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The Key to Instantaneous Creation

“Central to this creative process is a belief that this is really going to happen, but when that belief is strong enough to become faith, the whole process moves up a gear.

Through a faith-filled link with the Universe Web, you transcend time and create instantly. Faith is so important because it is the most intense and focused form that a core belief can take.

When you have complete faith your energy, from the higher self right down to the physical body, is aligned and focused in one direction. This is your whole being functioning in a state of Oneness. As Oneness is the nature of the Real, through the ability to function in this way, you resonate in harmony with the Universe Web, and can engage in direct and instant creation. From this it becomes clear that:

Instantaneous Creation is Oneness in Action.”

The Key to Instantaneous Creation

“The key to Instantaneous Creation is reaching a level of faith so complete that you know the Universal Web will supply what is asked for. As a preliminary to reaching this point it can help to use the power of the imagination to create a picture of the end result of what you are asking for, but the real breakthrough happens at the level of faith. When the point of complete faith is reached, manifestation occurs instantly.

Some people will generate that level of faith by meditating, praying or chanting, but there are many other ways of approaching this. A few rare souls will simply pull the necessary faith out of their deep inner resources, but do not expect that to be possible for everyone. Most people will need to work as some kind of preparation process. Whatever method of preparation is used, when enough faith is generated, the Universal Web presents what is asked for in a way that transcends time.

In a state of complete faith, you not only believe that the manifestation will happen, you know it will happen. It is almost as if on some higher level of your being you have already seen it happen.

Through the exercise of complete faith, belief becomes knowing and knowing becomes manifestation. This is the ultimate sequence of reality creation:

I believe,
I know,
I manifest.”

- Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)

“The entire creative scheme is linked together so that resonances between levels illumine the whole process. Thus, even in the operation of core beliefs at the level of Personal Reality Creation you can see the greater process at work. A core belief is powerful because it starts to align your consciousness giving you a single direction and a cohesive focus. The strongest form of core belief is faith, and complete faith brings into alignment all three aspects of a human being – personality, soul and Spirit. When a human being moves in an integrated and aligned way, they do not just use the creative process, they become that process. When creator and creation merge during manifestation, the energy of Oneness automatically transcends the duality of time and space.

This transcendent state of Oneness highlights the limitation and dysfunctionality of all other states of being. In comparison with this Oneness, it now becomes clear that manifestation at a lesser level is held into a sequence of time by the non-alignment of consciousness. When the consciousness moves into alignment, the locks holding the process into time dissolve, and the manifestation becomes instantaneous.

Hence, Instantaneous Creation should not be considered as a strange or unusual process. The unusual aspect of reality creation is the locking of your process into time through the non-alignment of consciousness. This is – from our perspective – a strange and laborious diversion away from the natural easy flow of energy which creates instantly when a consciousness is aligned. This experience of flow is the natural order of things, and this is the goal towards which you are moving through your emerging understanding of reality creation, and your awakening to your full potential as realized beings.”

- Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)