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How Sexual Disease Manifest and Healing it

How Sexual Disease Manifest and Healing it

“It is my belief that VENEREAL DIS-EASE is almost always sexual guilt. It comes from a feeling, often subconscious, that it is not right to express ourselves sexually. A carrier with a venereal dis-ease can have many partners, but only those whose mental and physical immune systems are weak will be susceptible to it. In addition to the old standards, in recent years the heterosexual population has created an increase of HERPES. This is a dis-ease that comes back again “to punish us” for our belief that “we are bad.” Herpes has a tendency to flare up when we are emotionally upset. That tells us a lot right there.

Now let’s take the same theory over into the gay community, where they have all the same problems everybody else has. Plus much of society pointing their fingers at them and saying, “Bad!” Usually, their own mothers and fathers are also saying, “You’re bad.’ This is a heavy load to carry, and it’s difficult to love yourself under these circumstances. It is not surprising that gay men were amongst the first to experience the dread dis-ease, aids.

In heterosexual society, many women dread growing old because of the belief systems we have created around the glory of youth. It is not so difficult to the men, for they become distinguished with a bit of gray hair. The older man often gets respect, and people may even look up to him.

Not so for most gay men, for they have created a culture that places tremendous emphasis on youth and beauty. While everyone is young to start with, only a few fit the standard of beauty. So much emphasis has been placed on the physical appearance of the body that the feelings inside have been totally disregarded. If you are not young and beautiful, it’s almost as though you don’t count. The person does not count; only the body counts. This way of thinking is a disgrace to whole culture. It’s another way of saying, “gay is not good enough.”

Because of the ways gay people often treat other gays, for many gay men the experience of getting old is something to dread. It is almost better to die than to get old. And aids is a dis-ease that often kills. Too often gay men feel that when they get older, they will be useless and unwanted. It is almost better to destroy themselves first, and many have created a destructive lifestyle. Some of the concepts and attitudes that are so a part of the gay lifestyle — the meat rack, the constant judging, the refusal to get close to another, and so on — are monstrous. And aids is a monstrous dis-ease.

These sorts of attitudes and behavior patterns can only create guilt on a very deep level, no matter how much we may “camp.” Camping, which can be such fun, can also be extremely destructive, both to givers and recipients. It is another way of avoiding closeness and intimacy.

In no way am I trying to create guilt for anyone. However, we need to look at the things that need to be changed in order for all of our lives to function with love and joy and respect. Fifty years ago almost all gay men were closeted, and now they have been able to create pockets in society where they can at least be relatively open. I feel it is unfortunate that much of what they have created gives so much pain to their gay brothers. While it is often deplorable the way straights treat gays, it is tragic the way many gays treat other gays.

Men traditionally have always had more sexual partners than woman, and men get together, of course there will be a great deal more sex. That’s all fine and good. The bathhouses fulfill a wonderful need, unless we are using our sexuality for the wrong reasons. Some men like having lots of partners to satisfy their deep need for self-esteem rather than for the joy of it. I do not believe there is anything wrong with having several partners, and the use of alcohol and some recreational drugs on an ‘occasional basis” is fine. However, if we are getting bombed out of our heads every night, and if we “need” several partners a day just to prove our self-worth, then we are not coming from a nourishing space. We need to make some mental changes.

This is a time for healing, for making whole, not for condemnation. We must rise out of the limitations of the past. We are all Divine, Magnificent expressions of life. Let’s claim that now!”

- Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life)

Problem, Metaphysical Cause and Affirmation to Heal:

Venereal Disease: Sexual guilt. Need for punishment. Belief that the genitals are sinful or dirty.

*I loving and joyously accept my sexuality and its expression. I only accept thoughts that support me and make me feel good.

Herpes: Mass belief in sexual guilt and the need for punishment. Public shame. Belief in a punishing God. Rejection of the genitals.

*My concept of God supports me. I am normal and natural. I rejoice in my own sexuality and in my own body. I am wonderful.

Syphilis: See Venereal Disease

AIDS – Denial of the self. Sexual guilt. A strong belief in not being “good enough”.

*I am a Divine, magnificent expression of life. I rejoice in my sexuality. I rejoice in all that I am. I love myself.

- Louise Hay (Heal Your Body)

Other related conditions:

Skin: Protects our individuality. A sense organ.

Problems – Anxiety, fear. Old buried guck. I am being threatened.

*I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. The past is forgiven and forgotten. I am free in this moment.

Warts: Little expressions of hate. Belief in ugliness.

*I am the love and the beauty of life in full expression.

- Louise Hay (Heal Your Body)