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Greetings, my name is Noctis Enoch, and I am the founder of REALITY MAGI.

In 2007, I obtained the book “Nostradamus Code: World War III”.

The Final Chapter is about “The Great Genius”.

The first page says “2006 to 2012”.

2006 was “The Year of Acceleration” according to Joseph Prince (Senior Pastor of New Creation Church). Back then, it was indeed such a year for me. I greatly accelerated in my spiritual awareness and understanding of consciousness, reality and the universe.

My Website http://www.MindReality.com was started near the end of 2005.

In October 2010, I posted one of my Opus Magnum Articles on Mind Reality called “Seven Levels of Intelligence and Three Types of Genius”:

>>> http://www.mindreality.com/seven-levels-of-intelligence-and-three-types-of-genius

In February 2012, I had the inspiration to start a new website as a means of further sharing my thoughts.

I thought of many domains and I found that the GreatGenius.com was not in use. That was amazing, considering the fact that there was quite a significant amount of searches for the term “Great Genius” (5,400 Global Monthly Searches as stated by Google Keyword Tool) and a number of places that talk about The Great Genius that Nostradamus mentioned.

GreatGenius.com was sold as a premium domain at $1,788.18 USD.

I decided to claim that domain as my own since there are many things described about The Great Genius that seems to reflect myself, and I believe this domain has been reserved by The Universe/God for me to make use of. Hence, the Great Genius website is born on 2012 February 9. This is an Aquarius Website.

How Apt!

I decided to write this first post on the website, and to include information from other websites as well. Here’s some that I found:

[Nostradamus describes the coming of a great scientific genius that will help rebuild human society. From CENTURY IV-31: "This man...will be one of the highest, most developed geniuses ever to appear in our present history of man. He...made the decision to use his genius to help rather than to hurt mankind...One of the things he envisions...is self-contained, self-supporting space stations...It was very easy for him to spot this man along the nexus of time paths because he creates such a large ultimate effect...This man is one of the major forces who will help the earth recover from the scars of war."

This great genius will be influential in pointing out the mistaken premises that today's science has built itself on. His ability to perceive scientific truths will cause major breakthroughs in our technological capabilities. From CENTURY VII-14: "[He will] make clear the connections between the physical universe and the metaphysical universe as dealt with by religions.” Because of these great advances, Nostradamus describes a time when a majority of people will be aware of higher powers and energies: “It will make every person a philosopher.” What kind of time frame are we looking at here? Nostradamus reported that this great genius will show up in the mid-twenty-first century.]

- http://homestar.org/bryannan/nostro.html

[Basically 'The Great Genius' is an individual who is supposed to become known in the "Age of Aquarius" or 2012 and after for those who aren't familiar with the astrological terms. He was predicted by the prophet Nostradamus to be a regular human being with great abilities (a next stage in evolution?) that will drastically change mankind for the better and lead to a "golden age". Among his (I am just using the gender term 'his' because it is grammatically correct) crowning achievements are 'free energy", unification of religion and science, a deeper understanding of medicine, robotics, and a quantum leap in the understanding of consciousness, reality, and the Universe.]

- http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread454242/pg1

[Seth is a ‘disincarnate being’ (an entity of consciousness from another dimension, not presently incarnate in human form). His teachings are ‘channeled’ via a psychic called Jane Roberts (see “Seth Speaks’ by Jane Roberts, published by Bantam).

Seth’s take on the Aquarian Age is that there will be a ‘second coming’ of Christ, though Seth intriguingly describes Christ as an ‘entity’ who has also taken other roles at different times. Two characters will pave the way for him, one who has already been born in India, and another, a black man, who will do his main work in Indonesia.

The Seth material is fascinating – it offers a ‘new age’ slant on the original bible stories, and describes the coming of an age where our psychic abilities will enable us to make a great leap forward in terms of our relationships with each other, the planet, and our personal capabilities. Our time boundaries will dissolve so that we will be conscious of not only our own past lives, but also those of other people too, such that we will not feel so isolated and will come to understand that ‘we are all one’. This will cause a great advancement in the quality of our relationships with one another.

Another ‘great genius’ is augured in the Seth prophecies (similar to the Nostradamus and Incan prophecies). This character will pull together the knowledge of science and spirituality in amazing ways. What psychics are now capable of will leap forward massively as the real workings of the universe and how to manifest within it become fully and deeply understood.]

- http://www.baliadvertiser.biz/articles/spiritual/2001/aquarians2.html

This is what is found in “The Nostradamus Code”

Centurie VII, Quatrain 14 – The Great Genius

“The Great Genius will help unify science and religion and bring about the enlightenment and peace of the Age of Aquarius foretold by prophets.”

Centurie III, Quatrain 2 – The Great Genius discovers the science of miracles

“The great genius will realize the magic of alchemy though his discoveries and inventions. The new philosophy engendered by these discoveries will encourage the development of mental powers. People will be able to manipulate the basic forces of the universe in a way that will seem utterly fantastic to those not involved with the occult. People in the occult and psychic realms currently deal with these forces without understanding, but in the future understanding will be present, sharpening the efficacy of the art.”

“The Great Genius will also unify religion and science and explain ancient documents, making clear the metaphysical connections between the universe and spirituality.” (Centurie VII, Quatrain 14)


All of this is a fascinating discovery! I deal with Integration of All things to do with the Mind and Reality, which is basically everything that is to be known about the Universe, Consciousness and Reality. Unified Knowledge is the Key to complete awareness, and totality of knowing.

Henceforth, I declare this to be the start of the reign of Genius. Perhaps “The Great Genius” might be an individual. Or perhaps it is an Archetype and there may be more than one person who can be part of “The Great Genius” gestalt consciousness.

Mind Reality is for the purpose of elevating The Genius (Genie-In-Us). After all, who we really are, is Genius God Creators of Our Reality.


Power is Required to Manifest Desired Life

Power is Required to Manifest Desired Life

“First meet the one you might call Dragon. He is very forceful, energetic, and loves to explore new things.”

Kenneth MacLean: “Now I would like to speak with the one I call Dragon.”

Dragon: “I am here.”

Kenneth MacLean: “I feel a powerful, assertive energy from you.”

Dragon: “This energy you feel is the match your energy makes with mine.”

Kenneth MacLean: “OK, what is your purpose for being, and what do you bring to the group, and what do you add to the group, in your opinion?”

Dragon: “I add a little, and much needed, aggressiveness. I am always on the prod for exciting experiences, a little action, and wish to assert myself as much as possible in order to make events turn out the way I would like.”

Kenneth MacLean: “In what way can you do this? You cannot create in the experience of another, and since all are connected to source, there can be no real assertiveness.”

Dragon: “(big belly laugh) Ho Ho Ho! Now that’s a good one! Do you think it is any different here than on earth? Does not the big one push the little one around?”

Kenneth MacLean: “You’re telling me it’s just as bad in non–physical as on earth? That’s not what I’ve been getting from you guys all along!”

Dragon: “Do you think we are little cherubim, singing psalms? Do you think we all hold hands and sing praises to God and are lovey–dovey to each other all of the time? There is more diversity here than on earth, far more, and just as much temperament. It is just that we do not beat ourselves up over what happens to us. There is no war or conflict, but there is plenty of action I assure you! Why, we remember the time we played with the group _______ in the ______. We fought mightily in that game and prevailed. You see, there are plenty of opportunities for me to show off my skills and my talents! Why, I single–handedly threw those rascals out of the ______ so that we could occupy that space!” (I could not translate the concepts)

Kenneth MacLean: “OK, our readers may be a little shocked to hear about this! We always hear about how perfect it is ‘up there’ in the non–physical plane.”

Dragon: “And so it is my boy, and so it is! It is perfect because all activities are loved and cherished!”

There are some who cannot understand how aggressiveness toward another can be loved and cherished by that other who is being shoved around. I’m not sure I understand it either.”

Dragon: “Because there is no sense of unworthiness! We are all connected to source and so in the struggle –– which can become very heated mind you –– there is never danger that another will be harmed in any way, or that ‘revenge’ will take place, because you see, there is no revenge! On earth, revenge is seen as terrible because the awfulness of death is the result; but of course there is no death here, do you feel that? There is just the joy of the experience and the going on to another joyful experience! Do you think it is not joyful to struggle against another in a battle of wills? Or in a heated game? Haw Haw Ho!!!! I feel like the giant in one of your stories!!! When the others get a whiff of MY energy and intent they back off I can tell you! I am the greatest battler in the universe!!!!

You see, on earth there is the idea of not enough, and so when there is a struggle and one’s house is wrecked and all of one’s belongings stolen then one considers he or she has lost. And so smoldering hatred results and the desire to strike back maliciously. That is how it goes on earth with its prevalent consciousness of not–enough! But where I am there is none of that! When the other side gets destroyed, as it were, in the game, they happily go off and find another battle to fight. They know that there is no ‘losing,’ there is only learning and growth. There is no conception of victimization, just the joy of battle. There is no consideration that ‘losing’ is bad and winning is good. It is all good, as you say!

Our battles are not malicious; they cannot be, because maliciousness implies harm and it is impossible to harm anyone, do you understand? IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO HARM ANOTHER!!! I hope you got that. We are beings who know totally and utterly our own eternalness and our own immortality. It is so excellent!” (Wow I got this incredible sense of excitement. This guy is one of those warrior types).

