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Light Language or Speaking in the Spirit

Light Language or Speaking in the Spirit

“For most of us who have had some exposure to light language it has been as “speaking in tongues”, “spirit tongue”, or spirit language. Some people also call it angel-speak, or language of the soul. As the only contact I’d had with it prior to my personal experience was by way of the movies, it also always seemed to go along with rooms packed full of people, traveling preachers, “testimonies”, mild hysteria and lots of falling down!

Light language is a very powerful healing “modality” and a force for change. The energy that is transmitted through it can be immense, depending on the speaker. And I LOVE it! It comes from the stars…from where we came from and still are. It comes from other aspects of self in other realms and times and places. From past Earth cultures and current Star cultures.

Some people say the Languages can’t be “understood” at all: that the meaning is always purposely hidden and that the energy itself delivers all the information we need to connect with. I believe that the meaning is hidden when it’s in the Highest Good to keep it hidden, when the Languages serve to keep us beyond thought and the limits of perception and belief and opinion. They remain free that way and help us toward our own freedom by preventing us misinterpreting word concepts and needing to know. They make us FEEL and experience instead. We are sometimes limited by the concepts behind words, and sometimes we are be expanded by conscious knowing.”

- Shely Ourana (Light Language – ExpandingRealities.net)