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Angelic Help for Manifestation and Life Solutions

Angelic Help for Manifestation and Life Solutions

“Periodically, we angels will remind you that we’re always available to help you with everything-but we can only do so if you ask us to. We respect your free will to make decisions and work out any problems on your own. Yet if you ever feel as if you need some assistance, don’t forget that we’re here.”

- Belinda Pusca (Inner Soul Healing)

“There are a ton of Angels and Light Beings around you, ready to help you create, heal and grow. They cannot do anything, until you ask for help! This is the planet of free choice, so there’s no way they can help you unless you ask for it. When you do, see how quickly things can change.”

- Irene Langeveld (10 Tools for a Happy & Empowered Life – Tool #1: co-creation)

“The kahuna’s asked: “Let the rain of blessings fall.” We must do the same. It seems to be a part of the act of opening the door to the help of the Aumakuas so we may have the aid they are forbidden to give unless their presence is recognized and their aid requested.”

- Mana or Vital Force by Freedom Leong


“Our relatives and dear ones, and at times the saints as well often come from the unseen world to help and protect us, but the angels always do. Yet they have never been allowed to make themselves visible to us, except at a few times of very special need. By ways unrecognized by us they influence us towards holy thoughts, and incline us towards God and towards good conduct, and God’s Spirit, dwelling in our hearts, completes that work for the perfecting of our spiritual life, which they have been unable to accomplish.

The greatness of any one does not depend upon his knowledge and position, nor by these alone can any one be great. A man is as great as he can be useful to others, and the usefulness of his life to others depends on his service to them. Hence, in so far as a man can serve others in love, just so far is he great. As the Lord said, “But whosoever will be great among you let him be your servant” (Matt. 20:26). The joy of all those that dwell in heaven is found in this that they serve one another in love, and thus, fulfilling the object of their lives, they remain forever in the presence of God.”

- The Visions of Sadhu Sundar Singh of India

“Many humans think that when we graduate with a degree or doctorate or skill that we have achieved something. Or when we come into a position of power or are given great wealth that it is a great achievement. From the Spiritual World viewpoint, these are not achievements; rather they are just like a “driver’s license” that give us a greater potential to be of service to all of humanity. There are many ministering angels involved in creating these “opportunities” for us. Sadly, when a human receives these greater opportunities, they think that it is their own achievement of honour, and they start squandering their opportunity in selfishness and licentiousness.

Many of these ministering angels work in teams creating open doors that lead from one level to another until we are “qualified” with an opportunity or position to be a blessing to all humanity. Different ministering angels work with us at different times of our age from babyhood, childhood, teenage to adulthood. Also angels specializing in different wisdoms and skills create specific opportunities and open doors for us to receive promotions or favour (Psalm 75:6; Daniel 2:21). When the human involved remains humble and retains a pure heart to serve, some of the highest angels with great power unite themselves with the spirit of the human and are able to achieve great things that cause good and righteous waves to flow and affect the whole planet.”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)

Predestination and Free Will

“The spiritual forces of God cannot help us by replacing our need to take responsibility and do the best we can in our circumstances. People who think that they do not have to do anything but rely on God and angelic help alone do not receive the help they need from the Spirit World. They expect all the work to be done for them. Angels distance themselves from such individuals until they realize that they are responsible to exercise their free will and put in the best effort they can before help is given from the Spirit World.

It is when an individual has done the best he knows how with the little strength and knowledge that God has provided that angelic help is given to help them further. The Holy Spirit was sent as our Helper and not as our servant (John 14:16). Angels are sent to minister to us when we have used our best efforts with a pure heart of reliance on God (Mark 1:13; Luke 22:43).”

- The Spiritual World (Peter Tan)