Kenneth MacLean: “I feel a rush of energy from you that is the most exciting of any in the group so far.”

Dragon: “And well it should be!! Why do you think I am so valuable? I bring the highest excitement and exhilaration to the group. They love me and my high–powered energy!”

Excepts taken from the Ebook of “Conversations with My Higher Self”:
=> http://www.mindreality.com/special/conversations-higher-self


Kenneth MacLean: “How do you create? Do you just say ‘abracadabra, give me a paint brush’ and it appears in your hand? How hard do you have to work at creating, say, a light sculpture?”

Gang of Six: “Again, that is a silly question. If you want to build a house, do you say ‘abracadabra let there be a house?’”

Kenneth MacLean: “Of course not! But it is much more difficult to create something in the physical universe, you said so yourself. It’s gotta be easier for you than for us.”

Gang of Six: “(sigh) How do you build a house?”

Kenneth MacLean: “Well, first you have to have a blueprint…”

Gang of Six: “Correct. There must be a detailed blueprint in order to even begin…”

Kenneth MacLean: “Yes but…”

Gang of Six: “No buts! How successful would a child be if it tried to design a house?”

Kenneth MacLean: “Not very successful I’d imagine.”

Gang of Six: “Why not?”

Kenneth MacLean: “Well, because the child has no understanding of a house… Oh, I get it.”

Gang of Six: “Yes. There must be complete understanding of the creation before it can manifest. In order to build the ocean liner, there must be knowledge of every part and how to build each part and how to connect it to the whole. A physical creation is just a representation of thought. There is no difference in creation in the physical realm and in the non–physical realm. In the physical universe you just have some added steps.”

Kenneth MacLean: “Right. Like paying the architect and going to the lumber yard and hiring all of the contractors.”

Gang of Six: “Yes. Just like on earth, however, there is a huge database of knowledge concerning what has gone before. However, it is not possible to think vague thoughts and have something manifest. You have to know what you are doing! You cannot create the Notre Dame cathedral from a child’s drawing! Full understanding of what is to be created is necessary, just like on earth. You must have a correct blueprint!

Some think it is more fun on earth because there one has to learn how to mold the material one is working with to a greater degree than with us. There is often more skill required. That is why Michelangelo’s Pieta is celebrated throughout the universe! To be able to chip away at a solid stone and make that stone look like soft flesh is a remarkable achievement. There is more persistence needed on earth to create something than is required here, although the process is the same: the organization of thought into a precise vision of what is wanted.”

“How does the atomic structure form? Consciousness, the animating principle of the universe, creates movement. All things that exist are in motion relative to everything else, and internally. The rock that sits in your garden is upon the surface of the earth which is moving on its axis and around the sun and the sun and the solar system is moving as well…inside the rock the atomic structure vibrates because the electrons rotate about the nucleus of the atoms, which are themselves vibrational. Thought creates motion and vibration in the subtle ocean of life force energy that permeates and composes everything in the universe. Therefore, anything that exists is a result of thought, and thought proceeds from consciousness. You may not be aware of this thought, but it exists. You see (or more accurately, interpret) the vibrational patterns of the rock, but cannot perceive the causative influence animating it. We assure you that everything in existence has its own ‘personality,’ or ‘feel,’ that results from its unique vibration.”

“We see the rock as a pattern of vibration with a certain feel, or taste. In other words, when we perceive the rock, we receive sensations from it that are unique. We can be ‘on the same wavelength’ as it is!

These sensations are outside the range of your human senses. Therefore, what we say may seem ridiculous. Nevertheless, you may understand a little of what we mean by simply feeling, touching, tasting the rock from the outside. If you do this with all of the rocks in your garden you will see that each is different. It is easier for us because we can look inside the rock.

Any object, anything perceivable, is vibration. Vibration is thought, and thought is the product of consciousness. Therefore, all things are conscious.”

“Reality is what you perceive. Reality changes when your thoughts and feelings about something change. When your vibration changes, you perceive differently.”

“It all depends upon how conscious you are! Just as you say you cannot identify those yucky feelings that come up for you sometimes, therefore you are not conscious at a deep enough level to identify what they are. And so too with your thoughts about the bottle. We assure you that if you were conscious enough to perceive the vibrational interaction inside the bottle, you could change its form.

We already have talked about the human who could ‘bend the spoon.’ This is only partway along this process.

We are talking about things that to us have little relevance, but we continue because we eventually see a positive outcome.”

“When you repair a machine, you must look inside. You take the cover off, get the schematic and at first you have no understanding, even though your eyes receive all of the information necessary to identify the parts. It is only when you really look at it for a while that you can understand how it works. In this manner you become more conscious of the machine and what it really is. The next time it breaks down, you look inside and immediately identify the problem. Soon you know the machine so well that when it begins to make a funny noise, you have immediate understanding of the difficulty. Soon you become an expert and are able to redesign the machine, improving it. This is not possible until you can become conscious of the machine for what it is! So too with material objects.”

Excepts taken from the Ebook of “Conversations with My Higher Self”:
=> http://www.mindreality.com/special/conversations-higher-self


Kenneth MacLean: “So how does a human cause disease within the body?”

Gang of Six: “By blocking off the flow of life force energy to the cells. By changing the thought structure around the cell, interfering with the cells asking, and source energy answering. This causes a disruption or distortion of the proper directed flow of life force to the cell.”

“By deliberately and consciously deciding where you place your attention, you get to consciously increase the flow of life force energy through you, and you begin to draw to you the things you desire to have.”

“The greater is your intention, the more attention you devote to it, and the more your energies line up to that which is desired! The purer you line up your energies to that which is desired, the faster it comes into your experience. The process of manifestation always begins, must begin, with an activated vibration aligned precisely to what is wanted.”

“Selfish just means, connected to source. And source, or life force energy, is the energy of creation, and it always feels good. Selfish means feeling good all the time, regardless of circumstances. This is also known as unconditional love.

When you feel good you can influence others to feel the same. And when all are feeling connected, you have a world where there is joy abounding! The only way to have a world of peace, prosperity and harmony is to selfishly feel as good as you can in every moment.”

“If you ask, but do not place yourself in receiving mode, you do not receive, then you consider that your asking was not answered. But it was, it always is! You just have to let it in! Your valve needs to be open.

Asking is an outflow, but a receiving is an inflow. You cannot ask and receive at the same time, because energy cannot flow inward while at the same time it is flowing outward! Therefore, in order to receive, one must place one’s orientation towards inflow. What most humans do is go into action, trying to ‘make it happen.’ Most of you are so busy asking that you have forgotten about the receive part!”

“Any time you wish to change your reality you may, merely by utilizing the incredibly powerful creative energy of the universe, the life force energy that keeps the planets in orbit and keeps the galaxies organized and keeps the cells dividing and the seeds growing and the entire universe organized! This energy is the energy of consciousness itself, which is why we tell you to connect with source, which is the same thing as saying, feel the joyful energy of who–you–are. Every human being is sitting in such a powerful place. Each is a gigantic creative engine, harnessing the power of the entire universe!! It is so grand!! To change the conditions of your life it is only necessary to change your thoughts and desires toward what you desire for a long enough time for it to manifest.”

Kenneth MacLean: “There is a concept called As-Isness, which states that if one perceives anything for exactly what it is, it will vanish. This concept is applied successfully in a therapy called Traumatic Incident Reduction, where a person will go over and over a painful event until he or she has discovered exactly how it happened, at which time all of the painful emotion will vanish. I have also successfully applied this concept to minor injuries. One time I smashed my ankle until it had swelled and was black and blue. I went back to the place where it happened, got myself into the exact position I was in when I injured myself, and went over and over the event mentally. I felt a great pain suddenly in the ankle and then it was gone. When I rolled down my sock to look at it, the swelling was gone and my skin was totally clear! I have done this a couple of times successfully since then. This procedure seems to clash with the Law of Attraction, which says that if I went back in there and mucked around in the vibration of injury, I should feel worse, not better. How do you explain this contradiction?”

Gang of Six: “Well, that is a very good theory, we must say, but it works simply because your focus is upon wellness, and so you allow yourself to release the resistance to the event you were holding onto when and since the injury took place. If you are going over the incident, and you are focusing upon getting better, then you will. As we have said before, there are no inherently bad vibrations: the only way illness can come is by blocking the flow of life force energy to the cells of the body. By concentrating very powerfully on health while going over what happened, you say to the cells of your body: ‘I will not interfere with your process of sucking in as much life force as you desire, and in fact, I will powerfully amplify the life force energy that you are seeking, to restore balance to the cellular structure.’ And so the cells are able to heal much faster than normal, because you are amplifying the flow of life force to them. This is how ‘miracle cures’ can occur: the powerful focus on wellness brings wellness, for that is the natural state for anything in the universe.

Now let us get to the idea of identifying time and place, and something disappearing. What disappears is the resistance to the event, which is causing the illness in the first place.

When your foot hit the wood bench violently, your cells immediately began the process of restoring balance. However, the line of thought in which all humans are inculcated since birth says ‘The time of healing will be proportional to the extent of the damage.’ This stream of thought is so powerful that humans take much longer to recover from injuries than they should! We assure you that if you were taught from birth that the body is naturally healthy, that it has powerful abilities to draw forth healing life force energy at will, and that recovery from even serious injury can be rapid and complete, your planet would be filled with vital, happy and healthy people.

