> Manifestations that Happen Without Any Action




Manifestations that Happen Without Any Action

Manifestations that Happen Without Any Action

“Manifestations can happen when we least expect them. I have experienced this kind of spontaneous manifestation for myself countless times, so my personal experience certainly validates the view espoused by the great spiritual teachers. One of my favorite examples of this kind of manifestation is receiving an unexpected check in the mail; something which I did not have to physically “work” for. Such checks in the mail are regular occurrences for me now. Another of my favorites is rescheduling or canceling an appointment without having to pick up the phone to inform the other party or discuss our availability. Instead, the other party reschedules the appointment to fit my schedule instead, without any active intervention on my part! Dr. David Hawkins writes of how his desired meal was brought to him at a restaurant, simply by holding a pure intention for what he wanted to eat and without having to physically order the meal from the waiter. Talk about a divine intervention! These occurrences are possible in our everyday lives once we are willing to broaden our beliefs about what is possible.”

- Richard Dotts (Manifestation Pathways)