> How the Matrix Depicts a World Under Complete Control




How the Matrix Depicts a World Under Complete Control

How the Matrix Depicts a World Under Complete Control

The Matrix Movie Trilogy is an allegory. What it’s really about is our world, what’s going on in our world. An allegory is a story, poem or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning typically a moral or political one. The allegory of The Matrix is actually about our world being under complete control. It’s about a Control System that is already in place in our world that we are already living in it, and it’s controlled by hidden forces or occult forces. This planet is being turned into a prison society and we’re all already living in that prison society and are largely unaware of that fact. At least the bulk of humanity is unaware of that fact. Some people are certainly aware of it. And the good thing about The Matrix allegory is that it also shows us the Key, it shows us how we can get out of that prison society that has been built up all around us.

Each movie answers a different question. The first movie answers the questions “WHAT is The Matrix?”. The second movie answers the question “WHY are we in The Matrix?” The could be the reason why the second movie is unpopular in comparison with the second movie. The third movie answers the question “HOW do we get out of The Matrix?” And this is the most unpopular of all because it involves deep personal change in one’s thoughts, emotions and actions. And that’s the thing people are most resistant to.

The Matrix is Control, more specifically Mind Control. We are feeding energy to our enslavers both mentally and physically.

Neo represents the Neocortex which is the highest part of the brain. It is the newest part of the brain in evolutionary terms. Neo is a Latin prefix meaning “new”. Neo is also an anagram for One which means Unity Consciousness. The Left and Right Brain Hemispheres must be balanced and functioning in unity. If there is right or left brain imbalance, we’re not in higher consciousness. Left brain consciousness is machine consciousness and right brain consciousness is slave consciousness. The new man is the enlightened or illuminated man. It is the next stage of human evolution. That is what Neo represents. That is our saviour.

The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio:
=> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvKEwr0iNA0