The animating principle causes cells to replicate and maintain health, and the material which composes the cells is composed of thought. Therefore thought may alter cellular structure, and do so easily, naturally and powerfully. This is demonstrated by many upon your planet every day, and you got a taste of it that day with your ankle.

Identifying time and place is simply focusing the attention on well being!

We say, ANY method that places the client’s attention upon well–being is valuable, and that is why this method works so well for some.”

Excepts taken from the Ebook of “Conversations with My Higher Self”:
=> http://www.mindreality.com/special/conversations-higher-self



“Natural law makes no false judgments. Its decisions are true and just, even when dreadful. The victor gets the gold and the land every time. He, also, gets the fairest maidens, the glory tributes. And—why should it be otherwise? Why should the delights of life go to failures and cowards? Why should the spoils of battle belong to the unwarlike? That would be insanity, utterly unnatural and immoral.

The natural world is a world of war; the natural man is a warrior; the natural law is tooth and claw. All else is error. A condition of combat everywhere exists. We are born into perpetual conflict. It is our inheritance, even as it was the heritage of previous generations. This ‘condition of combat’ may be disguised with the holy phrases of St. Francis, or the soft deceitful doctrines of a Kropotkin or Tolstoi, but it cannot be eventually evaded by any human being or any tribe of human beings. It is there and it stays there, and each man (whether he will or not) has to reckon with it. It rules all things; it governs all things; it reigns over all things and it decides all who imagine policemanized populations, internationally regulated tranquillity, and State organized industrialism so joyful, blessed and divine.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Masterful men laugh with contempt at spiritual thunders, and have no occasion to dread the decisions of any human tribunal. They are above and beyond all that. Laws and regulations are only for conquered vassals. The free man does not require them. He may manufacture and post up Decalogue regulations, to bind and control dependents with, but he does not himself bow down before those inventions of his own hands,—except as a lure.

Statute books and golden rules, were made to fetter slaves and fools. Very useful are they, for controlling the herds of sentenced convicts, who fill the factories, and cultivated the fields. All moral principles, therefore, are the servitors, not the masters of the strong. Power made moral codes, and Power abrogates them.

A man is under no obligation to obey anything or anybody. It is only serving-men that must obey, because they are caitiffs by birth, breeding, and condition. Morals are only required in an immoral community, that is to say a community held in a state of conquest.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Freemen should never regulate their conduct by the suggestions or dicta of others, for when they do so, they are no longer free. No man ought to obey any contract, written or implied, except he himself has given his personal and formal adherence thereto, when in a state of mental maturity and unrestrained liberty. It is only slaves that are born into contracts, signed and sealed by their progenitors, The freeman is born free, lives free, and dies free. He is (even though living in an artificial civilization) above all laws, all constitutions, all theories of right and wrong. He supports and defends them of course, as long as they suit his own end, but if they don’t, then he annihilates them by the easiest and most direct method.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Mastership is right—Mastership is natural— Mastership is eternal. But only for those who cannot overthrow it, and trample it beneath their hoofs. Is it not a fact that in actual life, the ballot-box votes of ten million subjective personalities are as thistle down in the balance, when weighed against the far seeing thought, and material prowess of, say, ten strong silent men?”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Strong men are not deterred from pursuing their aim by anything. They go straight to the goal, and that goal is Beauty, Wealth, and Material Power. The mission of Power is to control and exploit the powerless, for to be powerless is to be criminal. The world would indeed be a house of horrors, if all men were ‘good’ and all women —padlocked.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Every one who would be free must show his power. Unalterable remains the basis of all earthly greatness. He who exalteth himself shall be exalted, and he who humbleth himself shall be righteously trodden beneath the hoofs of the herd. ‘The humble’ are only fit for dog’s meat. Bravery includes every virtue, humility, every crime. He who is afraid to risk his life must never be permitted to win anything.

Human rights and wrongs are not determined by Justice, but by Might. Disguise it as you may, the naked sword is still king¬ maker and king-breaker, as of yore. All other theories are lies and— lures.

Therefore! If you would conquer wealth and honor, power and fame, you must be practical, grim, cool, and merciless. You must ride to success (by preference) over the necks of your foemen. Their defeat is your strength. Their downfall is your uplifting. Only the powerful can be free, and Power is non-moral. Life is real, life is earnest, and neither heaven nor hell its final goal. And love, and joy, and birth, and death, and fate, and strife, shall be forever.

This earth is a vast whirl of warring atoms—a veritable revolving cock-pit. Each molecule, each animal, fights for its life. you must fight for yours, or surrender. Look well to it, therefore, that your beaks and spurs, your fangs and claws are as sharp as steel, and as effective as science can make them.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Courage, I say! Courage, not goodness, is the great desideratum—courage, that requires neither tin horns, nor calcium lights, nor brass bands, nor shouting multitudes to call it into effective action.

But courage that goes its way alone, as undauntedly as when it marches to ‘victory or death’ amid the menacing stride of armed and bannered legions.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard


“Laws” and “Rules” imposed on you From days of old renown.
Are not intended for your “good”
But for your crushing down.
Then dare to rend the chains that bind And to yourself be true.
Dare to liberate your mind,
From all things, old and new.
Always think your own thought.
All other thoughts reject;
Learn to use your own brain And boldly stand erect.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“There are two methods whereby masterful, ambitious men may hold any population in a state of ordered subjectivity. The first and by far the most honorable method is through an irresistible and highly-trained standing army, ready to deploy anywhere; with mechanical precision at a telegraphic nod in order to lay down the Law at the cannon’s mouth and sweep away all dangerous opposition.

The second and cheaper method is, first of all, to inoculate those intended to be exploited with some poisonous political soporific, superstition, or theora; something that operating insidiously, hypodermically, may render them laborious, meek, and tractable.

The latter plan has ever proved itself most effective because Aryan populations that would fight to the last gasp against undisguised military despotism may be induced to passively submit to any indignity or extortion, if their brains are first carefully soaked in some Abstract Lie.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Many years after the ‘Declaration’ was issued, our written Constitution was constructed with much voluble sophistry and mimic strife. That document considered as a whole, is the most cunningly worded and at the same time most terrible instrument of Government and Mastership that any Anglo-Teutonic tribe has ever yoked itself up under. Pretending to ‘grant’ liberty and self- government, it practically annihilates both. Under the show of ‘guaranteeing’ personal independence and civil rights, it has organized an elective tyranny, wherein the mob-monarch possess more arbitrary authority than any dynastic despot since the days of Darius or Balschazzar.

The highest crime is actually written in the ‘highest law of the land,’”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Our Federal government may be very appropriately compared to a pirate ship cleverly disguised as a friendly armed cruiser convoying a fleet of peaceful merchantmen loaded with an immense treasure and 70,000,000 passengers. When it first came to their ‘assistance’ it was-O! so kindly! so affectionate! so full of loving regard for its intended prey, for the welfare and bon-voyage of its quarry. Now, however that its forty-five ships of state aie out in the open ocean and absolutely at its mercy, it strips off its decoy rig, hoists the ‘Death’s-head-and-bloody-bones,’ opens its hidden portholes, runs out its round-lipped broadsides and yells through its editorial speaking-trumpets, “Heave to there, or you’ll be blown out of the water.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Under the hypnotic spell of a ‘free and equal’ dream, Americans have been hustled into a convict-prison of laboriousness to piratical masters a thousand times more terrible and more unyielding than any history can describe. All that is now left of Liberty is its name, and the harmless privilege the common people have of scolding their Proprietors in vulgar editorial diatribes at or about election times. Occasionally they do descend into the streets, indulging in sanguinary vociferations upon the same general principle that impels a mangy cur to howl most dismally, if struck with a brick.

The conflict between the masters and the helots is over for the present and the masters having conquered are in possession of the booty and the field. Hark! the songs of victory —the flap of the battle-pennons!

Indeed, considering all the circumstances, the common people are ‘lost souls’—no matter what they now do, they must remain in hell. Their position is that of a worm trying to escape from its hole in a heated burning log; if it runs to the right it runs into heat and smoke, if it runs to the left it runs into blazes. A few minutes more and it is roasted alive.

Even should America’s servile multitudes appeal to the arbitrement of Physical Force, they cannot possibly win. Possessing neither the strength, courage, brains, arms, money nor leaders, they must be blown into eternal fragments by their master’s highly trained artillerists, and scientific destroyers.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“How can citizens be honestly described as free and equal who are not, who never were ‘free and equal’ in any reasonable sense of the phrase? How can they be even considered men, whose whole lives are governed by cast-iron regulations; whose every movement is circumscribed and restrained by penal threats, even whose secret thoughts are in a constant state of silent repression?

It is no apology whatever to affirm that the people themselves enact all laws they are commanded to obey. Even that statement is a falsity and if it were true; it would not justify majority Dictatorship of any other kind of Dictatorship.

The Constitution, under which all other laws are born, was accepted, not by us, but by bewigged individuals who are long since rotten. We are ruled, in fact by cadavers —the inhabitants of tombs.

Why should agreements made by coffined dead men, bind and mortgage living, pulsing, breathing beings?

