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The Spiritual Domain Transcends Karma and Destiny

The Spiritual Domain that Transcends the Domain of Karma and Destiny

In this world, Man’s Fate is influenced by the Forces of Karma and Destiny. The Chinese are able to predict events by studying the patterns of Destiny in Feng Shui, Bazi, etc. The Buddhists say that Man’s destiny is completely influenced by his Karma and there is no escaping it.

But yet, there is something beyond the realm of destiny that the Devil wants to blind most men from seeing.

The Realm of Destiny does Not create events on its own. The Realm of Destiny and Karma is like a holding pattern. People can predict events by observing the holding pattern. But it requires activity from the spiritual dimension to manifest it into events.


1. The Bagua on its own does Not create events. A car number may have a Gua that has a pattern of a driver being angry and banging other people on the road. But that event is never going to happen until Evil Spirits use the Gua as a Doorway in Time and Space to influence the driver with angry thoughts and impulses to bang other people on the road.

2. Karma on its own does Not create events. A person may have Karma to have someone do something evil to him. But that evil event is never going to happen until Evil Spirits make use of that Karmic Pattern to go and influence somebody out there to go and do an evil thing to that person.

Even in high level Buddhist teachings, it reveals that there is something that goes beyond Karma. But Satan will never fully reveal what that something is. The thing that goes beyond Karma and Destiny is the Domain of God and Satan.

Satanic New Age teachings want to put the Domain of God and Satan as under the Domain of an Impersonal Law Based Universe. But by observing the Word of God, and observing reality as much as possible, one will notice that there is a Personal God and a Devil that operates above an Impersonal Law Based Universe.

You can observe very clearly in the Word of God that Karma works very differently for people of God compared to people of the world. In the Word of God, there are many cases where God has preordained His people for a great destiny. And in the process of good and bad events, God’s Hand is guiding all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His Purpose. It goes beyond whatever Karma the person has.

For people of the world, the events in their lives are completely under the control of Karma and Satanic influence. There is no higher plan of God’s Kingdom for them. Their Fate is tossed around by the forces Time and Space and Self Effort without a Higher Guiding Hand to shape it in a certain direction. But God is always seeking to win people towards Christ to deliver them out of the Power of Satan and into the Kingdom of His Dear Son.

Satanic New Age teachings may acknowledge that there is a Higher Guiding Hand which they call your “Inner Being”. But they present your Inner Being as being subservient to you, and being there to help you fulfill your personal dreams and wishes. It is Satan’s doctrine that you are God. But yet in the Word of God, and in the lives of God’s people, it is revealed over and over again that all things are subservient to God’s Purposes and God’s Will.

There is a domain that goes beyond Karma and Destiny. The Buddhists call it Man’s “Mind”. But no it is not Man’s Mind. It is the domain of God and Satan. You don’t have to “believe” it. You can know it by observing, and observing, and observing, and observing as much of reality as possible in order to see God and Satan operating beyond Man’s Mind.

Satan tries to trick people into believing the Many World’s Theory where there is a Universe where God and Satan is Real, and there is a Universe where God and Satan do not exist. But the two worlds are actually One World. It just looks like Two Different Worlds because Satan has seek to control the world with his “Indra’s Net” or “Buddha’s Palm” and make it difficult to see what is beyond it. God’s revelation of His Kingdom is like a different world altogether. But the more we can find the doorways and holes leading out of “Indra’s Net” and “Buddha’s Palm”, the more we are able to see that there is actually just One Reality that belongs to God. Satan is only controlling a small part of it which will eventually be reclaimed.

Although I learn about the Domain of Destiny, something deep down within me refuses to accept the limits of destiny. God wants me to know that I am not alone in an Impersonal Law Based Universe with Karma, Destiny and all kinds of strange spirits. There is someone who is my Shepherd. There is someone who is watching over me, guiding me, leading me, supplying me, helping me, protecting me, blessing me. There is a Personal God who loves me with a deeply personal love. And He is not just any nonphysical entity but the One True God of the universe who opens my eyes to see Truth and Grace.


The Whole Game of Life Revealed

The Whole Game of Life Revealed

There is a game of life being played and it is about being God and not being God. Being God is being the Player. Not being God is being a pawn used by a Player to play the game. There is a game being played between God and the Devil, and Man is a pawn in the game. Right from the very beginning, the Devil played the game with Man by telling Man that they can become the Player instead of the Pawn by eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Devil said God does not want Man to eat from that tree because God knows Man will become like God and become the Player and take away God’s ability to make use of Man as a Pawn.

