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The Freedom of Your Conscious Mind can heal

“Your conscious thoughts regulate your health. The persistent idea of illness will make you ill. While you believe that you become ill because of viruses, infections or accidents, then you must go to doctors who operate within that system of belief. And because you believe in their cures, hopefully you will be relieved of your difficulty. Because you do not understand that your thoughts create illness you will continue to undergo it … and new symptoms will appear … While you are in the process of changing beliefs – when you are beginning to realize that your thoughts and beliefs cause illness – then for a while you may not know what to do …. You may realize that the doctor can at best give you temporary relief, yet you may not be completely convinced as yet of your own ability to change your thoughts; or you may be so cowed by their effectiveness that you are frightened.

When you feel joyful your body benefits and becomes stronger.

While you believe that only doctors can cure you, you had better go to them …. While you may be cured of one difficulty, you will only replace it with another as long as your beliefs cause you to have physical problems….’The healing energy [is] always within you.

Out of a knowledge of the contents of your own conscious mind you can definitely heal most maladies of the body, within conditions to be given later.”

- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

The Freedom of Your Conscious Mind can heal

“You do not need drugs, hypnotism, or even meditation. You only need to allow and direct the freedom of your conscious mind. Left alone, it will flow through thoughts and images that provide their own therapy. You often avoid this natural treatment, however, and run from frightening conscious thoughts that would in their turn lead you to the source of ‘negative’ beliefs, where they could be faced; you could travel through them into feelings of joy and victory. Instead many of you (turn to] drugs.

If [medicine] improves the immediate situation, the inner problems must still be worked out. Otherwise other illnesses will be substituted Unfortunately, the more you rely upon exterior methods the more it seems you must rely on them. You will often become ‘allergic’ to a drug simply because the body realizes that if the drug was accepted, all recourse to the solutions of a particular problem would be cut off, or another more severe illness would result from the physical cover ‘up’ of the dilemma.”

“Fear, faced and felt with its bodily sensations and the thoughts that go along with it, will automatically bring about its own… resolution.

If you have a physical symptom, do not run away from it. Feel its reality in your body. Let the emotions flow freely. These will lead you, if you allow them to, to the beliefs that cause the difficulty.”

- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“If you are sick … there is a reason. To recover thoroughly without taking on new symptoms, you must discover the reason. You may dislike your illness, but it is a course you have decided upon. While you are convinced that the course is necessary you will keep the symptoms. An illness may be used as a method for achieving another constructive end. Such a person would have to believe that an unhealthy condition was the best way to serve another purpose…. The belief in illness itself depends upon a belief in human unworthiness, guilt and imperfection. When you believe that only glasses will correct poor vision then only glasses will. Instead you must find the reason for the belief behind the … nonfunction, and if this is done the condition will automatically clear up. Now for most people it easier to get glasses.”

- SETH (The Nature of Personal Reality)

“Everyone who is in need or desire of healing is already summoning all that is necessary from Source. They’re already asking and Source is already answering. So that stream has already been established. But if you see evidence that they are not recovering, it means something that is going on with them is blocking the recovery. The cells know what to do, the cells are asking, and Source is answering, and so there must be some reason that the request and the solution are not accomplishing the result that you’re wanting. And the answer is always the same: There is something going on in the thinking process that is vibrationally disallowing the cells from receiving the solution that they’re seeking.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks – Holistic Healing)

The Only Reason Medicine Works

Question: I still have a feeling that I’m going to do something wrong, make a wrong choice, and not get there… The next time they tell me I have to change medicines…

Abraham: Well, do whatever (medical changes) they encourage you to do, if it makes you feel better. All of that is irrelevant. In other words, go through all of those motions because it’s easier for you to go through those motions than not. You can’t make a wrong choice there. You see, the only reason any of that stuff works, anyway, is because they tell you it might, and in your hope you open the circuit. And then, after a few people croak from it anyway, then they say, “Whoops, we made a mistake. It’s not really working.” And then, you close the circuit. And then, somebody comes up with something else, they say, “This might work.” And you say, “Oh good,” and you open the circuit. And then a few people croak anyway, and they say, “Well, this isn’t working very well,” so you close the circuit. And that is why it is always something new, always something new. And all of that is fine.

