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How to Make the Best Decisions in Everything

How to Make the Best Decisions in Everything

“Make a decision and then make it the right decision. Pick one and it doesn’t matter which one you pick, and then make it feel good. Pick something and then line up with what you’ve pick, and then trust law of attraction to bring everything that is necessary for the comfortable unfolding of that.

Your work is to figure out how to make yourself comfortable with that thought. Make yourself comfortable with the idea, so much so that you can’t live without it. In other words, make yourself so comfortable with the idea that anything else is just out of the question. And when you reach that point of clarity, the universe will deliver the means to accommodate you. But when you get an idea for something, and then you don’t become one with your own idea, but then you attempt to orchestrate it by getting others to do whatever they need to do in order to bring it about, there are not efficient enough people in the world to buck your current.

It’s all about energy, everything’s about energy, nothing is about action, only act in inspiration to that kind of energy. Get yourself tuned in, tapped in, turned on. Get yourself to the point where you MUST have it, and the universe MUST give it to you. You can be, do or have anything that you are wanting. It is not about action, it is about alignment of energy. You get to choose. Your source will agree with you as you choose. You are leading edge genius creators and the source is backing you up all the way.”

- Abraham Hicks

“Make a decision and then make the decision right. Line up your Energy with it. In most cases it doesn’t really matter what you decide. Just decide. There are endless options that would serve you enormously well, and all or any one of them is better than no decision.”

- Abraham Hicks

“If in the early stages of having made that choice, you make your thought processes about lining up with that choice completely so that you stop immediately the contradiction by “should I have, should I have, should I have?”, you’re letting the myriad of opportunities help you train yourself to be a more decisive person. And the decisiveness is a lining up of energy. Have you ever felt “Should I or shouldn’t I?” Is no moment more unpleasant in time than those moments of indecision? And it’s because it’s splitting energy. Empower the choice that you’ve made, empower your self by lining up with the choice that you’ve made. And what you’ll begin to discover is you’ll start firing in all cylinders pretty soon. Once you do that, you’ll start feeling yourself clicking in.

When you get inside this vibrational escrow on a really regular basis, those choices you are talking about will be more meaty and meaningful. In other ways, they will be choices between fabulous things and fabulous things and more fabulous things.

As you just train yourself not to suffer over the choices but to delight over your ability to make a choice and then to completely put yourself into the choice, it doesn’t matter what choice you made, revel in the choice and line up with it completely, and give yourself over to it completely, and you will ready yourself for getting inside this vibrational escrow. Because life will never cease to be a myriad of choices, it’s just that the plethora of choices get better and better and better and better.

The attitude you want to go into this with is “Which would feel the best to me right now?” A then make whatever choice you make, don’t labor over it, and then make the choice you’ve made the best choice by then lining up with it. It is contradictory energy that cripples you, that pulls you apart. And when you’ve deliberately line up with the choice that you’ve made, you come into power. As you come into the knowledge of your ability to line up with them and you tune in more and more to who you really are, the power that surrounds you just yield to you better and better buffets from which you’re making your choices. And people watching you from the outside will never think it’s fair that you’ve got those choices and they’ve got these choices. But then they’re just learning to playing the game that you already know how to.”

- Abraham Hicks

“You’re born into an environment of diversity and contrast. You sift and sorted, know what you don’t want and know what you do want. And you decide what you do want and there’s a lot of decisiveness happening within you. You’re decided at all levels of your being more than you realize and you are creating your version of your perfect world. You’ve created it vibrationally and it will manifest full in your experience unless you continue to do the tugging against. In other words, feel what it feels like when you’ve made the decision about something. Think for a minute about what the word determination means. Feel what it feels like when you use the word focus or clarity. And feel uncomfortable it is when you feel undecided about something. That’s the greatest discomfort in the world. “I think I should do this, but maybe I’ll do this, but I want to do this, but maybe I’ll do this.” Choose one. Just choose one. Choose one and stop the self inflicted torture. Just choose something and line up with it. If you’re trying to decide this or this and you can’t decide, that means there’s not enough momentum on either. So just pick one and give that your undivided attention and let it evolve. And you will enjoy it.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube: Abraham Hicks 2016 New – Your desires are much more powerful than your beliefs)

“If you are not lined up with something, don’t try to line up with it. Trying to line up is doing. Practice the art of non-doing. If you take only action that you are inspired to and are truly lined up with it, the results will be truly beneficial and that’s when the choices and opportunities that open up to you will be better and better. ”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“There are a lot of people who stand in a place where they are saying “Well I don’t know whether to do this, or to do this.” And really, if you can’t make up your mind, it really doesn’t matter very much which choice you’re making, because the premise that is always true is that the ideas that are dishing up for you are always in the vicinity of where you are vibrationally, so your choices are never very far apart. You got a vibrational point of attraction going, so the options that are being presented to you are all very close to the same options. Different places, different faces, but they are not so very different. So we say just pick one and line up with it and see where it takes you, rather than struggling over whether it is the right or wrong decision.

Let’s say you’re trying to make a decision between this that doesn’t feel very good and that, that doesn’t feel very good, well you can make a decision and all it will do is increase the contrast which will increase the contrast and launch more rockets and make an eventual decision easier to make. Why not get into the vortex and then make the decision, and often when you feel your way into the vortex, and then go back to review those options, those options are not available to you anymore because in the vortex, better options now reveal themselves to you.

So an even better decision than make any decision and line up with it, is get in the vortex and then make a decision.”

- Abraham Hicks

Lie To The IRS?