To become God is the one thing that the Devil has used to tempt Man with all along in the game of life. It is the very same temptation the Devil used to tempt one third of the Angels to fall. The Devil tempted the Angels in Heaven with the temptation that they can become God. The Devil tempted himself with that very temptation in the beginning of beginnings when he wanted to exalt himself above the stars of heaven and be like the Most High. The Devil knew God was the Player and he wanted to become the Player himself, he wanted to be God. There are teachings and philosophies in life that tempt Man to be God such as occult knowledge, esoteric teachings, New Age knowledge, etc. This gives Man some degree of Metaphysical power which makes Man think he can become God. But as Man go through life ups and downs, during the ups, Man thinks he is God, Man thinks he is in control of his own destiny, Man thinks he is master of the universe, etc. And during the downs, Man realizes he is not God, he is not in control of anything, etc. The ups and downs in life is the game being played with Man in being God and not being God.

The Truth is that Man is not God, although the game of life presents the illusion of Man being God during the good times, and shatters it during the bad times. The whole game of ups and downs, good fortune and bad fortune started when Man ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man doesn’t realize he doesn’t have real control over his destiny even if he possesses metaphysical knowledge and has some metaphysical power. Man is still a pawn in the game, and the only real control he has is in choosing his Player, which means choosing whether to serve God or serve the Devil. The control of the game depends on which Player that Man chooses in his game of Life, but Man himself is not really in control of the game.

God and the Devil have provided the solutions to the game of life. God offers the real solution whereas the Devil offers a counterfeit solution.

The solution to the game of life is to realize that we are not God, to give up control, to surrender, to let go.

God offers the true solution by giving His Son Jesus Christ for us to receive as our God and Savior.

The Devil offers the counterfeit solution of cultivating “emptiness”, letting go, in order to achieve “Buddhahood” and free ourselves from all suffering in the world of phenomena.

The counterfeit solution seems like the real thing and that is why many follow it. But it will ultimately end in delusion and real emptiness because it is not choosing the right Player which is God’s way of salvation and redemption.

The devil’s way of enlightenment is cultivating emptiness and attaining the “Tao”. God’s way of enlightenment is the knowledge of Jesus Christ our God and Savior.

It is for the reason that there is One Truth and One Game being played all throughout existence is why you can see the same patterns being played in different ways and in different paths and at different times.

Now that you know what the whole game of life is about, you also know what the solutions are and which to choose.

This is how the Devil plays the game of life with Man:
1. Firstly he offers Man the false solution that he can become God through learning knowledge that can make Man become God (occult, esoteric, metaphysical knowledge, etc).
2. Secondly, when Man becomes disillusion with the lie about being God through the game of life’s ups and downs and circumstances that prove Man has no real control of anything, the Devil offers Man the next level false solution of cultivating emptiness, letting go and attaining the “Tao”.

But the true solution has been found in God’s way all along where if you have Jesus, you have everything.

Jesus has real control over a Man’s destiny although the devil seeks to control Man’s destiny as much as he can. Man’s freewill in controlling his own destiny is actually very, very limited and much of Man’s destiny is actually governed by forces beyond himself. Some possess the real wisdom to understand this whereas many who are “achievers” are living in a deep illusion without noticing the tides and forces of fortune changing over time in a span of years, decades, and even centuries that show nothing is really in the control of Man, and all temporal reign are merely part of the tides.

Man’s freewill has real control in choosing their Player which would then have the real control over their destiny. Apart from that, Man has to let go of all else and let God (or Devil).


Yijing Secrets of Extreme Yin Yang Reversal

Yijing Secrets of Extreme Yin Yang Reversal

One of the things I love about learning from the Yijing Masters is that I am beginning to know how to see the secrets of Yin Yang in all areas of life, subjects, religions, etc. Yin Yang becomes more than just a symbol of the Tai Chi.

Yin Yang when understood can enable one to apply it in all activities correctly.

Feng Shui is yang or external. Meditation is yin or internal. When there are things that you can’t do about your Feng Shui, you can work on your internal energy through meditation. External energy affects internal energy, and internal energy affects external energy.

