their presence elevates and inspires humanity towards higher planes of reality.