Their bones have long ago mouldered into ozone and fertilizers, who drew up and signed the Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, the Sermon on the Mount, the Declaration of Independence, our Glorious Constitution, etc., etc. Rotten are the brains that concocted them and the fingers that signed them and sealed them. Equally rotten are their irrational and infantile philosophies. Rotten also in their heart, are the men who obey under compulsion voices from the tomb.

No doubt those old documents served their purpose at the time, but ‘new occasions teach new duties,’ and new ages require, not only new leaders, but new deeds.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“By what rational method can any two litigants be placed in a position of unconditional ‘Equality before the Law?’ First of all, plaintiff and defendant always possess totally different physical and mental characteristics, different personal magnetisms, and—different sized bank balances. Also, all judges, juries, and legal officials are unequals in temperament, ability, courage, and honesty. Each one has his own peculiar idiosyncrasies, prejudices, inferiorities, superstitions, and—price. Each again, may be more or less dishonest and more or less subject to financial pressure or caste bias. No two men are born alike, each one being literally born under his own particular star, formed of different material, swayed by different ideals, educated and moulded in a different mill, by a different process.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Statute Law may formally confer equal rights and privileges upon unequal citizens, but it cannot enforce itself—it must execute its mandate through human media and that media is full up to the brim with superiorities, inferiorities, and inequalities.

No legalism has even been devised that Strength can not drive its coach and four through. And it is a popular proverb (in all lands) that somehow, there is “one law for the rich and another for the poor.” Indeed the poor can never be placed upon an equality with the rich —not even by the pillage of the rich.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“All legal tribunals are based, not upon ideal concepts of Justice and Fair Play, but upon effective armed Strength. This is a truism. Robbery under arms, laid the corner stone of every Court House in Christendom and elsewhere. How then can the robbers and the robbed—the eagle and the pigeon—the chicken and the hawk be placed in positions of genuine equilibrium before removable officials, specially paid and appointed to ‘vindicate the Law’ —that is to give forcible effect to the Dicta of the Strongest?

All judges are authorized avengers, armed to the teeth, and all hangmen are licensed assassins, trained to kill. These words are not spoken in disparagement. Assassins and avengers! Ha! If that be so…

Truly they that ‘seek the Lord’ do suffer hunger, but lions seek for prey.

When an army of occupation settles down upon an enemy’s territory, it issues certain rules of ‘procedure’ for the orderly transference of the property and persons of the conquered into the absolute possession and unlimited control of the conquerors. These ‘rules of procedure’ may at first take shape as orders issued by military generals, but after a time they develop themselves into Stature Books, Precedents and Constitutions. Indeed all Law is now and ever has been, the mandate of successful belligerents or rather the mandate of the few masterful personalities that ever inspire them.

Equality before the Law, is thus a contradiction in terms for Law itself is an incarnation of Inequality. It is true only in the subjective sense, that all who obey the Law are equally the servants of those who make it or caused it to be made.

Drum-head court martials are really Law Courts in embryo. Congresses and Parliaments are merely committees of rapacious tax-gatherers. Legislators may describe themselves as ‘representatives of the people,’ but that is only a cunning masquerade. Their chief vocation is to strengthen ‘the Law,’ uphold ‘the Constitution,’ vote the annual ‘Appropriations’ and devise ways and means of exploiting the nation or of permitting it to be systematically looted by their accomplices, or—their Masters.

The principles that govern a ‘hold-up’ are the self-same principles that govern government. No government on earth rests on the consent of the governed.

It is reasonable therefore for a confederation of masterful bandits to place themselves in positions of absolute equality, before their intended victims. The idea is absurd on the face of it. Brigandage necessitates inequality: and every government on earth, is organized and enthroned Brigandage.*

* “Have we not shown that government is essentially immoral?” —Herbert Spencer”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

How did the government of man by man originate?
By force of arms. Victors became rulers.
But among us government by force is abolished?
That is a popular delusion. It is stronger than ever.
How is it that we do not see it clearly?
No need of compulsion with inferiors ever eager to obey.
How can the Mastership of man be destroyed?
It can never be destroyed. It is essential.
But for one man to reign over another is wrong?
What is ‘wrong?’ The Strong do as they please.
Who are the ‘Strong?’
They who conquer, they who take the spoil and camp on the battlefield. All life is a battlefield.
How did subjectiveness originate?
The first slave was a defeated fighter, afterwards tamed by hunger and blows. His descendants being born and trained to submissiveness are more tractable. All the Servile Classes are posterity of beaten battlers.
Then vassalage still flourishes as of yore?
Certainly. In the pitiless strife for existence, all weaklings and feeble-minded persons are justly subordinated.
But we are taught ‘all men are created equal’?
You are taught many a diplomatic Lie.
How can a slave recover his liberty?
By re-conquering his conqueror. If he feels that he is not man enough then he must submit, cut his own throat, or die fighting unsubdued.
But freedom may be granted to him?
‘Freedom cannot be granted, it must be taken.’
Then Strife is perpetual, inevitable, nay, glorious?
Yes! It is intended as an ordeal, a trial by combat. It unmistakably divides the guilty from the non-guilty.
But that is a harsh philosophy?
Nature is harsh, cruel, merciless to all unlovely things. Her smile is only for the Courageous, the Strong, the Beautiful and the All- Daring.
You have no comfort for the ‘poor and lowly,’ the ‘innocent ones,’ the ‘downtrodden.’
The poor and lowly are a creeping pestilence —there are no innocent ones, and the downtrodden are the justly damned —sinners in a hell they’ve made.
You praise the Strong, you glorify the Mighty ones?
I do. They are Nature’s noblemen. In them she delights: the All-Vanquishers! the Dauntless Ones!

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard


“When not thwarted by artificial contrivances, whatever argument Nature promulgates is—Right. The further man gets away from Nature, the further he departs from right. To be right is to be natural, and to be natural is to be right. The sun shines, therefore it is right that it should shine—the rain falls, therefore it is right that it should fall—the tides ebb and flow, therefore it is right that they should ebb and flow.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Neither morals, laws, nor creeds are First Principles, but they may (probably) have their uses; just as guillotines, and gardeners’ hoes have their uses. They may be convenient engines for the deletion of Lower Organisms, for extirpating individuals of infantile intellect. Indeed the secret object of all superstitions possibly is, to provide an ultra-rational sanction for fraudulent standards of Right and Wrong.

To base a Lie upon a Myth is certainly much safer than to base it on a Reality, lor you cannot run a tape-measure over a Myth.

Christliness, as social quietism, has never yet been accepted by men of super-eminent strength, courage, and wisdom. Such men have everywhere regarded the Christ Ideal as a model for slavish souls only —to be humored for strategic purposes but never practiced by masters, conquerors, kings. “Don’t do as I do, but do as I say” has ever been the dicta of High Priests and Rulers —to docile multitudes.

The evolution of sovereignty satisfactorily exhibits this ethical dictatorship, as an historical commonplace. Moral codes, (always and everywhere imposed upon the common people by ‘immoral’ combinations of cumulative craft) are never obeyed by Ruling Castes.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Everywhere symbols of Kingship, tribal totems, and insignia of state, speak of Violence, Defiance and War.

The fasces carried before a Roman Prsetor, consisted of an axe for chopping necks, and a bundle of rods for whipping backs. The Mace of the English parliamentary organization, of which the American system is an imitative offshoot (‘that bauble of Cromwell’) also all Royal Sceptres are but carved and gilded clubs. Originally both Mace and Sceptre were in daily use for breaking recalcitrant skulls. They are still emblematic of Legislative Authority—and offensive Violence —as much so indeed, as the knotted bludgeon, the barbed lance, or the greenstone skullsplitter of an orthodox cannibal chief.

National crests are selected, not as a rule from doves, lambs, goats, magpies, and hares; but from lions, tigers, she-wolves, serpents, dragons, bears, eagles, and the Fighting Man.

In the centres of ‘our highest civilization,’ force is recognized as the underlying principle of Authority. Between nation and nation it is in constant requisition, as the basis of all diplomacy, and between contending factions (within the nation) it is often effectively applied. The policeman’s loaded truncheon, the huzzar’s slicing sabre, and the artillery company’s field piece, are still the ultimo ratio of Order, Liberty, Peace. The maxim-gun is a development, and a decided improvement upon the old time bludgeon; especially when dealing with rabid revolutionary masses. One of those beautiful engines and a half dozen trained men, if supplied with plenty of ammunition, could wipe out in half a day, the largest mob of would-be insurgents that London, Paris, or Chicago ever saw. “We have found in most cases that one regiment of regular infantry, is quite capable of managing the biggest and wildest mob” writes millionaire editor Kohlsaat. Chicago Times- Herald. (13-11 -’96.)

When citizens disobey legal ‘regulations’ they are generally interviewed at first, by a blue-coated ‘guardian of the Peace,’ with an official warrant and varnished club; who tamely leads them away to a State dungeon, or indicts them before a State Inquisitor. Behind the armed police and the suave Judge, stand in threatening array, the whole military and naval forces of Government and Law.

Law Courts and Thrones are (de facto) built upon bayonets. Likewise all Statutes, Constitutions, and Moral Codes are written by the Sword. Material Strength is now, and ever has been, and ever must be, the true basis upon which all political institutions rest. No other foundation is feasible.

