> Cultivating Positive Energy is the Basis of Good Fortune




Cultivating Positive Energy is the Basis of Good Fortune

Cultivating Yang Chi (Positive Energy) is the Basis of Good Fortune

“When people truly rest their mind, however, Taoists, yogis and sages all equally state that this will open up the body’s energy channels that serve as the conduit for the flow of life force. These are energy or chi channels similar to the meridians doctors use in acupuncture. Furthermore, when these chi channels do open up, the fact that they are no longer clogged means that the active life-giving yang chi in the body can circulate more freely, bringing health and vitality to wherever it goes. Also when it circulates freely, the mind calms down and can access the mental state of samadhi.

From the Tao school point of view, it is a basic scientific principle that when your body fills with yang chi, your fortune becomes of yang nature as well. This means that good fortune will result when someone cultivates the yang, or positive aspects of life. Cultivation, such as meditation, therefore produces good fortune because it quiets the mind and increases the production of yang chi. Yang energy is a type of power that attracts other positive energies to us, and we can employ it to achieve any of the outcomes we desire in life.

Therefore, by creating yang chi (positive energy) through the process of meditation, it is natural that a person can change their fortune because an individual can use its positive abilities to bring about whatever it is they desire.

Another way of saying it is that when you want to experience a spectacular improvement in your life conditions, then you must learn to develop the higher-grade yang energies in yourself and your environment. Cultivating emptiness and virtue produces the highest yang type energies, and so in reforming your faults and correcting your errant behaviors, you will be able to grow your yang energies to an extreme and create any new fortune you may envision.”

- White Fat Cow

Grace From Heaven Requires Sufficient Merit

“Merit and wisdom are what enable you to dissolve problems, and nothing else. If bad karma comes to you, only through merit and wisdom will you be able to avoid, dissolve, or dilute its effects. If you still think this is wrong and that you can solve problems purely through celestial assistance, you must remember that you need wisdom in order to know how to make contact with Heaven, and you need merit to provoke a merciful, compassionate response. Without sufficient merit, such requests will come to nothing. You see, you never get something for nothing … and it all boils down to merit.

Whether you are Hindu or Christian or Moslem or whatever, if you choose the path of imploring God for grace to solve everything in one stroke, you must remember that there is no grace without merit.

Once again, we find that performing difficult acts of charity can help you accumulate a store of merit which can be “spent” when there are difficulties to be overcome in life. When you unselfishly work hard and sacrifice to solve another’s difficulties, the karmic reward is the mental peace you create for others and the help you need to solve your own difficulties as well. Ultimately, practicing charity is the highest form of yagya.”

- White Fat Cow

The Superior Path of Receiving Righteousness as a Gift

Heb 4:14 Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession. 15 For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. 16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Romans 5: 15 The grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many.

Romans 5: 17 They which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.

It’s All About Merit and Meditation in the End

“All the methods one can employ — whether from Chinese or Vedic or other traditions and whether one is talking about the planets, the five elements, feng shui, relocation, yagyas, special diets, gemstones, ceremonies, mantras or yin and yang — are designed to change someone’s chi forces by supplementing what is weak or purifying what is corrupt. From the final analysis, the best way to do that is through meditation and having your own chi arise itself.

Performing acts of merit, or cultivating oneself through meditation, will have a big impact on changing one’s chi but the biggest impact comes only when a person cultivates emptiness of mind. When the mind is empty of self, it is full of the universal oneness. It is then beyond the realm of birth and death and taps into the Source of all creation.

In that state, gemstones become rocks and mantras are just words for you tap into the really big power behind it all. So the best way to alter one’s fortune is to cultivate the mind and spirit. To really change your fortune, you have to work on changing your mind and behavior, your thoughts and habits, your views and inclinations. You have to empty them out and function with a mind free of taint that can select the proper wisdom move at any moment.

When your mind changes, your chi will immediately change, and this explains why cultivating the mind will also change your fortune because the emptiness of mind taps into the greatest yang chi in existence.

Using modern parlance, science would say it can then somehow access the latent “zero point energy” in order to create change in the world. The “zero point energy” represents infinite power, so once again through emptiness we’re tapping into nearly infinite power to change the fortune.

According to spiritual cultivation teachings, if a virtuous person changes the deepest levels of their mind, their spirit (shen) will also change which becomes an even more powerful force for altering one’s destiny, though we cannot enter into this discussion within the scope of this book.

Now when the yang forces become balanced and particularly strong in an individual, the yin forces of sickness, weakness or bad fortune will naturally be repelled. Since yin forces cannot penetrate deeply under such circumstances, one’s bad fortune can be lessened or entirely dissolved away for those who cultivate and increase their yang chi.