In meditation, one goes to a place of stillness, void, emptiness, empty of resistance. The more yin one becomes in meditation, the more empty of resistance one becomes. Empty of negative thoughts and feelings, at least temporarily. Bashar calls it the “Zero Balance Rest” state where miracles can happen.

When in a place of extreme yin, the great reversal happens and one has access to the infinite yang. In the emptiness or void, one has access to the infinite field of pure potential where all possibilities exist. Reality is a locking down of possibilities. But when all possibilities are released in a state of emptiness, all possibilities are open temporarily in meditation.

This is how every-thing comes from No-thing, and emptiness is the origin of all things. From Wu Ji (Emptiness) gives birth to Tai Ji (Ultimate Reality), and that is how 0 becomes 1, Yin becomes Yang. From Wu Ji and Tai Ji, Yin Yang exists.

Yin Yang can also enable one to have a little more understanding about events that seem mysterious and perplexing.

In the Bible, Joseph was a young boy when he had a dream where he saw all the people including his brothers bowing down to him. His father also gave him a coat of many colors (probably rainbow colored) and it was long sleeve (a symbol of a ruling class instead of working class). He told his brothers about the dream. When they heard about it and also saw the coat that he was wearing, they got angry and jealous and conspired to kill him. They end up selling him as a slave to Egyptians and lied to their father that he was killed and showed the coat covered in animal blood and said it was Joseph’s blood on it.

So Joseph went from a high point down to a bottom in his life.

As an Egyptian slave, his started rising again from a bottom. His master saw that the Lord was with Joseph and he was a prosperous man. Everything that he touched prospered because the Lord was with him. His master had favor with him and placed him to be in charge of everything in his household. His master was Potiphar, and Potiphar’s wife wanted to seduce Joseph into sleeping with her but he did not do it because it would not be right toward his God and his master. After several times of refusal, the final time was when he had to run away from her when she tried to trap him into doing it. She was upset about it and lied that Joseph tried to rape her. His master not fully believing what she said about Joseph decided to throw Joseph in prison instead of executing him.

Hence, Joseph once again from a high point fell to an even lower bottom than before. From a slave to a prisoner.

From the bottom as a prisoner, he begins to rise once again as he has favor with the Jailor and the Jailor makes him in charge of all the prisoners. He used his gift of divination by interpreting the dreams of two of the prisoners. One of them was a Butler and the other was a Baker. The Baker had a sad fate of being executed while the Butler had a more auspicious outcome of being restored to his former position. Joseph asked the Butler to remember him and to speak to the ruler about him. But the Butler forgot all about Joseph when he was restored back to his former job.

Later on, the ruler of the land Pharaoh himself had a dream that he could not interpret. The butler told Pharaoh about Joseph and Pharaoh summoned Joseph to interpret his dream. Joseph used his God-given gift of divination in interpreting dreams that he had since he was a young boy, and interpreted Pharaoh’s dream about the 7 Years of Prosperity and the 7 Years of Famine, and how to prepare Egypt to make use of the coming times head. Joseph’s divination predicted the auspicious and inauspicious times, and the solution.

Pharaoh made Joseph in charge of the whole nation of Egypt and to implement the solution to the times coming ahead. In this manner, Joseph from a prisoner became a ruler. He rose from the lowest to the highest. And he remained in that position all the way until he died at a ripe old age.

The dream that Joseph had when he was a young boy was a divination and the coat he was given was a sign of his future and his destiny, but yet events turn out very differently at first. A promise or a vision given by God may seem to turn out opposite in the process but eventually it comes to fruition in a person’s destiny.

Sometimes negative events and attacks from other people happen to bring a righteous person down. Bad events happen and there are other people who could be lying, or misunderstanding and accusing this person. It is not necessarily his own Karma that is attracting all these evil, but it could be that in the broader picture, God is going to make use of the situations and lift this person to the greatest heights.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

The Tao Te Ching Secrets of Extreme Yin Yang Reversal:
“If you want something to return to the source,
you must first allow it to spread out.
If you want something to weaken,
you must first allow it to become strong.
If you want something to be removed,
you must first allow it to flourish.
If you want to possess something,
you must first give it away.
This is called the subtle understanding
of how things are meant to be.”

Sometimes you may experience peak points in certain areas of life and start losing those. But there could be greater heights coming up. In this ever expanding universe, we may go lower for awhile in order to go higher. And sometimes we may go lower and lower than before, in order to go much, much higher.

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