What the sword has established the sword must defend. Symbolic thereof, every emperor and president, every sultan, king, shah, or savage chief, is proclaimed before drilled legions and raucous multitudes; amid the fan-fare of battle trumpets—the unsheathing of battle-sword —and the thundering roar of battle- cannon.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“By force all things that exist are evolved maintained and perpetuated. Force aggregates and separates the atoms that go to make up this cosmic universe of mind and matter. It integrates them into forms, organic and inorganic. It disintegrates them again and again. It builds up and pulls down, without the slightest respect to man’s wishes or desires. It theorizes, creates, constructs, annihilates, attacks, and repels. It is literally in all, through all, and over all.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Everywhere and always the debilitated have perished, everywhere and always the mightiest have won. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, Power, Slavery, Pain, Joyance, side by side.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“When the kindly Roman Emperor imagined that peace had settled down permanently upon the ancient world; even then, the (dissemulating) assassin’s dagger was sharpening for his throat; and now, while Lower Organisms dream of a ‘world of lovers’ — that arbitration instead of hostility —of conciliation between rival carnivores; the mechanism of deletion is silently under construction; that (when completed) will sweep them off the face of the earth.

The Strongest organisms are always the determinants. They hold in their hands (absolutely) the destinies of weaker organisms. Further, in all the interwoven differentiations of matter and mind; equality, mercy, pity, are wholly at a discount—except alone in family relationship. (A man’s family is his property —it is part of himself. Therefore his natural business is to defend it, as he would his own life. Women and children belong to man; who must hunt for them as well as for himself. He is their lord and master in theory and in fact.)

Under natural conditions, there is no haven for the wretched, no hope for the weaklings, no resting place for the weary, no quarter tor the beaten. Nature loathes Infirm Ones. Every organism, every human being, must conquer or serve. This is an Ultimatum.

Life is a race for Power into the very jaws of death and ‘hell take the hindmost.’”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“With normal man, it is a pleasure to struggle, a pastime to fight, and nothing is sweeter to him than to confiscate his confiscator and surpass his surpasser—to, as it were, smite his enemy hip and thigh and spoil him of that which he spoiled from others. The normal man prefers to eat others than to be eaten.

With the abnormal man, it is otherwise. He is of the mob— he sheepishly obeys public opinion—he is one of a flock. That word flock! —Does it not postulate the existence of shepherds to ‘round-up’ and drove—of specialists to castrate —of shearers to shear—of cattle dealers to purchase—of butchers to kill—of tanneries —wire fences—corrals —abattoirs; and finally of ‘roast lamb and mint sauce,’ with fat Carnivores sitting round, lapping blood and purring gently?”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Herbert Spencer (referring to the origin of manners, customs, and political institutions) says: —“The will of the victorious chief, of the strongest, was the rule of all conduct. When he passed judgement on private quarrels, his decisions were the origin of law. The mingled respect and terror inspired by his person and his peerless qualities, then deemed super-natural by the rude minds that had scarcely an idea of the powers and limits of human nature, were the origins of religions, and his opinions were the first dogmas. The signs of obedience by which the vanquished, whom he spared, repaid his mercy, were the first examples of those marks of respect that are now called good manners and forms of courtesy.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Eternal Battle is the main condition upon which man holds his life tenure. When the brand is shattered in his hand, that is death or—slavery. When his enemies are beneath his heel, that is life, honor, success. Indeed the struggle between men is more pitiless, and more unmerciful, than among brutes.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard


“Get you Property by whatever method comes easiest to you. Reverting to terms economic ‘but power in the cheapest market and sell it in the dearest.’ Gratify your life-hopes as the lions and eagles do, i.e. along the lines of least resistance—even as do growing plants in a dark cellar. Do they not endeavor to reach sunshine by the most direct route.

Scorn all insolent dictation as to right and wrong. Decide right and wrong for yourself. Get property, honestly if you can; but remember ‘business is business.’”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“In all practical operations, non-principled persons possess a distinctive advantage over ‘principled’ ones. Honesty never succeeds for when it succeeds, it is not honesty. There is not fair play in Love or War; and all life is made up of Love and War. Genuinely honest men, die as a rule like dogs —in a ditch; and in their business affairs they are ‘nowhere.’ In their dotage or ‘in God’s good time’ —they (nearly always) go over the hill to State Infirmaries, unknown, friendless.

What chance has a conscientious man, when pitted in statesmanship, literature, or commerce, against the Organized Knavery of sanctimonious and powerful cut-throats? To them he is a pigeon to be plucked —a buck to be hunted —a criminal to be chained—a madman to be made sport of—a lamb to be skinned — a heretic to be—burnt alive.

Certainly it is not good strategy for a man to openly proclaim his loss of faith in conventional moralisms; if he desires to get-on in the world. A wiseling keeps his real sentiments on this point to himself—guards them as his own life. The best mask for moral heresy is one of pretended sanctity. It is very effective. Nearly all the Higher Thieves are ostentatiously pious. Thus when you hear pulpiteers and journalists vociferously proclaiming their profound acquiescence in ‘moral principles,’ it is safe to conclude that they are engineering some subterranean swindle.

‘Belief’ is a war-strategem—an instrument of deceit, a convenient falsification formula —a beautiful hood-wink. Hence it is, that very religious and very holy persons, are almost always thorough-going scoundrels at heart—utterly unreliable—utterly untrustworthy. Generally their whole lives are one long drawn out mendacity, and genuiness-of-Thought or Action is in their mind, attenuated to a mere sham.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“The men who conspicuously ‘succeed in life’ —the generals and nobles, merchant-princes, powerful prelates, opulent bankers, wealthy manufacturers, never overload themselves with artificial moral principles. In their secret hearts they utterly despise all evangelisms and as for written law, they are above and beyond its reach. Kings, conquerors, millionaires, are perpetually being denounced for not abiding by Laws and Regulations enacted by Majority Votes.

The man who plays ‘the game of life’ in strict accord with certain cut and dried principles —principles that everybody knows by heart, is not likely to come out a winner. He who in his younger days, incommodes himself with copy-book moralisms and terror of the Law; is like unto a soldier, who (before entering the battlefield) ties his right hand behind his back and pledges himself to strike and shoot his adversaries on one pre-arranged spot of their bodies only. Could such a madman-soldier hope to conquer? What chance would he have if pitted against brave, dauntless, well equipped antagonists; who had not foolishly bound themselves by such a stupid obligation?

‘The right of Nature, which writers commonly call jus naturale, is the liberty each man hath, to use his own power for the preservation of his own nature; that is to say his own life, and consequently of doing anything, which in his own judgment and reason he shall conceive to be the aptest means thereto” writes Hobbes in his “Leviathan.” The man who permits himself to be directed and mastered by the insolent moral principles of the Multitude, is like an eagle with clipped wings and broken talons.

In war, your chief end is to smash and paralyze your enemy s combinations. To do this effectually you must meet wile with wile, steel with steel, and blow with blow. You must be equally prepared to fight in the open or fight under cover; to fight on sea, to fight on land, or to fight in the air. You shall wage your own wai you shall think your own thought. It is pusillanimity that evolves the Slave, and breeds the Idolator.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Whatever weapon your Enemy possesses, must be duplicated, or improved upon by you. If it suits him to challenge battle in open front, be sure and ambush him in the flank; or straightway make a hidden detour and charge him in the rear. It is your chief business to delude him, deceive him, decoy him, out¬ general him, if you can. If moral scruples and fear of ‘what the world will say,’ prevent you from doing this, then you were born to subordination; and you had better surrender; for you can never hope to vanquish. You must be born again.

‘Over an open grave’ ever lies the road to success. In ‘the worlds broad field of battle,’ every man is a combatant; and to be a successful combatant, he must not only be calculating, cool- headed, and brave; but possessed of merciless strategy, a stout heart, a strong arm, and quiet indomitable determination.

Even the Siamese twins waged a life-long civil war. Man, as we have proved, is the King of the Great Carnivores. Homo, Hominj Lupus. By heredity and by training, all carnivores are instinctively strategic in their hunt-operations. They lie in wait for their prey, when they cannot capture it by other methods; but they do not hesitate to hunt in the open, if it pleases them to do so. Great animals (whether man or brute) never operate in strict accordance with prearranged rules of procedure. If they did do so, they could never prosper—and would die of hunger. Their greatness lies in springing surprises—in doing exactly what their antagonists (or intended quarry) don’t expect them to do—in being beyond and above all moral measurements whatsoever.

Genius in a first-class commander is always exemplified, not by his ‘goodness,’ but by the originality and aggressive boldness of his pitiless tactics. When he is thought to be in full retreat, he whirls around and annihilates his pursuers. When his adversaries are preparing to give him a hot reception, ‘he foldeth his tents like the Arabs,’ and silently wendeth away.