This is one reason why many individuals can escape certain aspects of fate entirely, or simply delay their manifestation. Furthermore, when there is no bad fortune ready or able to manifest, one will only experience positive states (meaning good fortune) in the future. This is how, from a materialistic or mechanistic point of view, cultivation produces good fortune.

From the mental aspect, when the mind changes then a person’s chi changes and when their chi changes, their allotment of fate changes since everything originates with transformations of the mind. Hence when one selflessly practices charity, the act of true selflessness becomes a type of emptiness cultivation practice, a practice of freedom from the ego and freedom from discrimination. And since emptiness (mental stillness) gives birth to yang chi whose powers we are already familiar with, the entire process of changing one’s fate can be viewed from this aspect of mind.

Whether we say that someone cultivates a non-discriminative mind through meditation (and relies on the stillness of emptiness to give birth to yang), practices charity to generate positive merit, or opens up their chi channels so that obstructed yang forces can increase and flow, the results are equally the same.

“Praise and worship quickly transports you into an atmosphere of the glory of God. It’s not just any old way of praising that will open up the glory realm to us. There is a pattern in Heaven and when the pattern is followed here on earth, it releases the glory. If the pattern is wrong, you don’t get the same glory. The Bible talks about praise, and then worship. Basically you should praise until the spirit of worship comes. What is praise? I am talking about the fast tempo songs that make you dance, jump, and shout to the Lord—breakthrough praise. Even adding a shofar blast in a meeting can add to the breakthrough. Keep praising until the spirit of worship comes.

When the spirit of worship comes you will notice that you and those in the crowd don’t feel like shouting or dancing any more. You feel more like loving on God, singing intimate slow songs of love to Him. As you continue, you will sense the thick, heavy presence of God. That is the glory. Once the glory comes, just stand and soak in that glory. Don’t stop short of the greater glory of God and settle for something lightweight. Most services, including those in revival and renewal, often mix up the worship with a worship song here and a praise song there, without following the pattern. The pattern is important—it is the pattern of Heaven. Skillful playing and singing are secondary. What use is it to have the most skilled singers and musicians if they don’t usher in the glory of God. Only in His glory does the miraculous happen that we pray for. Follow the pattern even in your home and the same glory will come. I recommend reading Ruth Heflin’s first book, Glory, for more information on this subject of praising and worship that ushers in His glory.”

- Glory Invasion (David Herzog)

“Another key to ushering in the glory is sacrificial giving. It opens up the glory and miracles in ways that nothing else will. There are countless testimonies confirming this throughout the Scriptures, from Genesis through Revelation. The Book of Malachi examples that the “windows of Heaven” open when there is a spirit of sacrificial giving.

“Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,” says the Lord of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it” (Malachi 3:10).

The widow who gave her last meal to Elijah multiplied her blessings and her son was raised from the dead. Many of these examples are in my book Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled. When these open doors of glory are together at the same time, it causes an explosion of glory. When these elements are mixed together in a ministry or at a meeting there will be a major glory explosion leading to visitations from Heaven’s throne, signs and wonders, revival, harvest, and an eternity full of His blessings.”

- Glory Invasion (David Herzog)

Meditation Changes Your Mind, Body and Fortune

“When we perform a selfless deed, for instance, we often say that we “feel warm inside,” because when it really is a good deed, a physical warmth can actually arise in our bodies! This is the result of one’s chi channels opening up because of performing a good deed, after which the body’s yang chi will start flowing through those previously restricted energy channels. And sometimes those particular channels could not be opened up through any other means than through the practice of charity, even when the individual is an advanced cultivation practitioner! So the practice of charity is extremely important, much more than we can possibly relate.

When you perform a truly virtuous and selfless deed, your mind virtually “opens up” to experience a peace that reflects transformation at a very deep level. The stillness one thus experiences will result in emptiness bliss for a split moment, and yet this fractional instant of time will still be long enough for the yang chi to be born. By universal law, yin (stillness no matter how short in time) always gives birth to yang and yang produces life and warmth. Thus this phenomenon we have all experienced is actually just one of the many personal confirmations one can encounter proving that the Tao school is correct in its science and observations.

Why can the effects of emptiness be so powerful, so powerful that it can change fate? For exactly the same reason that a tiny atom can power entire cities, even though it is mostly emptiness as well.

We say emptiness is empty like the void, yet emptiness gives rise to all creation. Ancient Chinese civilization has sometimes represented emptiness by the element of metal because metal is extremely strong, and emptiness is so strong that it can break absolutely anything. It is also strong enough to give birth without dying. So the potential force within emptiness is immeasurable — so immeasurable that it can change matter, especially when it is guided by the mind.

