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How to Use Your Feeling to Choose Right Opportunity

How to Use Your Feeling to Choose Right Opportunity

“We said to this man “Have you ever had a transition in this stock market where you profited greatly and easily and quickly?” And he said “Yes, I’ve had a handful of such events for myself and for others whom I’ve advised.” And we said “Do you remember how it felt going into it and as it unfolded?” And he said “Oh yes!” He could actually remember the sort of current that was sweeping him, a sort of knowing that he described, a knowing that this was the right thing to do, and a knowing that was so strong it was compelling. In other words he would have nearly bet his life, well he almost did bet his financial life on it. And as it unfolded, it gave him the dividends, the rewards, the success that he anticipated. So then we said to him “Remember that feeling” and as you are going down your list of things to consider, ask yourself “Does this feel like that?” And if it does, go for it. And if it doesn’t, wait patiently, knowing that, that feeling will come in time if you hold yourself in that place. – September 28, 2008

Set the tone, and then pay attention to whether this action or this thought that you are about to participate in is or is not a vibrational match to the desire that you’ve intended. And more than anything, it is important that you identify what your desire is and spend some time, days or even weeks or even months identifying what that feeling tone of success is. That’s where your real work is.

Any of you, if you would take the time to find the feeling place of enormous success, the success then would come very easily to you. You all think that the success comes hard, because most of you have not taken that first step of finding that feeling place of what it would feel like. So we would say to one who has not had success in the stock market yet, you still have had successes. You still have had those moments in time when you knew that something was. In other words when your intuition says “This I must do no matter what anybody else thinks about it.” So you can go to any of those feeling tones. You can take success from anything and overlay it any other subject and still find the same feeling. In other words, that feeling that comes forth intuitively from your gut that is your nonphysical energy concurring with this decision in this moment does not feel different relative to a relationship as it does to a financial venture as it does to taking an exit at an appropriate time on the freeway. In other words, the feeling of “This is the thing that I must do now” feels the same no matter what the subject is.

Somehow you make your financial things bigger. They feel like greater risks to you because so much of your life is intertwined with it.

If you will play the 17 second game where the universe will show you how responsive it is to your thought, it’s not very long before you’ll have an idea about some stock and it will be on this license plate, on this billboard and this magazine. It will come out of this one’s mouth and after about twenty two hits on it, you’ll say oh.

The formula would be this: Spend some time identifying what your desire is. And then spend some time fantasizing your desire being satisfied, and get very familiar with what that feels like. And then peruse the internet and feel for matches. And if you feel no match, do nothing. If you feel a match, follow it and see what happens. Until with a little bit of effort, you can show yourself “I’m on to something.” We are teaching one formula for all things. Identify the desire, find the feeling tone of it, sniff everything out to see if it matches, and go nowhere where there is not a match.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks – Stock Market, Internet and the Mass Consciousness)

“The action part of it for the most part most people are offering action instead of offering stable vibration. So most people are offering action in order to compensate for the energy that went awry earlier, because they were not aware of it in the earlier subtle stages. So if you’re not aware of what you are doing vibrationally in the early subtle stages, and you begun attracting something that there’s a momentum coming, when the grid fills in, there is a momentum, and it doesn’t matter what grid it is that is filling in, there is always a momentum. So a lot of people try to use their action to compensate for the momentum because they were not paying attention to what they were doing earlier, sort of like the cast on your arm is sort of like that. That was action that you applied after the fact, because you weren’t paying attention to what you were doing vibrationally before. If you tune in, tap in turn on to the energy, and then do whatever you feel inspired to do, not motivated, motivated is trying to fix it when it’s going wrong, inspired is when the vortex is calling you toward it. That’s that feeling of inspiration, and it’s that feeling that you know the rightness of it, you just can’t hardly stop yourself from doing it, it feels so right to you, whereas the motivation is “I need to do that”, that’s that obligated thing.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks 2012 ~ Grid work tip: No action, is action too!)

“One important observation has been made in the past 12 months which has become quite important. It is this: If the mood, feeling, vibes or general interaction with the specific gaming environment does not feel right we do not waste our time playing! Our personal “feeling” about the gaming establishment and the people in it is extremely important. Likewise with the slot machines themselves. If a machine has a “warm friendly feel” about it, we give it a few spins. If it appears to be “aloof” or “detached” we give it a miss. I realize this phraseology is a little strange but the words used above actually convey the meaning quite well. Any experienced slot machine player will probably echo these comments.”

- The Ultimate Synchronicity Luck Program (The Super Mind Evolution System)