When it is whispered he will embattle his defensive legions on the frontiers of the Fatherland; he bridges the Rhine and bounds upon Paris with tooth and claw. When to invaders, he is expected to abandon Moscow and retire; he burns it to the ground; and while his foemen (imbedded in snow and ice) are freezing to death; he shells them with his field batteries. When wiselings predict that he will seize Gaul and establish a Colonial Dictatorship; he fords the Rubicon, marches on Rome and throttles the Law. When his nation’s foemen are embattled on Italian plains, he crosses the Punic foam and carries the war into Africa. When he is reported to be assaulting Babylonian Ramparts he digs a new channel for ‘the River’ and writeth “mene mene tekel upharisin” on Balshazaar’s walls. When defenders believe he will march up the Slope with drums and banners gay he quietly scales the Heights of Abraham (in the night) and captures Quebec. When western diplomats think he is about to pounce on Constantinople; he runs Baldwin engines through the Great Wall and stuffs the title deeds of the moribund Chinese empire into his overcoat pocket.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“If all men were scrupulously honest, then honesty might be all right (although even that is questionable), but if one per cent are deliberately dishonest, then it is assuredly all wrong. Under such resultant circumstances the ‘ninety nine’ actually become victims of ‘the one.’ Honest merchants are ruined by dishonest merchants, honest commanders out-maneuvered by dishonest commanders, honest workmen displaced by dishonest workmen, honest judges undermined by dishonest judges, and honest nations reduced to beggary and vassalage by dishonest nations.

Honesty is merely a policy—under given circumstances ‘the best policy’—nothing more. In all departments of human effort, honesty is used as a cloak for real designs; just as a wood, a ravine, or a stretch of rising ground serves (in campaigning) to hide squadrons deploying for flank movements.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Indeed the majority of men never win success until they are middle aged; until they have had time to slough off the false Idealisms, they began the world with. Un-naturalism has never yet bred a race of heroes and never will. All great Races are predatory.

The ‘hungry-to-eat-a-man,’ tiger knows that if he first growls out his intentions, and then openly bounds up to his intended victim, he will (most probably) get an explosive bullet neatly lodged in his cerebrum. Consequently he ambushes himself hind the shadow of a rock or behind a log, and leaps upon his ‘dinner’ with varying results. It is the same—exactly the same, among carnivorous bipeds. A few of them are tigers, hungry-to-eat- a-man, and the rest are—tiger’s-meat, hungry to be eaten.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Right and Wrong, like Up and Down, East and West, are relative terms, without any fixed or finite meaning. What is good for the goose is not always good for the gander. Newfoundland lies East from Chicago, but West from Berlin. All depends upon the point of view. Consequently what may be ‘right’ in one age may, in another age, be wholly ‘wrong.’

In ancient Rome it was considered the height of impiety, heresy, and treason, for free born citizens to adore a circumcised Asiatic; but in modern Europe and America, it is considered pious and fashionable and highly commendable to do so.

Even what is right to one man, under one set of circumstances, may be utterly wrong to the same man under a different set of circumstances. Cromwell as colonel of the Ironsides, thought regal absolutism the essence of all diabolism; but as President of the Republic, he defended it (in himself) as—‘a crowning mercy.’
When Government soldiers shoot down American ‘rebels’ that is called ‘a glorious victory’ but when Government soldiers shot Colonial rebels during the Red Flag Riots (inaugural of the War of Independence) that is conventionally labelled ‘wicked massacre.’

When a band of rich men plunder the poor, that is business shrewdness, practical statesmanship, or financial integrity; but if bands of poor men plunder the rich, that is larceny, burglary, highway robbery, and rebellion. When the Anglo-Saxon invader is cooped-up and slaughtered in India, that is mutiny and red-handed murder; but when he mows down the sepoys in battalions, or fastens them to the muzzles of cannon and blows them into ribbons, that is upholding the majesty of Law and of Order. When Cuban guerrillas kill Spaniards, all American papers describe it as ‘war’ but when the Spaniards retaliate and kill the Cubans, that is ‘horrible butcheries by General Weyler.’ Spanish cut-throats are glorified (in Spain) as dashing heroes, and the Cuban patriots described as brigands, outlaws, and brutal Negro Murderers. All depends on the point of view.

Victory sanctifies. In the realm of abstract Ethics there is no other Fact upon which the plain man can finally make up his mind. As far as Sociology is concerned, ethical principles are decided by the shock of contending armies. Right has always been emblazoned on the standards of Victory, and Wrong on the draggled rags of Lost Causes.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“The operation of the ‘Law’ itself, is also an apt illustration of the paradoxical nature of Right and Wrong. Citizens who break the written law are hauled before judges, inquisitorially cross- examined, and chained for long years in State dungeons; but the statesmen and legislators may sell their country for gold, and break every statute law and constitution in the land; without the least fear of legal intimidation. Indeed the approbation of the State, is all- sufficient nowadays to sanctify any crime—even the most abominable. In this particular (of granting absolution) the State is gradually supplanting and absorbing the Church.

(The protesters of the past demolished the infallible imperialism of clericals over religio-individual thought; and the Protestantism of the future must demolish the insolent dictatorship of Politicals over private judgement, and the development of Personality.)”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“The fact is, that all the greatest statesmen and kings have been (most commendably) the Higher Criminals. Wars are marauding expeditions and all kingship and property originates in Warfare.

Slay one man (in order to rob him) and you are a murderer. Slay a million men (in order to rob them) and you are a renowned general. Annex from one person and you are a felonious ruffian, but annex from the whole population, or from rival nations, and you are made Chancellor of the Exchequer; Chairman of Ways and Means; or decorated with the grand cross of the Legion of Honor. Maraud direct for your own profit, and you are a heinous rascal, counterfeiter, forger, bandit; but maraud indirect, ‘on public service only’ and you are proclaimed “our opulent fellow-citizen and distinguished patriot.”

Take from the peasantry even an infinitesimal proportion of their petty property, and they will lynch you as a lazy thievish tramp; but take two-thirds of their harvests by law and rule (rent, interest or tax assessments) and they will turn out in the middle of the night, to cheer you in your steam-horsed palace car, as it whirls through their ‘God forsaken’ villages.

To ‘steal the goose from off the common’ is awful rascality, but ‘to steal the common from the goose’ is splendid statesmanship. Men who write down Holy Fables in books are called Apostles of God, or canonized as saints; but men who tell regulation lies in the ordinary course of business are popularly supposed to be wicked and ungodly scamps. The delightful story-teller who prints a pleasing yarn, coined out of his alcoholic imagination, is known as a gifted author; but the plain blunt writer who interprets Facts and proclaims them openly, is an incarnation of iniquity, madness, blasphemy—a veritable Apollyon, Satan.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“It is questionable if there is one codified crime that would be considered a crime in every land on earth. Just as there are a thousand different icons and ideals of god, so there are a thousand mutually repellent views of Right and Wrong. Every climate, every nation, every community, has its own notion of what Virtue means. Moral Dogmas are manufactured to suit the occasion, and are always used as instruments of intimidation. They are not necessarily in harmony with, or based upon Nature; except in the sense that Fraud is natural. Biologically and historically considered —“there is nothing either Right or Wrong, but thinking makes it so.”

Every age and nation must interpret Right and Wrong for itself. So must every man. It is each man’s manifest duty to invent his own Ethical Credo. If he neglects this duty, and supinely (without thinking) adopts the Credo of the herd into which he is bom; then his individuality is merged and lost. Other men with more personal will-power, may then set up fallacious, maladroit Dogmas—counterfeit twenty-four inch gauges —and compel him to ‘conform’ against his wish. They become rulers and proprietors, while he descends to the position of a dependent or vassal. Here is the permanent menace to freedom that lies imbedded in all ethical, political, and religious Codes.

He who ‘keeps the commandments’ of another, is necessarily the servant of that other. He who curbs his own thought, to please a majority; has already lost his mental liberty. He who implicitly relies upon ‘public opinion’ becomes a mere marionette—a bloodless dummy. Professing independence, he is practically a prisoner in his own domain.

The pride of life is in deciding and doing—in taking the initiative—not in obeying the dictation of others. He who ‘keeps the commandments’ is, and must always remain a subordinate—in a beggardom of rules and regulations. He who disobeys ‘the commandments’ becomes himself a Commandment-Maker; that is to say, a ruler over the minds and bodies and property of inferior organisms. Obedience is characteristic of the menial. Disobedience is the stamp of the hero. “Man is the measure of all things.”— (Protagoras)

He who takes no initiative, and determines no issues, however intelligent and trustworthy, plays a subordinate part.”* AH great deeds are the result, not of Majority Votes, but of Individual Activity.
Every man who is free (and freedom means something more than the mere privilege of dropping regulation pieces of print into a Majority Box) should judge ‘all things’ by his own personality. He should regard himself as the measuring rod—the determinant—the unit of value, and carefully abstain from blindly adopting other men’s measurements, without personal verification and reasonable tests.

The easiest way for a band of public robbers to plunder a nation, is for them to issue counterfeit currency, and exchange it for intrinsic values’, and the easiest way to enslave a Race is to wheedle it into, or impose upon it counterfeit Ethics, that is to say, fraudulent standards of morality.

When the weighing scales (or measures) are falsified, all subsequent exchange becomes marauding. Then foreclosing bankers become cattle-lifters, and machine politicians develop into pirates. Thus it happeneth that the words ‘politician’ and ‘thief’ are now interchangeable terms; more especially in America, France, and Australia. “Government is the Great Blackmailer.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Better far, for a free animal to be killed outright, than to be mastered, subordinated, and enchained.

