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How to Use Psychic Power for Physical Defense

How to Use Psychic Power for Physical Defense

“How to petrify a towering bully instantly in a fight without striking a blow:

A towering bully assails you and forces you to defend yourself. He outclasses you physically; so, your only alternative is to petrify him and, thereby, avoid an exchange of blows. Do it with your psychic powered physical presence.

Your heart races like mad and your brow perspires profusely. Your first impulse is to shut your eyes tight and lash out wildly at him. But, don’t do that! Your blows might miss their marks or land ineffectively on his arms and shoulders and exhaust you quickly. Square off against him instead. Strike a fighting pose and stare him squarely in the eye. Hardly breathe for a moment, as you hurl him the command thought, “In for the licking of your life, Bud! Better not fight! Better not fight!” Feel, meanwhile, as if your whole body is coiled like a snake’s, ready to lash out straight and deadly at its enemy. Let not the least doubt of total success on your part flash into your mind. Should such a doubt come to mind, banish it at once and, literally, seethe from head to foot, with savage fury, so that your whole body is converted into a cauldron. Feel this volcanic flame bursting through your face, torso, arms and legs, and driving you forward to the bully with a conviction of magical invincibility that chills him to the bone. With Multiplied Nerve Gap power (feel divinely blissful), project that thought picture out of your eyes with shattering psychic power, and nail it right into the bully, through his eyes. It will leap across his own Nerve Gaps to the psychic power center in his forehead, faster and stronger than any other competing impression he receives at the time . . . competing impressions like, his superb confidence of beating you because he is so much bigger and presumably much more stronger, and his jubilant assumption that you are completely helpless before him because you have no one to help you. At once you will loom to him as being far more menacing than you are.

Remain outside his reach, meanwhile, but still edge slightly more towards him, your fists confusingly low on your thighs. Keep staring straight into his eyes. He will feel as if you are drilling holes through his head.

“You’re through! Give in!” think out to him again. Edge towards him slightly again, with your eyes still drilling holes through his head, and your lungs breathing just enough. If your heart races, slow it down with a few deep, but imperceptible breaths. Don’t fly off the handle! The ruffian’s heart, in contrast, will turn to ice from the suspense and race like mad. His energy will scatter and his arms, legs, forehead and stomach will flutter.

You have the bully on the run, for he does not dare to swing a blow at you while your eyes are drilling holes through his head. He is totally paralyzed with confusion and fright, and besides that, he could not level a blow at you if he tried. He will call off the fight soon after that. With your psychic powered physical presence you will have petrified a towering bully instantly in a fight and drawn him to you to surrender.”

- The Secrets of Personal Psychic Power (Frank Rudolph Young)

“I am exactly 5 feet tall — because of that when I was younger “bigger” folks would try to push me around — they would get the surprise of their lives because THIS works! You have to COMMAND it! Thankfully my fighting days ended twenty years ago but I know that if it were to come to it ever again I can STILL use this power. You have to KNOW it in your heart AND mind.”
- FranCine Morales-Ellis (Facebook Comment) (27 Sep 2013)

“Had this guy in a pub spoiling for a fight with a young lad I know, mentally I kept saying go away and asking for someone to help send him away, wasn’t working the nastier I felt towards him the worse his behaviour seemed to be getting, so tried a new tactic, I sent him love, n guess what he buggered off, try it sometime.”
- Andrea Beaumont (Facebook Comment) (27 Sep 2013)

“This is totally what I would do if I ended up in this situation, staring into their eyes, feeling mad with latent power, they’ll see the madness in your eyes, it freaks them out, even smile a little enhancing the madness, giving the impression of ambiguity of whether you’re a friend or foe. You’re ready to die, but they aren’t. It’s worked with those who begin to intimidate me, then they won’t threaten you further, and might even become friendly with you.

But ideally the situation should not arise and violence should be avoided. If you feel true love for them in your heart, regardless of who they are, they will feel it subconsciously or not, and it will hopefully prevent the situation from even happening in the first place, but of course it’s not always THAT simple.”

- Alex Verghese (Facebook Comment) (27 Sep 2013)

“How Jack instantly frightened off a large and fierce dog which threatened him and his girl friend:

Jack was strolling with his fiancée, Nola, through a budding hillside one cool summer evening. They were admiring the newlybuilt subtropical homes, delightfully framed by fruit-filled citrus and avocado trees. The two were planning sweetly together to purchase one of those homes themselves after they married and saved a little, and raise their children in it. It was like going to heaven to climb the rather steep, quaintly twisted little gravel roads between the homes. Only the warning barking of the dogs in each occupied home disturbed the peace.

Suddenly, an enormous white and black dog bolted out of a doorway and raced across the lawn at them, snarling ferociously. Nola clung to Jack. Jack envisioned them being ripped apart by the beast.

