> The Laws of the Universe Keep You Safe




The Laws of the Universe Keep You Safe

Prosperity and Happiness No Matter the Conditions

“First of all, let us say that you have no idea how powerful you are. The universe is set up to support every single one of your choices. It automatically lines up vibration, and places you in time and space near to those who think and believe as you do. If this concept were fully understood, all of you would be very mindful indeed of your thoughts and beliefs. You would scrupulously focus only on those things that make you feel good, and avoid that which causes you discomfort. We tell you with absolute certainty that the universe provides an interface to consciousness that responds instantly to every one of your choices.

The government of a nation is a direct mirror, or reflection, of those who live in it. Therefore, it is not accurate to refer to “those in power,” as you are wont to do, for they can only exist as a result of the choices of each and every one of you. Such a mindset is an indication that you have given away your power! The universe will respond to you individually, no matter what the others are doing. Even if there are policemen on every corner, you may wave cheerfully to them, or rant and rave and cause yourself upset.

You cannot control the actions of another! You can, however, control how the universe, and the people in it, respond to you. We tell you that you can find happiness and prosperity no matter the conditions! (big wave of love here, and complete certainty)

Once you begin to focus exclusively on well–being, you will find your life changing for the better in magical ways.

Not only that, but when you change your focus exclusively to well–being, you influence the environment around you. You become a lighthouse, a beacon shining your light into the world. The way to truly change the world for the better is by setting an example. You have no idea how powerful your light can be! One person broadcasting a powerful signal of well–being is more powerful than a million disconnected ones. Believe it or not, one person shining his or her light may influence the million and do so much more quickly than you can imagine. We know this because we perceive the full vibrational spectrum, whereas you only see that which is brought to you by your human senses.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“One who is in alignment with Source is more powerful than millions who are not. And so, the person most aligned with his Inner Being, his Vortex of Creation, and the power that creates worlds will emerge as the leader. People naturally gravitate to clear-minded, stable, happy people.”

- Abraham Hicks (The Vortex)

“If you look at the establishment of a totalitarian society in your country with perfect nonchalance, it is not ‘dark’ for you, and so you do not experience anything negative. It is your perception of what you are looking at that determines what you experience. You get to decide where you want to vibrate and what you want to experience.

For example, you may decide to only experience beauty and prosperity, in which case you will find yourself at a beautiful lake, or in that house in the woods you have been longing for, OR, you may decide to experience joy in the midst of contrast, in which case you may find yourself in the middle of a battlefield, feeling perfectly safe. Whatever you decide to experience is exactly what you will experience!“

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

The Laws of the Universe Keep You Safe

“The laws are simply woven into the fabric of the universe; a natural and easy part of life experience. For example, a planet of what you would call scientists or researchers knowledgeable about the laws would never attract a hostile attack by a warrior culture, simply because the vibrations do not match. There are a lot of silly ideas among the belief systems of planet earth about this.

For instance, it is said by some that a missile defense system is necessary to protect from attack by hostile countries, or a peaceful society is naturally vulnerable (because of its weakness) to attack from stronger warrior cultures. We assure you, this CANNOT happen, and has never happened unless the peaceful culture begins to focus on its own vulnerability. On earth, every instance of a peaceful society conquered by an aggressive one was the result of broad agreement by everyone in that society of its vulnerability.

This should be reassuring to everyone!

For instance, the country called Switzerland was not attacked in any of your 20th century global wars, even though it was right in the middle of the action. But the reason for its immunity was/is broad agreement by every Swiss citizen of the impossibility of being attacked, and there is no fear of it.

Some might say that it was never attacked because of the protection of stronger powers, or the presence of so many international banks and their affect on global commerce and politics. The banks settled in Switzerland, however, because of the vibration held by the people in that country.

That is how the laws work: there is always a physical explanation for any state of affairs in any location in space/time, but the consciousness of the beings in that area determines what manifests physically in that location.

Understanding of the laws makes creating and maintaining an enjoyable, smoothly running society or culture a much simpler thing to bring about.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

- A Course in Miracles

“We are very enamored of the concept of ‘safety in numbers’ and no matter how far we stretch our intelligence we cannot figure that one out. It goes against every law of the universe that we know of, and in fact is a complete non–sequitor and self–contradictory. Yet we see many on your planet wholeheartedly playing this game. We observe some of the games that are played on earth with some amusement, amazement and sometimes, awe.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

A Life of Safety, Serenity and Invulnerability

“The world is in perfect vibrational balance. It is in perfect balance because the fundamental operating principle of the universe is ‘like attracts like.’ Therefore, there is never a case of mismatched vibrations or accidental events. This means that there is never unfairness or injustice, as brutal as that may seem to humans.

Those who wish to fight and argue may do so, those who wish to find only serenity and peace may have that as well. Human beings get into trouble when they think ‘I cannot have peace and harmony when there is fighting and war present.’ We assure you that your planet is a large enough platform so that all who wish anything may have the fulfillment of their desire. It is only when those who wish peace, for example, focus upon and resist those who are fighting that the peaceful ones are drawn into conflict, for they are consciously matching their thoughts and feelings to fighting! They begin to resonate to conflict and the universe begins to respond to that signal.

If those who wished only peace focused exclusively upon peace, their experience would be one of peace, no matter what the others are doing. This may not seem valid at all to some, but it is a simple and powerful truth of the universe. Those who truly understand this principle bring to themselves a life experience that is entirely consonant with their desires.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“What’s so interesting is, the majority of the laws and the rules that are made, are made from people outside the vortex. But it doesn’t keep thrivers from thriving because they keep getting inside the vortex where the laws of the universe assist them. They could make a law against everything you are doing, and if you didn’t get upset about all the laws they are making, and you just focus on the things that are working in your life, you’d get in the vortex and you’d get around all of it, and you’d continue to thrive. No one can deprive anyone else of thriving, but no one can legislate thriving for others either. You have to orchestrate your own thriving.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks – World Economy)