> Allowing Nullifies Backward Swing of Pendulum




Allowing Nullifies Backward Swing of Pendulum

“As long as you have concern that another can interfere in your experience, or that another can swing his arms into your face, then you do not yet really understand how it is that you get what you get. You can begin, today, to think only of what you want; and then begin, today, to attract only what you want. Your question comes forth because yesterday, or somewhere in your past, you did not understand this, and you were inviting—through your thought—those who swing their arms into your face. And so, now, in this moment, you ask, ”What do I do about it?”

If there are those in your experience who are swinging their arms in an uncomfortable way, take your attention from them and they will go away, and in their place will come those who feel comfortable to you, who are in harmony with you. But what usually happens is, as they swing their arms, as they do the things you do not want them to do, you give your attention to that. You get angrier about it, you get more upset about it, and by the Law of Attraction, you attract more of the essence of that, until soon you have more than one in your experience. There are two, or three, or many… Take your attention from that which does not please you, put your attention upon that which does please you, and you will then change the momentum. Not instantly, but it will begin to change.

If, every morning for the next 30 days, you begin your day by saying: I intend to see; I want to see; I expect to see, no matter who I am working with, no matter who I am talking with, no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing…I intend to see that which I want to see, you will change the momentum of your life experience. And all things that now displease you will be gone from your experience and will be replaced by things that do please you. It is absolute. It is Law.”

- Abraham Hicks (The Law of Attraction)

“You want to understand the Laws of the Universe so well that you become at one with them. You want to understand how it is that things come to you so that you do not feel like a victim, or vulnerable to the whims of others swinging their arms.

It is hard for you to understand these things when you are in the middle of what seems to be two worlds: the world that you created before you understood these things that we have talked about here, and the world that you are in the process of creating now that you are understanding more clearly. And so, some of the things that are in your experience because of the prepaving or the prethinking of your past do not fit very well with what you now want. And so, we know there is a little bit of discomfort as you are in this transitional stage, but there will be less and less and less discomfort as you are clearer and clearer and clearer about what you want. Much of the clutter of past momentum is now moving from your experience.”

- Abraham Hicks (The Law of Attraction)

Allowing Nullifies Backward Swing of Pendulum

“When you are in the state of positive emotion and considering only what you are doing or thinking or speaking, you are Allowing yourself. When you are in the state of positive emotion regarding your view into another’s experience, you are Allowing another. It is that simple…. And so, you cannot have negative emotion about yourself and be in the state of Allowing yourself.

To be an Allower is to be one who feels positive emotion, which means that you must control what you are giving your attention to. It does not mean that you get everything in your world whipped into shape so that everything and everyone is just the way you want it to be. It means that you are able to see, and therefore solicit forth, from the Universe, from your world, and from your friends, that which is in harmony with you, while you let the other parts go unnoticed by you—therefore unattracted by you, and therefore not invited by you. That is Allowing, you see.

And we will tell you, friends, Allowing is the most glorious state of Being you will ever achieve on a long, ongoing basis. For once you are an Allower, you are spiraling upward and upward, for there is no negative emotion to balance you out and bring you down. There is no backward swing of the pendulum. You are forever and gloriously moving forward and upward!”

- Abraham Hicks (The Law of Attraction)

“Your universe is made of energy, and energy moves in waves and cycles. There will be times when your magnetism has a larger result and times when it has a smaller result. Some months you will receive more money than usual, and some months you will have more bills than normal. Some weeks your business may be booming, and other weeks you may have very few customers. Your challenge is to not go up and down emotionally with the natural ebb and flow of money in your life; use these natural cycles in a way that further build your prosperity.”

“If you acknowledged yourself every time you had even one day of more money coming in than going out, you would find the flow increasing in your life. If you have reached a level where you consistently have an excess of money coming in, congratulate yourself! You have reached a level of mastery of abundance. Take a moment to appreciate and acknowledge your accomplishment.”

“The challenge of the ebb state is to believe in your future prosperity. Everything on earth is cyclical, all phases are temporary. For every ebb, there is a flow that will follow. If you have a short- or long-term drop is your income, remember that it will be temporary, and focus on what you are learning from this experience. It is a rare company that does not go through ups and downs in the flow of sales created by natural business cycles. As you reach higher and higher levels of mastery with manifesting, you will be able to draw to you what you need when you need it, and you will be less affected by these natural cycles.”

“The more you can appreciate the gifts you are receiving while the tide is out, the more rapidly the tide will come back in.”

- ORIN (Channeled in the book “Creating Money”)