> Life is About the Highest Quality of Giving




Life is About the Highest Quality of Giving

Life is About the Highest Quality of Giving

Neale Donald Walsch: “All things that proceed from you, return to you.”

God: “Sevenfold. So there is no need to worry about what you are going to “get back.” There is only a need to worry about what you are going to “give out.” Life is about creating the highest quality giving not the highest quality getting.

You keep forgetting. But life is not “for getting.” Life is “for giving” and in order to do that, you need to be forgiving to others—especially those who did not give you what you thought you were going to get!

This switch will entail a complete shift of your cultural story. Today, what you call “success” in your culture is measured largely by how much you “get,” by how much honor and money and power and possessions you amass. In the New Culture “success” will be measured by how much you cause others to amass.

The irony will be that the more you cause others to amass, the more you will amass, effortlessly. With no “contracts,” no “agreements,” no “bargaining” or “negotiating” or lawsuits or courts which force you to give to each other what was “promised.”

In the future economy, you will not do things for personal profit, but for personal growth, which will be your profit. Yet “profit” in material terms will come to you as you become a bigger and grander version of Who You Really Are.

In those days and times, using force to coerce someone to give you something because they “said” that they would will seem very primitive to you. If another person does not keep an agreement, you will simply allow them to walk their path, make their choices, and create their own experience of themselves. And whatever they have not given you, you will not miss, for you will know that there is “more where that came from”—and that they are not your source of that, but you are.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“You would give and share automatically, and so, there would be far fewer contracts to break, because a contract is about the exchange of goods and services, whereas your life would be about the giving of goods and services, regardless of what exchange may or may not take place.

Yet in this kind of one-way giving would your salvation be found, for you would have discovered what God has experienced: that what you give to another, you give to your Self. What goes around, comes around.”

- Conversations with God, Book 3

“Give what is joyful to give; do not give money if you feel obligated or forced to give it. Any heavy feelings are signs that such giving is not for the highest good of that person.”

“Helping people get in touch with their inner strengths or teaching them problem-solving usually makes more of a contribution to their lives than giving them money. Work with them to help them discover ways to solve their problems. This helps them become stronger and gain more control of their lives. You empower others when you teach them a new method, skill, or tool that they can learn and use for the rest of their lives.”

“Remember to give other what they wish to receive. Not all gifts are appropriate. When someone gives a small animal to a child, it may require much care and attention from a parent who does not have the time. Make sure your gift is in a form that is acceptable to the recipient, and something he or she can truly use. Give freely, but also give those things that truly serve the person you are giving to.”

- Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)

“Evaluate your opportunities by taking into account whether they contribute to others, are on your path, and bring you joy. You create money by using your special skills and talents, and by doing your best at whatever you do.”

“People who serve others to the best of their ability have lives filled with abundance and joy. When you show your best face to the world and come from your highest level of integrity, you are serving others. If your work is done with intention, consciousness, and love, you are giving the most valuable contribution of all – you are adding light to the world.

The more you think about serving others, the greater and more fulfilling your work will be. Service is giving others the best you know how to give. Service will always come back to you many times over as increased prosperity.”

- Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Orin and DaBen)