Mentally, morally, physically, a full-grown man should swear allegiance to no extraneous moralism, custom, or arbitrary rule-of-conduct. He ought to take a special pride in developing his own individuality; independent of all other men whatsoever. In the maxim “union is strength” there lies an abiding fallacy. Very often, in practical affairs, he is greatest who stands most apart. “Every man for himself’ is the law of life. Every man for an Institution, a God, or a Dogma, is the law of death. “Mind your own business” is a line of thought very much neglected in this infirm age; when every sodden degenerate fancies that it is his ‘business’ to be every other degenerate’s keeper, guardian, and nurse. Cain’s wrathful retort “am I my brother’s keeper?” contains a far reaching practical philosophy, that is deserving of calm consideration, in the light of contemporary socialistic maladjustments and biologic evolutionism. Only the terrorized repent. But non-moralists found families, build cities, rule the earth and laugh at the Gods.

Each individual should think as he pleases —as ‘the spirit moves him’—without the least respect for what others think or do—the only limit to his actions being (of course) the materialized opposition he actually meets with; for the Strong are the natural limit of the Strong. No one is bound to obey another (or a majority) except ‘the other’ can coerce obedience; and to do that at all times, under all circumstances, would be terribly troublesome, expensive, and —dangerous.

When actualized antagonism is met with, it is every dauntless man’s business to surmount it—if he can. Should he find that beyond his strength (or the massed power of his friends and supporters), then death or submission are the only reasonable alternatives. If he has not the nerve to fall (as the maligned Catiline fell at Pistoria*), then he and his posterity to the third and fourth generation must sink to subjectivity.

If he is coerced by superior Strength (or strategy) into temporary retreat; he then owes no allegiance whatever to his triumphant adversaries; and he should be ever ready (when time and tide seem propitiatory) to overwhelm and destroy their dictation. “Get there!” I say, get there! —Get there at any cost!

Be thou a True Knight. Save thyself by thine own deeds. If a man wound you on one cheek, lay him low—smite him hip and thigh. Self preservation is the first law of thy being. Hate for hate, and ruth for ruth —scorn for scorn, and tooth for tooth. Get there, I say!—Get there! Get there at any cost!

Let him no longer boast of his bravery who merely weeps with his Dear-Ones, when his Dear-Ones weep for bread. The gallant and the brave, have never yet been known to want for anything. Women shed tears; men shed blood. Cowards serve masters. Bold men make themselves Masters.

When passing through the Valley of Humiliation, slaves and dastards, exposing their sores, sob aloud for consolation and sympathy. Brave men stand apart and ponder vengeance or conquest.

The fear of death is the beginning of Slavery. Majority-Box despotism can only be maintained, by making a sudden and violent death its final sanction. ‘Civilized’ men are terrorized at the idea of death, and as long as that is so, those who wield sudden death in the hollow of their hand , are masters of the world. Hence a small body of disciplined fighters (if protected by the death penalty) are capable of dominating a nation of ten thousand times their number.

Hence also, in accordance with the ‘fight-fire-with-fire’ principle, all secret associations aiming at the destruction of established tyrannies, in Church or State, have ever been organized (from the most ancient times) upon a ‘death penalty’ basis. When successful, these societies become ‘Government’ in their turn; merely re-forming as defence forces instead of aggressive forces. On this account the inner workings of ‘government’ are unknown to the outer world.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Broadly speaking therefore, Might is incarnated Right, and rights are metamorphosed mights. Power and Justice are synonyms; for Might is mighty and does prevail. They who possess the undisputable Might (be they one, ten, or ten million) may and do proclaim the Right. Government is founded on property, property is founded on conquest, and conquest is founded on Power—and Power is founded on brain and brawn—on Organic Animality. Just as parents dictate right to their children, so masterful animals dictate right to millions and millions of sodden-livered, baby- minded men. Monarchic rulers are the gaudy jumping-jacks, and representative institutions the tax gathering mechanism of the Mighty-Ones. Banks and safe-deposits are their treasure-stores, and armies and navies their sentinels, executioners, watchmen.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Right, in its broadest and deepest sense can be logically defined however, as the manifestations of solar energy, materialized through human thought and thew, upon Battlefields— that is to say, in Nature’s Supreme Court. Might is victory and victory establishes rightness. Might is cosmic power in chemic operation; and Man (in his own sphere) is heliocentric force on two legs. Might is mighty and must prevail.

It does prevail, for verily it is as the Law of Gravitation- Nay! It is the law of Gravitation.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“All arbitrary rules of Right and Wrong are insolent invasions of personal liberty. He who would maintain his manhood, must ignore them and abandon them, wherever and whenever possible; except he has investigated them—paralleled them with Nature, and without coercion agrees to abide thereby as a modus- vivendi. If he accepts them (on other conditions) as his life-long load, that is—his funeral. If he is eager to handicap himself or commit suicide, why shouldn’t he? That is his own business.

A sensible man should never conform to any rule or custom simply because it has been highly commended by others, alive or dead. If they are alive he should suspect their motives. If dead they are out of Court. He should be a law unto himself in all things; otherwise he permits himself to be demonetized to the level of a domestic animal.

The real man must depend upon himself absolutely, determine his own ends, decide his own plan of campaign; and savagely resent any authoritarian interference; (especially if it takes the form of socialistic officialism). He must be resolutely on his defence, against all those meddlesome ‘dogs’ who dare to impose their squalid ideals upon his private or public life.

It would be well for him also to be a thorough-going and dangerous adversary; as well as an unswerving friend. To his foemen he should be as pitiless as ‘the gods’ to his friends in all days of difficulty, and danger, he should be, as— ‘an army with banners.’

Therefore I say be manly!—be both manly and wise! Be fearless, tenacious, resolute, and bold; for (as Von Clausewitz sagaciously insists), “boldness, directed by an overruling intelligence is the brand of the hero.”

A man’s first duty in this world is to himself, and the word ‘himself’ includes those near and dear ones, who have twined their tendrils around his heart. A man’s kindred are part of himself. He should not forget that when fighting for his own hand, he is fighting for them. His strength is their rampart. Their strength is his glory. The family and the individual are a unit.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“He who acts upon self-denial principles in his dealings with rival carnivores casts himself down that they may climb over his prostrate personality to their success. He abdicates his inherent royalty who bends before any human being or any human dogma— but his own. Humbleness is a crime in a man, though it may be a virtue in a menial. The ‘modest’ man permits his rivals to occupy all the High Places and make him their footstool—nay, their very doormat.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Right, like water, finds its own level. Man’s consent is not necessary to the operations of Natural Forces. It is not required. It is not even asked. He is like unto a patient strapped firmly on a dissecting table. He may feel the surgeon’s lance sinking through his quivering flesh—he may shiver in terror and break out into a cold sweat—he may groan in convulsive agony and pray to his Idol —but, he cannot escape.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“At the banquet of life, let no seat be reserved for those who cannot win it—who cannot break into the enchanted circle, by force of character and force of deeds. [See page 14.] The impotent and the brainless, who call themselves ‘the righteous’ are better dead anyhow —better for themselves, and better for their successors. Is it not the height of madness, for communities to deliberately nourish and foster the bacteria of hereditary degeneration?

Superiority can only be decided by Battle. Conflict is an infallible method of Selection and Rejection. Evolution has no end. That is undoubtedly, the logical deduction of Darwin’s famous pronouncement:—“If he (man) is to advance still higher, it is to be feared that he must remain subject to a severe struggle. Otherwise he would sink into indolence; and the more gifted men would not be more successful than the less gifted.

It is only Incoherents of subjective will-power or of servile extraction (bottle-fed beings as it were) that even dream of an ‘ordered state of society’ wherein Right and Wrong (or personal merit) can be decisively decided upon other than biological principles.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Attraction and gravitation holds the stars in their courses and (upon exactly the same general operative method) all human swarms and animal herds, are integrated and disintegrated by effective manifestations of derivative solar heat and power.

Strong-Men are magnetized incarnations of primordial energy dynamos of concentrated electricity. There is a mysterious, almost magical charm about the personality of True Greatness. Lesser men are attracted to their Natural Chiefs as steel shavings are drawn to the lodestone. This peculiar attractive force is hardly ever seen (except spasmodically) in physical weaklings. It seems to develop only in animals of unusual vitality—men with plenty of ‘devil’ in them.

Physical power is the basis of mental power. The nutriment of the brain cells is derived from the blood-corpuscles perpetually being pumped into it by the heart’s action. If the pump valves are weak or out of gear—if the food stream is impure—if the stomach is disordered—if the liver is congested or the lungs decaying and corrupt; then the brain is starved, drugged, poisoned, while all the thoughts that germinate therein are feeble, unnatural, impure. Hence the rolling stream of literary filth that the Zolas and the bible-boomers, the poetlings, and the ‘eminent savants,’ keep pouring out upon generations of men, soaked for ages in similar intellectual sewerage.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“In the regions of stellar Space similar phenomena may be noted. That sun-star with the strongest attractive power, whirls other and lesser stars around it until finally it comes in contact with a rival rolling mass of greater magnitude and attractiveness, whereupon it is absorbed and loses its individuality. What the law of gravitation is to matter and motion, the law of Might is in the province of sociology. In this analogy there is illimitable significance embedded.

