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How the Seven States of Matter Were Discovered

How the Seven States of Matter Were Discovered

In 8 June 2006, I posted an article called “Seven States of Matter – Everything is Mind” on my website at Mind Reality:
=> http://www.mindreality.com/seven-states-of-matter-everything-is-mind

In it, I mentioned that there are seven states of matter in the form of:

Zero State: Bose-Einstein Condensate
First State: Solid
Second State: Liquid
Third State: Gas
Forth State: Plasma
Fifth State: Beam
Sixth State: Thought Wave

Before I created the article about the seven states of matter, I only knew about six states of matter.

I read about the Zero to Fifth State of Matter at this website:
=> http://www.5th-state-of-matter.info/5th-state.html

Dr Laszlo is the owner of that website and is the one who discovered the 5th state of matter.

I thought about it and realized that since there were six states in total so far, it was the apt moment to bring it to seven states in total. There are many things in the Universe that tends to exist in Sevens. In numerology, seven is the number of perfection. Many Cycles run in sevens.

I was totally inspired to create the “Seven States of Matter” article by integrating knowledge that I already had from multiple places and putting it all together in a perfect and beautiful blend of harmony and tapestry.

One of the sources of knowledge I had was the Hermetic Principle of Vibration. By using the principle of vibration, I know that matter exist in different states by changing rate of vibration. I also know that in the Bible, the very first thing God created was Light. Therefore, Light was converted from a Higher Form of Vibration which is: Thought.

This is the article on Mind Reality that contains “The Seven Hermetic Principles”:
=> http://www.mindreality.com/true-theory-of-everything-in-universe

There were Two Key things about Dr Laszlo’s discovery that were most useful in helping me to discover the Seven States of Matter:

1. He had put together six states, which means there was only one more for me to include in order to make it seven.

2. He had made the connection between the previous states of matter and Light, by explaining why Light is Matter in the Beam State.

In 19 September 2008, I received an email from Dr Laszlo himself! It is more than 2 years after I originally posted the “Seven States of Matter” article.

Here is the exchange of emails between us:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dear Enoch Tan, I was happy to read your paper! Your ideas were beautiful and new in the world of transcendency. I have some questions: You explained correctly according to the laws of physics the 6 states of matter. Are you a physicist? Where did you read about the six states of matter? Did you read about them in my homepage or book The Electric Universe? If yes, please mention my name in your next circular! In this case I will recommend you in my future papers and congress. I write a letter in the next day about you to the organization of the last congress in Paris.
- Dipl. Phys. and Dr. Ing. László Körtvélyessy

Fri 9/19/2008


Thank you for comments. It’s an honor to meet you!

I first heard about your theory of the 5th state of matter on your website the 5th state of matter!

I simply took your theory and expanded and integrated with my own understanding of mind and reality to create the seven states of matter.

I will mention your name as the source of the 5th state of matter in my next email newsletter!

Enoch Mind Reality

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dear Enoch,

Thank you very much for your prompt answer!

You are a very interesting and very original scientist. In my young years, I wanted to be educated to priest. You can imagine, that your beautiful bridge between matter and mind was for me a pleasure. More, you found the order and beauty already in the beam-state of matter. Interestingly, the whole Universe is filamentary, therefore, no chaos but beauty!

Thank you that you will show me as the inventor of the beam-state of matter.

Please write more about you!

Best regards,

Sat 9/20/2008

HI Laszlo,

You can find out more information about me at this page:

We all inspire one another in this journey of universal discovery!

Enoch Mind Reality

So in the email that I sent to my subscribers on Sat 9/20/2008

I mentioned:

If you have read my article on “Seven States of Matter – Everything Is Mind”, I would like you to know that I got my inspiration from Dr. László Körtvélyessy who is the founder of the six states of matter of matter theory.

I first heard about the 5th state of matter on his website about the 5th state of matter! Dr. László Körtvélyessy is the inventor of the beam-state of matter.

I simply took his theory and expanded and integrated with my own understanding of mind and reality to create the seven states of matter.

Interestingly, in the previous email to my subscribers before Dr Laszlo contacted me, I mentioned:

“There are two ways which something is formed in the physical world through emotion. It can either be formed from the available materials and the work of people or it can be formed by the pure condensation of thought wave into the lower states of matter. Intense emotional thoughts convert into “matter” through one of the two ways more easily in the presence of a coordinate point. Mental images accompanied by strong emotion are the blueprint for the manifestation of a physical object, condition or event.”
- http://www.mindreality.com/manifest-with-emotion-of-desire-and-expectation

What a Synchronicity! I was talking about condensation of thought wave into lower states of matter, and then next thing I know Dr Laszlo contacted me about my article on the Seven States of Matter. How Apt!

Also the idea of electromagnetic energy units and coordinate points in my “Manifest with Emotion of Desire and Expectation” article, comes from the Seth Books especially “The Nature of Personal Reality”. Seth is a Nonphysical Consciousness Entity that is channeled by the psychic Jane Roberts. I heard that the Seth Books are used as Course Curriculum in Universities that teach Metaphysical Science.

I certainly recommend anyone who wishes to gain the in-depth technical knowledge of how “Consciousness Creates Reality” by reading the Seth Books.

“We will say only that the effortless manipulation of matter and energy is possible, for the matter and energy you observe comes forth from a universal sea of vibration. You will eventually discover the fundamental relationship between vibration and matter. You will discover that it is possible to uncover the secrets of atomic structure and see clearly within it, and you will be amazed by the powerful simplicity of its internal organization.

Geometry and vibration. All matter has a precise internal structure. Elements differ because of the geometric arrangement of an energy that is the same throughout the universe. It is possible to alter the structure of matter using vibration and geometry. That is all we will say right now. When you make the discovery you will be amazed that you didn’t think of it before. The knowledge exists in your species consciousness, for it has been achieved before in earlier civilizations.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)