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The Best Sources of Knowledge in Mind Reality

The Best Sources of Knowledge in Mind Reality

The term “Leading Edge” refers to what is at the forefront, the best and currently what is happening at the frontier of progress.

The Leading Edge of the “Law of Attraction” is Abraham Hicks. Previously was Seth (Nonphysical Consciousness Entity channeled by Jane Roberts). The Seth Material published in 1963 in it Seth was the first to say “You Create Your Reality.” From there on sparks the New Age Movement and the Age of Consciousness towards 2012.

Next came the “Abraham Entity” channeled by Esther Hicks. They are a Collective Consciousness of Beings existing in Nonphysical Reality and are “communicating to us from Source”. They are also the ones who revealed the “Law of Attraction” and the actual Fountainhead of “The Secret”.

Read the Teachings of Abraham if you wish to learn the leading edge knowledge of “You Create Your Reality.” Some of their books are “Ask and it is Given”, “The Law of Attraction”, and “The Vortex.”

The Leading Edge of Christianity is Pastor Joseph Prince. Read the Books “Unmerited Favor” and “Destined to Reign” by Joseph Prince to get the core knowledge of what the “Grace and Favor of God” is all about.

And The Leading Edge of all the Leading Edge is Mind Reality. There is no other place that Integrates all the Leading Edge Knowledge of the World like Mind Reality does.