Emptiness is like the number zero, which can stand for nullity or infinity. However, when we cultivate to change our minds, bodies and fortunes, we tap into the infinity side of the matter and thus can access the energy of the entire universe! This is why we can actually change things through cultivation, for no other method enables you to tap into emptiness.

The Taoists often say, “from the stillness of yin (achieved through emptiness meditation), yang (good fortune) is born,” so of course meditation will create yang chi, and yang chi will in turn bring good fortune. However, this explanation is purely from the physiological or material basis. What is more important than the physical nature is the mind, for mind is the fundamental ground which can give birth to the thoughts creating our karma, so mind is of a more fundamental nature than yin chi or yang chi.

In other words, mastering the meditative realm of emptiness, which means cultivating mental quiet within by abandoning discursive thought, is a way to remove the obstacles which impede good fortune from manifesting. Since it is our own evil doings that have formed the barrier to receiving wealth and other good fortune, we must get rid of our errant ways.

To do so and actually change our fortune, we must therefore copy the farmer who does not actually push any sap into the roots of his crops. Instead, he simply removes the weeds standing in the way so that the sap can flow into them naturally. To flood a piece of land by irrigation, we do not have to push the water into the field with our hands but simply make a breach in the ridge separating the water from the land, and then the water will flow into the field automatically.

In the same manner, our obstructions to good fortune are basically self-imposed. That’s what motivational experts would tell us, but they’re working at an extremely superficial level. However, when we abandon obstructions in the mind by achieving a realm of discriminative emptiness — whether through the practice of charity or meditation — all good things will naturally flood our way. But we need cultivation as the means for this to happen!

The yang condition of good fortune is our natural disposition. Unfortunately, we impede its flow by clogging ourselves with layers of yin obstructions so that our positive fortune has difficulty in manifesting. If we want the fruition of good fortune, we can effect it simply by removing the yin obstacles standing in its way, most of which are poor mental habits and unwholesome thinking processes.

When we then discard the bad thoughts, negative habits and tendencies, and nonvirtuous acts that create and support our inherent yin forces, only the yang will be left. When only the yang is left, then even if we do nothing to promote the growth of yang forces themselves, in decreasing the yin our good fortune will rise.

This, too, is yet another explanation behind cultivation’s effectiveness.

There is still yet another way to approach the issue as to why self-cultivation can alter one’s destiny, for we must remember that when we cultivate ourselves through meditation and other spiritual exercises, our ordinary mind will become clearer and develop broader vision. As a result of our increasing refinement and purification, we can then sometimes see solutions where previously there was only confusion.

Since cultivation produces clarity of mind and clarity, like education, produces better decisions, the process of self-cultivation enables us to choose better directions and make better observations such as spotting the opportunities that can change our destiny.”

- White Fat Cow

Meditation Leads to Wisdom Clarity that Can Restructure the Fortune

“Fortune depends upon the choices we make, so if we abandon confusion through cultivation, increase our clarity of mind and improve our normal decision making process, it is natural that our quantity of good fortune will improve. Even people who do not believe in karma will say that you must identify options and look for opportunities in order to change your fate, but no one ever tells you that cultivation — which produces patience and clarity of mind for evaluating alternatives — is the means for doing so!

This aspect of the matter is so simple and easy to understand that we can leave it to others to expound upon.

All of us are periodically presented with a cubic centimeter of lucky chance that fortuitously pops up in our lives every now and then. Actually, luck occurs when preparation meets opportunity, so only those who have clear minds (and merit) and have done some prep work can ever seem to grab it. Of the thousand choice points you will encounter in life, the crossroads of decision where you have the power to mold your destiny, which will lead to prosperity and which will lead to destruction?

A saying aptly runs, “it is the mind endowed with intuition which sees the light at the first hint.” Thus the clear wisdom mind knows how to evaluate matters instantly, but it is unfettered nature can only be accessed by meditators and cultivation practitioners, those whose stock of merit prompts them to act quickly on their right knowing. Without this factor of merit, however, an individual might indeed see an opportunity, but fail to act on it.

The self-cultivation of meditation therefore increases our wisdom and insight, both of which are like education in their potential for creating change. It is common for our heads to become cloudy, our reasoning faculties to become faulty, and for errors of judgment to creep in when we experience bad fortune. However, if we actively work to increase our clarity of mind, then while in some cases we might not be able to entirely escape the rainy weather of a bad situation, we might definitely be able to prevent it from soaking us by taking along a raincoat or umbrella!

Thus we have yet another explanation of how cultivation can help us change our destiny. By cultivating clarity of mind through meditation practice, we can reduce the harm that comes our way, and through emptiness of mind we can accept whatever happens, and then go on from there.”

- White Fat Cow