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7 Traits of Highly Magical People

7 Traits of Highly Magical People

1. You have a Sense of Being Magical

The truth is everyone is magical. But most people do not know that. Society has programmed people to become unmagical and dull. Magical people retain a stronger connection with their inner intuition where they have a sense and knowing that they are magical. Those who are magical are on a path of freeing the minds of others around them, so that they will be able to realize their innate magical nature.

2. You experience plenty of Synchronicities

Synchronicity is the term coined by transcendental psychologist Carl Jung to signify the event of “meaningful coincidences”. Magical people are in a state where they tend to attract more of these situations than other people. Much of these synchronicities bring fulfilling and desirable things that cause these people to seem blessed, charmed or just having more good fortune than others.

3. You can Feel and Change according to the 4 Seasons and Moon Cycles

Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall have greater effect on people who are magical. They produce different effects on magical phenomena. As we know, magic is powered by emotional energy, and different seasons have different effect on emotions, hence they also affect what kind of experiences that magical people can create.

The moon is a major component of magical and wish-making ability. The moon itself is a power source for magic. Full moon, new moon, waxing and waning moon all have different effects on magical performance, and also determine what kind of magical activity is better to be done. In general, when a moon is waxing or growing, it is better to do actions that create, and when the moon is waning or fading, it is better to do actions that destroy or eliminate. Of course it is possible to do anything at anytime.

4. You Experience Vivid Dreams and even Lucid Dreams

Magical people have developed the power of “becoming conscious” and “manipulating reality”. Hence when they are dreaming, sometimes they would realize that they are in a dream and become lucid. They would then be able to even do things in the dream that are not done in normal reality. They can fly, move objects with their minds, fire laser beams, teleport and even mind control other dream characters as well.

5. You Have Psychedelic Experiences with Love

Everything becomes surreal and fantasy like when a magical person falls in love. They see kaleidoscopic-like colors, rainbows, hear special and otherworldly musical notes, and their feelings are just profound and from another dimension.

They even have telepathic experiences with the one they love as they find themselves thinking about each other at the same time, sometimes even texting or calling each other at the same time. This is also considered synchronicity.

When magic people fall in love, it’s like “whoah” from the Matrix.

6. You Have an Abundance of Life Force Energy

This is also called Chi, Prana, Ki, Orgone, Mana or any other name depending on which culture calls it. This life force energy is also sexual energy, and having lots of it may cause you to feel highly sexual. Sexual energy is the energy of life. It gives magical people the power to create and influence reality more easily and powerfully.

7. You Love to Share and Impart Magic Everywhere

Magical people have a nature of giving and sharing their gift. Once others have been touched by the magic, they would like them to share and spread it on too. The more magical this world becomes, the better a reality it is for magical people to live in. Magical people like to inspire other people. They think in terms of abundance and increasing the size of the pie for all. So the more you spread the magic around, the more magical you will become.

- Article Written by Enoch Tan (Creator of Mind Reality)