> The Freedom and Joy of the Afterlife Conditions




The Freedom and Joy of the Afterlife Conditions

The Freedom and Joy of the Afterlife Conditions

“Two elements in my present state are particularly significant to me, when I compare it to physical life. For one thing, my psychological and “physical” mobility is astonishing, and my sense of freedom feels, at least, unlimited. In the beginning I found this disconcerting, for my reality at any given time followed experience-organizations of my own making and focus. The bounds of creaturehood – morning and evening time, and even pain, birth, and death – impose a certain order from which the living cannot stray. My state of mind was one of confusion for a while. Imagine if you will a mongrel of a dog, quite used to wandering, suddenly given, say, wings, the use of a conceptual mind, vocabulary, and million new choices where, before, instinct and the demands of practical creaturehood had kept his curiosity quite well within a limited range.

In other words, new capabilities kept sprouting from my mind, each stranger than the other. A vivid desire of the most momentary nature seemingly transported me from one place to another, with no transition or preparation – exhilarating and unsettling. Countering all of this, however, was the most delightful sense of safety, so that everywhere, being seems to be couched in perfect safety. I simply use my mind to “go” anywhere I want and the rest of me follows. My body, real enough to me, can appear or disappear in any given place, however, and each environment is formed by peoples’ belief in it. I say “peoples’” belief because all of us to ourselves appear quite natural, quite like people, only in a different context indeed.

The freedom of which I speak was not entirely new. It can be deduced easily in life by an imaginative extension of the abilities shown by consciousness in dreams, only here those extensions are the “new facts of life,” if you will forgive the term, and must be mastered. The conditions after death, while consciously dealt with, are similar to dream states, then, while the additional self-conscious manipulations add the most vivid clearness and preciseness. The knack is to focus consciousness properly in the desired areas. This usually presents little difficulty after a brief preliminary stage.”

- William James (The Afterdeath Journal of An American Philosopher)

“I forget it, then remember it again. When I forget my body I am operating without it; my consciousness is in no way hampered but follows my pursuits. Then suddenly, like an absentminded professor, I realize that not my mind but my body has been absent, and without any transition I have it again. So most likely it is created unconsciously, out of habit. Nor am I frightened, only momentarily disconcerted, when I discover its absence; I reattain it automatically, as on earth I might pause at the door, ready to go out, and remember my hat, putting it on without a thought. I no longer identify with my body, and of course it is not flesh and blood, though it seems to be when I want it to.

I understand that some of the dead identify with the body for longer periods than I, and that different personalities vary in the easiness with which they learn the afterlife conditions. These conditions themselves vary, account no doubt for the many misconceptions about death and they dying that are often encountered in life through those communications that do take place.”

- William James (The Afterdeath Journal of An American Philosopher)

“We do not regard linear time as the fourth dimension, seeing it instead as an aspect of the container which makes the physically manifested world possible, the framework which underpins the realm of form, From our perspective, each dimensional reality is a complete world of experience, inhabited by beings appropriate to that world. Thus, the third dimensional reality is host to physical human beings, the fourth dimensional reality (also known as the Interlife) is host to those who have died and are awaiting rebirth, and the fifth dimensional reality is host to ascended Beings. Linear time does not qualify as a world hosting sentient beings in this way, and that is why we put it into a separate category.”

- Angel Alariel (Channeled in the book “Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation”)

“There are endless vistas open to us and there are NO blocks, stops, or hindrances whatsoever preventing one from experiencing just as one would like. On earth there is the lack of money. If you wish to go to the wonderful resort in the Caribbean you saw on the TV you could not, because the cost for one week is more than your entire life savings! Imagine an endless universe with endless excitement, and ALL of it available to you for the asking (I am feeling an incredible sense of expansiveness and joy here). That is what it is like for me. I am having ever so much fun in my travels!”

- Conversations with My Higher Self (A book channeling the same entity known as “Abraham Hicks”)