Jack had gone through a similar experience as a boy, fortunately, and knew how to meet it. He kept cool, thrust Nola behind him and faced the animal, his left foot a step ahead of his right. Keeping his eyes glued on that of the attacking dog, Jack dipped to the ground swiftly, as if to seize hold of a stone. Then he drew his arm back, as if to aim the weapon. He saturated himself, meanwhile, with a one thought picture of a real stone in his hand. With Multiplied Nerve Gap power (feel divinely blissful), Jack projected that one thought picture out of his eyes with shattering psychic power, and visualized it being nailed right into the onrushing animal.

With a high-pitched yelp, the big dog braked its rush with its front paws, wheeled itself around with a terrified yapping and fled back into the doorway. Jack’s one thought picture had leaped across the canine’s Nerve Gaps to its psychic power center in its forebrain, faster and stronger than any other competing impression it had received at the time . . . competing impressions like, whether Jack was just pretending to pick up something off the ground that was not there, or whether Jack was indeed as fearless as he pretended to be. With his psychic powered body movements Jack had frightened off a large and fierce creature which had threatened him and his girl-friend and saved them both from a horrifying predicament involving personal danger.”

- The Secrets of Personal Psychic Power (Frank Rudolph Young)

I believe this! I don’t know how many times I have been chased by loose dogs when I am running-but you just have to show no fear and they definitely sense that!
- Alma Elisa Sauceda (Facebook Comment) (29 Sep 2013)

I heard from my friend that a girl gave compassion to a bear by patting it when she was attacked by it and the bear went away.
- Kenny Tse (Facebook Comment) (29 Sep 2013)

“How to rout and outlast a strong rival in any sport, with your psychic energized instinctive power:

You are engaged in a hard-fought athletic contest. Pete is your most dangerous rival, and he is neck to neck with you. The pace has been grueling and you feel as if ready to collapse. But Pete remains your equal at every step or move, and the contest is not yet over. Your only sure chance of victory is to rout and outlast him. Do it with psychic energized instinctive power. Practice how to create it before your mirror, and then project it to Pete.

Fill yourself with a feeling of absolute invincibility. Saturate yourself with that one thought picture, so that it fills your body from head to foot, rushes more air to your lungs, new power to your muscles, and unconquerable confidence to your brain. With Multiplied Nerve Gap power (feel divinely blissful), project that one thought picture out of your eyes with shattering psychic power. Visualize it being nailed right into Pete, through his eyes. It will leap across his own Nerve Gaps to the psychic power center in his forehead, faster and more penetrating than any other competing impression he receives at the time . . . competing impressions like, whether you are ready to collapse at the next step like himself, or whether he should fight it out with you and let you collapse first, and he win.

Pete will “get” your psychic message and, despite his better judgment, sense that you are filled with renewed energy and are invincible. That realization will rout him and his remaining energy will wane rapidly. You will start gaining on him. Overwhelmed with defeatism, Pete will let you march on to victory. With your psychic energized instinctive power you will rout and outlast your rival in a tough athletic contest instantly and rule him unsuspectedly.”

- The Secrets of Personal Psychic Power (Frank Rudolph Young)

“How the horrified Mela instantly lifted her much bigger, heavier, unconscious husband bodily and leaped across a 10-foot chasm to save him from certain death from an avalanche, with her psychic powered astral body:

Mela was just an average woman. She and her husband Cyril had immigrated to a foreign country to work on a construction project. Mela and Cyril were from Montserrat, one of the Leeward Islands, not far from Trinidad, West Indies, and they were poor and uneducated. Cyril, her husband, was working one day on the crest of a hill which was being cut in half to make way for the works plant below. Mela happened by that day and stopped briefly to observe her husband working.

Suddenly, the edge of the sliced hill gave way, and Cyril went tumbling headlong towards the graveyard of a chasm below. Mela shrieked, but in that tumultuous roar, hers was a cry in the wilderness. The moment Cyril landed flat on a mound of dislodged clay below, another piece of the edge of the hill broke off from where he fell, directly above him. In a few seconds Cyril would be buried in the avalanche, from where he could never be rescued. Instinctively remembering her psychic power instruction as her mother taught her, Mela at once visualized herself as being converted suddenly into a giant of a man with staggeringly long and powerful legs. She immediately visualized this giant, building up within her, from head to foot. She drove its development within her with Super Multiplied Nerve Gap power (feel divinely blissful). In other words, have absolute faith in God, or, in the psychic supernatural. The skin on the front of her body heated up from the energy generated by the physicoastral energy so fiercely that she felt as if being scorched.

By now the loosened rocks and clay above were crashing down towards Cyril, who lay undetected by anyone but Mela. The huge giant she had projected of herself darted across the chasm, springing from boulder to boulder like lightning. As if in a trance, Mela felt herself, through her astral body, pick up her 190 pound spouse as if he weighed ten pounds, and set him across her shoulders. Then she made one desperate leap across the ten-foot chasm. Right behind them the avalanche thundered, filling the air with a cloud of yellow dust and flying particles.