“Let’s say that you are earning a hundred thousand dollars a year, and you’re paying the IRS forty thousand of that, and you are keeping sixty thousand. We’re just finding figures. And you begin to feel resentment about what you’re paying to the IRS. And in doing so, you begin closing down and your well being begins withering, and now you’re making less. On the other hand, as you are appreciating what you are receiving, and you’re not pushing against what they are taking away from you. In that vibration now you’re making two hundred thousand dollars a year, and they’re only taking eighty thousand of it, and now you have a hundred and twenty. And now in that vibration you’re making five hundred thousand a year. In the vibration of well being, the universe yields to you more and more and more. In the vibration of not enough-ness, you’ve pinched yourself off from it.

“Does paying the debt now put me in a financial situation of closeness that feels better or worse than holding the debt?” In other words, which feels best? To have a moderate debt with the IRS, and have other money of flexibility, or would it feel better to me to pay this debt and be closer?” In other words, you get to choose which feels better? And we would make all of our decisions upon which feels better. Not upon what anybody else says should happen, and not upon something you say you can do.”

- Abraham Hicks

To Take the Medicine or Not?

“It is not so important the action that you offer if the action is an encouragement to the alignment of energy. If you say “Is the right answer take the medicine, or is the right answer don’t take the medicine?” The medicine is not even part of the answer. The right answer is, do anything that you need to do right now to feel ease, to feel good. So if taking the medicine feels better than not taking the medicine, then taking the medicine for now, is the best choice.”

- Abraham Hicks

“Through your gentle and progressive releasing of resistance, and your frequent entry into your good-feeling Vortex, not only will it become increasingly easy for you to remain there longer—but it will be infinitely easier for you to return to your Vortex with ease. There is no better-feeling physical sensation than what is experienced when you allow your Vibrational alignment with your Source and with your own expansion.

While inside your Vortex, you are choosing from the very best that life has to offer.”

Well-Being is the basis of All-That-Is.

- Abraham Hicks (Getting Into The Vortex)

“Ideas come, so what does it feeling like? The ideas are coming to you. Feel the momentum of ideas are coming. Now feel yourself introducing a wobble factor “Is it a good idea? Is it a bad idea? Are these good ideas?” In other words, don’t have to introduce that wobble factor. Ideas are coming, the momentum of the ideas is strong. An idea that occurred to us was so powerful we could not deny it. Feel that. An idea came but we don’t know if it’s the right one or not. Feel that. An idea came that we could not, not move forward on it. Feel the momentum of that. “I’m trying to hire someone and ten thousand people sent me their resumes, and I have to sort through ten thousand resumes. Feel this struggle in that. And that’s sort of what you’re doing with the ideas that are coming. You’re sorting through ten thousand resumes of ideas. But when one rises to the top, it just stands out. It doesn’t need an announcement, it doesn’t need an introduction. It is undeniable, it is unavoidable. It is so right in its logicalness that nothing can keep you from moving forward on that. And until it feels like that, keep enjoying the ideas that are coming. When do you know that the right idea has come? The momentum is such that there is no possible way that you can’t act on it. And until then, let it just gestate a little longer until it feels like that. If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no. Let the momentum get big and then follow through, otherwise follow through introduces wobble.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube: Abraham Hicks ~ Let the momentum of an idea grow big before you follow through)

“Let Source lead you on the path of least resistance to the fulfillment of what you’re reaching for. The path of least resistance right now is not to do anything. The path of least resistance right now is to continue the thought process, the feeling process. Don’t move until the inspiration makes it impossible for you to not do it. Don’t go anywhere until your desire to be there is so powerful that nothing will keep you from it. In other words when it’s “here, here, here, here”, stay where you are. If it’s “I think it might be that, I think it might be that, I think I like that”, you haven’t done the work. You haven’t done the vibrational work. Don’t force yourself to make decisions. And never make a decision from a place of what you should do, what you need to do, always from a place of what you want to do.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube: Abraham Hicks ~ Until you feel sure, stay where you are)

“There is no such thing as too many moving parts when you’re tuned in, tapped in, turned on. Because you have the foresight, you have the understanding, you have the broader perspective, you can be at the right place at the right time. That feeling is always a feeling that comes when there is wobble in your vibration, because when there is wobble, you’re out of balance, and when you’re out of balance, you won’t want many moving parts. Until the path is blatantly obvious, there is nothing for you to do. It’s time for you to accept the perfection of who you are and what you’ve put into your Vortex, and to stand in this place of allowing the path to show itself to you.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube: Abraham Hicks ~ Until the path is blatantly obvious there is nothing for you to do.)

“All action is reaction, because all action is response to vibration. It’s coming inward to the point of attraction. The ripples of a pond, there is a lot out there that’s summoning those ripples to them. Everything is attraction. There’s nothing that feels better than following impulses towards something you want when you don’t know you are doing it. There’s something so delicious about the explosion of the manifestation or the actualization that surprise and delight at the confirmation that things are always working out for you. It’s all about timing isn’t it? Actualization and timing is about vibration. Vibration is about coming into vibration with who you really are. It’s all about emotion isn’t it? It’s all about tending to the grid. So if humans would spend less time trying to figure out how to do it, and where to do it, and when to do it, and you would spend your time “How can I feel good right now? What could I do to make myself feel better right now? How could I come into alignment right now?” If you would tune to the vibration of your Source, then there is this flowing, this gentle not dramatic, not traumatic, this gentle ease of what you need when you need it, just this constant unfolding. It’s what makes you feel you’re most worthy and you’re most blessed.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube: Abraham Hicks – Taking Action, Important Step On Manifesting)