> A Description of Soul Shock by Steve Gunn




A Description of Soul Shock by Steve Gunn

A Description of Soul Shock by Steve Gunn

As I began her healing and looked at what had happened to her energies, I realized she was suffering from what I call ‘soul shock.’ When someone you have a deep connection with suddenly pulls away, the dis-connect leaves you feeling as if your soul has left your body, like an empty shell. You just can’t get back to reality and you can feel as if you simply exist.

This experience is similar to grieving the death of a loved one and I know many counselors, at least those who accept and understand connections, who will treat this pain in the same way as a bereavement

What we’re talking about here is not a conventional emotional relationship. A soul connection is the most powerful soul level connection with someone and when separations like this occur you just can’t “get over it” or “move on” however hard you try. Many people can’t eat sleep or work for a long time, a lot end up on medication and in counseling.

- Steve Gunn

Source: http://stevegunn.net/wp_blog/soul-shock-a-real-soulmate-story/