With her psychic powered astral body, Mela had produced a giant, astrally powered force that transformed her to have amazing strength in a flash to do the “impossible,” building a body within her with such supernatural power and agility that it had lifted her much bigger, heavier, unconscious husband bodily and leaped across a ten-foot chasm to save him from certain death from an avalanche.”

- The Secrets of Personal Psychic Power (Frank Rudolph Young)

“How hopelessly doomed Boyne saved his life on kind from an attacking 20-foot crocodile with his psychic powered astral body:

Boyne, a 23-year-old West Indian youth, was swimming one lazy sunny day in a natural pool at the foot of a waterfall. The spot was infested with crocodiles, but the natives swam in the natural pool nevertheless, for it was far more delightful than bathing in their laundry tubs.

After stepping out of the water, cleansed of perspiration and refreshed, he was startled by what resembled a huge tree trunk floating in, not far behind him. Suddenly it rose higher out of the churning river, like the nightmare of a dragon. It was a colossal 20-foot crocodile. It climbed the stony bank now, elevating itself on its four crooked limbs like a gargantuan lizard, until its body was higher off the ground than Boyne’s knees. With its side-placed eyes pinned forward on Boyne, it snapped its armlength jaws about three feet apart, revealing its long, spike teeth. Swishing its seven-foot trunk-like coned tail which stirred up the water behind it like a propeller, it bounded forward after Boyne.

Chilled to the bone, despite the insufferable heat, Boyne broke into flight. When he looked back, though, he beheld the horrifying monster gaining ground on him fast, for he himself ran with two feet, while the monster ran with four. Petrified through and through, Boyne started running in a curve, as he had been told, to compel the speeding terror to retard its pace in order to keep turning to remain on his trail. Boyne’s heart battered his chest so tempestuously that he thought it would leap out of his throat. All the time, too, he heard the mammoth tearing through the bushes behind him and felt its hot, blood-thirsty breath drawing closer and closer to his naked body.

On the verge of exhaustion, Boyne halted abruptly against a tree trunk and turned and faced the advancing monstrosity. He had no chance of resisting it with his hands. He would just be seized by the ghastly jaws, dragged across the bushes into the water, hauled below and mangled to death. Frantic, Boyne himself practically turned into a savage animal. Panting and gasping for breath, he stared just past the eyes of the heinous creature and psychically visualized himself being converted into a colossal fiend to defend himself. He visualized this colossal fiend oozing out of him, from head to foot. He drove it forcibly out of him with Super Multiplied Nerve Gap power. The skin of Boyne’s body heated up from the energy generated by the physico-astral separation, so fiercely that he felt as if being scorched by this supernatural kind of transformation.

All at once—and Boyne could hardly believe his eyes—this gigantic astral body of his own creation leaped up and down like an ogre, waving its arms high in the air like an ape and roaring with a deafening thunder. The crocodile drew itself to an immediate halt and looked up, its jaws half closed. Boyne’s astral body then sprang at it and rained blows upon its snout and kicked it in the eyes. The man-eater beat a hasty retreat, frantically snapping at the windmill arms and legs of its unexpected assailant. But its jaws closed only on the empty air, while the arms and legs of the phantasm continued to batter it without letup. The crocodile drew back farther and farther, until it turned in rout and plunged back to the bottom of the pool. And just as suddenly, Boyne’s towering rescuer seemed to vanish from sight. At once, though, Boyne felt sharp pains on his fists and feet and saw bleeding from many places.

Boyne staggered back to his house. Of one thing he was positive, he, himself, had psychically created and projected that enormous “demon” which had soared to four or five times his own size and rescued him so mysteriously. He himself had materialized it and he himself was amazingly transformed. With his psychic powered astral body, and no other weapon, hopelessly doomed Boyne had saved his own life from an attacking 20-foot crocodile by defeating it entirely through the power of his limitless astral body powers.”

- The Secrets of Personal Psychic Power (Frank Rudolph Young)

“It is well-known that the mystic yogis stare at their own navels in order to achieve absolute concentration to develop their power to perform their “miracles.” It enables them to blot out all awareness of the outside world and attain “one-pointedness.” This is known as the practice of omphaloskepsis, and widely used by mystics. The Psychic Power Blotch, however, is used for the identical purpose by the “medicine men” of the Leeward Islands of the West Indies, and it is equally effective and far less of a strain on the muscles of the back and neck as in navel viewing. These medicine men chop a pineapple in half, insert the thin end of a twig in the center of the core, set the cut half of the fruit about half a stone’s-throw away from them, and then sit and concentrate on the speck-like end of the twig in the middle of the pineapple.”

- The Secrets of Personal Psychic Power (Frank Rudolph Young)