The only reason medicine works at all: The disease gives you a rocket of desire beyond anything you’ve ever felt before, no matter what the disease is. Having it makes you want something else. And so, right away that desire begins summoning resources in order to soothe whatever it is that you are not wanting — or to satisfy whatever it is that you are wanting. Then, what happens with the medicine is: You have a desire with a belief that doesn’t match it, and then someone comes along with a bottle or a pill or a process, and they say to you, “This will get you to where you want to be.” And so, for a little while, your hope or your belief matches your desire — and the circuits are all open again.

Until they get involved with their scientific study, and they discover that it didn’t always work: “Didn’t work in that case. Didn’t work in that case. Didn’t work in that case.” And the more data you receive about it not working, the more your doubt comes forth, and the more you are vibrationally apart from your desire — and the more resistance is then set up within your being.

- Abraham Hicks

“It is not so important the action that you offer if the action is an encouragement to the alignment of energy. If you say “Is the right answer take the medicine, or is the right answer don’t take the medicine?” The medicine is not even part of the answer. The right answer is, do anything that you need to do right now to feel ease, to feel good. So if taking the medicine feels better than not taking the medicine, then taking the medicine for now, is the best choice.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks – To Take the Medicine or Not?)

“If you can find a way to convey hope and trust and faith, then you have helped them with their emotional journey. And when you do that, the natural resources will take care of everything else. And everything else is just a dog and pony show. Everything else is just jumping through hoops for some other reason, has nothing to do with what really happens. So the surgery – just an afterthought, the medicine – maybe gives you reason to believe. All of that stuff is just serendipitous, but not at the heart of the remedy.

Alignment, we don’t care how you get it. Any way you can get it is just fine. We’re not trying to guide you away from surgery or away from herbs or away from medicine, or away from methodology, or away from sound machines or away from anything. We’re not trying to guide you away from action. We’re just guiding you to tending to your emotional journey first and the action will come so much easier.”

- Abraham Hicks (YouTube Video: Abraham Hicks – Recreate perfect body cells)

“We say, ANY method that places the client’s attention upon well–being is valuable.”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)

“All things were created by thought. The body’s design and all things that affect it were created by thought. When you take a substance that affects the body in a certain way, you are connecting to the thought that it is composed of. Everything is thought affecting thought.

If you could resonate well enough with the thought of the substance, you could experience the same effects even without actually consuming or coming into direct physical contact with the substance. The substance itself is simply a more condensed form of the thought. Even so, it is still your thought that attracted it into your physical experience. If you resonate entirely away from it, then even the physical substance will not have its programmed effect on you.

A pill can contain substances that are programmed with the feeling of wellness to your body. A prestigious car can be programmed with the feeling of success. A book can be programmed with the feeling of genius.

You can create the feelings without the physical things, and your feelings can attract the experiences and even the physical things that match it. Or you can experience the physical things and choose to resonate with the thoughts and feelings connected with them, and experience the results of those thoughts and feelings by your attraction of further matching experiences. It is all about alignment, whichever way it comes.”

- Enoch Mind Reality

“Everything is vibrating and in motion in the physical world: atoms have subatomic particles moving within and have electrons orbiting their nucleus; all matter has its own sound timbre and vibration as well as light frequency, and also magnetic resonance. Every cell in our body has its own frequency and every organ in our body has its own frequency. Overall, we each have a different and unique frequency.

We are healthy when our spirit is vibrating harmoniously in the right frequency with our soul and body; both also vibrating in synchrony. Sicknesses, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, are caused by the overall frequency being in disharmony. Since all substances carry their unique frequency, sometimes physical healing is achieved through medications or natural treatments because the medicine or natural substances help alter and correct the overall balance frequency of our being. When healing is achieved through prayer or spiritual healing, the frequency is corrected and harmonized from the spiritual perspective. Thus there is no conflict between spiritual healing and physical means of healing as they both achieve the same end result.

It is sometimes easier for people to physically alter their frequency through material means as not all humans are sensitive enough to allow the alteration of their frequencies through spiritual means. Contact with the Spiritual World is made when our mind is at the right frequency with the angels communicating with us, or in the right frequency with God for God to speak to us. The spiritualizing of the mind is thus one of the most important things to do in this life (Romans 8:5-6).”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)