Star lile is known to be an emanation of primeval plutonic energy. Our planetary system is like unto one whirling mote (among countless myiiads) in a vitalized sunbeam. Our earth is a by-product of secondary cyclonic rage. The sun itself (the power¬ house of our world) is materialized heat-force in active operation; manifesting itself as warmth, light, motion, electricity, and animal lift.

Man’s body and sustenance is derived, directly or indirectly from the Sun. By it he lives, dies, and has his being. Let heliocentric force be withdrawn for an instant, and all life straightway disappears. Thus everywhere, throughout ‘Eternity,’ under all circumstances and at all times; this world, all worlds, and all that creeps thereon are driven, inspired, vitalized, and guided by active operating Force. Everywhere it is Might that governs, feebleness that is governed, attracted, repelled, controlled.

Force propels iron-ribbed reindeers of the sea and hurls them plunging through the grey green surges. Force whirls the loaded freight cars over prairie, range, and river. Force hauls-up from the deep sunk mines, cast treasures of gold, iron, silver, and coal. Force rolls the red-glowing metal ingots into titanic shapes. Force sows the seed, ploughs the field, reaps the grain, threshes the corn, hews the stone, shapes the girders, bridges rivers, mows down forests, builds cities, writes the book—inspires it, prints it, defends it.

Even ‘the music of the spheres’ is the vibrant roar of warring elements, chanting the Gloria of Power.

If Force is the “all in all” of the planetary systems and of the animal world, may it not also be the open-sesame of sociology— the primeval principle that governs, (and must continue to govern) the relations of tribe to tribe and man to man? Is it not the gospel of antiquity, as well as the logical reducto of To-day?

Whether in mortgaged republics, pawned monarchies, or hypothecated despotisms, the Sword Power—(that is to say, the military power—the clubbing power) is the ultimate ipse dixit in the measuring-out of right and wrong. As it was in the days of the fierce Sesostris; the devastating Genghis; the venturesome

Charlemagne; so is it even now. In all industrial relations, Might is ‘monarch of all it surveys.’ Authority is Authority, though it may take on a thousand diverse forms. What is the elemental difference between a Roman mandamus, a Turkish firman, a Russian ukase, a ‘Supreme’ Court injunction, or an Order in Chancery? They are exact synonyms. Whatever their salient phraseology may be; in operation they are visible manifestations of Imperial Power-of Sceptred Majesty. No sacerdotal sophistry can permanently disguise this fact; and what is more important, no emotional demagoguery can remove it.

Authority is not an evil in itself. It is as natural for men of Power to rule Feeble multitudes, as it is for the lion to eat the lamb. When any nation, or class of men possess no real might, it is just and proper that they should be subordinated; and again, if they develop the requisite strength it is equally justifiable for them to reconquer their former position; and subordinate their subordinators. Evolution works through Authority but there is to it no limitation.

The penalty of defeat is tremendous. Wage-earning is (in modern times) the main clause in the treaty under which the defeated are permitted to exist.

Even-handed Justice has never existed in the animate creation and never can. The very idea of it is an absurdity. Evolution knows it not.

Between beasts of burden and beasts of prey; also between Capital and Labor there is an eternal combat. Natural enemies are they of each other, and whichever proves the stronger must rule— for the time being; or rather, until the next Test. The law of battle is unlimited. It does not end to-day or to-morrow. It persists for all time.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“The oppression of one class by another is always induced by the physical cowardice of the victimized; and Nature has no love for dastards —whether rich or poor. Oppression is one of the necessary phases of evolution. In order therefore to insure the subordination and ultimate annihilation of lower types; the struggle for survival is imposed upon humans as upon all other animals. Even when our ‘eminent’ wiselings are predicting eras of universal peace and contentment; the contending cohorts are preparing to jump at each others throats—as of yore. Might must decide ‘all things’ in the future, as it has decided ‘all things’ in the past; and they who teach otherwise, are either dishonest or have no real conception of the magnitude and sequence of biological determinance.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“All realized wealth is transfigured Force; and want of it, a sure sign of sterility and degeneracy. Industrialism is the manipulation of Force—by Force. Brains and muscles are part of the mechanism of gravitation. Descendants of ‘prisoners-of-war’ have been trained for ages in servitude; and they make most intelligent mechanics, specialists, and serving-men.

Capital is concentrated in Force, applied to the extraction and storage of additional Force. It may be operated by its proprietor in any way that he pleases. He is under no obligation to others as to its application or proprietorship. He can ‘do as he likes with his own’ as long as he has the power. He may own the earth by its agency, if he wants to; and he may buy or sell men and nations, if he feels so inclined or thinks it profitable. There is in Nature no limit to his energies or ambitions. All that is needed is Power equal to the design. But the same principles may be acted upon by any other man or association of men; and in the conflict that ensues, fitness is proved—absolutely and without a doubt. The ‘rights of the rich’ are what they can maintain; and the ‘rights of the poor’ are no less, No bounds are set to the accumulation of property, and none whatever to its re-distribution. Fair-play is not even an essential or a requisite. It may be established, if mutually desired by both combinations; but it may also be wholly dispensed with. In real life it is always ‘dispensed with’ by those who possess a preponderance of material might.

Equality can only exist amongst equals. Civilization implies division of labor and division of labor implies subordination and subordination implies injustice and inequality. Woe to me if I speak not truth!”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“The ideas of abstract justice, righteousness, non-resistance, can find no lodgement in an uncorrupted brain. Life is too grim in a camp of hunters and of warriors, for artificialism to meet with anything more appreciative than a good natured sarcasm. He who has to hunt for his family-dinner every forenoon (and seize land on which to build his shelter) is not over likely to enthusiastically swallow the depraved theoria of self-renunciation; or pledge unbounded allegiance to a self-appointed Ring of tax-gathers— masquerading as political philanthropists. He maintains his own inherent independent royalty, as long as he can and never surrenders, except before absolutely superior force. Even then he vows limitless vengeance and obligates his sons and son’s sons, to undying hatred against the domination and spoliation, of his conquerors.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“In Evolution there is no finality. It is operating always in some form; endeavoring to blot out inferior organisms, and perpetuate more perfect types. Like the gods of Antiquity, it is both a Destructive and a Creative. The Powerful of the past were overthrown by the more Powerful of the present; and in strict sequence, the Powerful of to-day must be overthrown by—the more Powerful of to-morrow.

All ‘moral’ dogmatisms and religiosities, are positive hindrances to the evolution of the Higher Manhood; inasmuch as men who honestly grasp at Morals, do not as energetically grasp at Power—power being essentially non-moral. Consequently the struggle between the propertied and the propertyless classes, is not as keen as Nature evidently intends it to be. The moral man is a feeble antagonist to a non-moral generalship. He foolishly permits talkative personalities, (with sharper perceptive qualities), to wield unlimited Authority over him; under numerous plausible pretexts, and deliberately plunder him of his Property.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Weak natures are terrorized at the idea of what ‘might happen’ in a death grapple with entrenched adversaries equally as strong, if not stronger than themselves. That is the true reason why rich men are so anxious at all times to avoid discussion, and ‘maintain the Peace’ and why poor men ‘hunger with fatness around them, and thirst while the waters flow near; for—the Law and the Gospel hath damned them, and dulled all their senses with fear.’

The fact is that both sides are afraid of each other—afraid of the only rational solution.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“Society is altogether a matter of convenience —an implement—an expediency. It is the creation of man and what man manufactures he may modify or destroy.

Society may be defined as an agglomeration of carnivorous and herbivorous animals, seeking their natural prey and browsing along on whatever nutriment they pick-up. It is nothing more than a ‘herd’ of two legged cattle and there’s nothing supernaturally divine about a herd. Indeed the word herd always suggests Gadara. Human swarms have been integrated and disintegrated ten thousand times ten thousand by the centrifugal and centripetal energy of individuals.

Societies have risen and Societies have fallen; but man, the Unit—the germ-plasm—persists; with the rising of the sun, and the fall of the tides. Man is not only the ‘clay,’ but also the ‘potter’ — the paramount determinant. His fate is in his own hands absolutely, within the length of his tether.

“To the Strong all laws are cobwebs” (Solon) and when Society becomes irksome to the Strong they may dissolve it; otherwise it becomes their master and consequently their enemy and oppressor. ‘Society in danger’ therefore is merely the hysteria of the megalomaniac.

Society (in some shape) must exist, as long as there are two human beings left alive; for companionship is as natural to the homo, as swarming is to the bee. When however the word ‘Society’ develops into a synonym for socialistic restraint, then it becomes a menace to the Evolution of the Type and ought to be broken up accordingly— without over much ceremony. Friendship is necessary and ennobling, but impersonal despotism is destructive of all dignity and manly virtue.

The real danger is, that innocent and natural combinations for mutual pleasure, comradeship, profit, and defence, may transform themselves gradually into organized majority-box tyrannies—enslaving institutionalisms of the most dictatorial and obnoxious character. When Society is thus transfigured into a vast blackmailing corporation the lives and property of its component units are absolutely at its mercy, and it therefore ought to be disintegrated, consciously, deliberately, pitilessly, and at whatever cost. Freedom cannot be bought too dear for life without liberty is pandemonium.

Government and Society are two distinct entities, and care must be taken not to confound them. Society is the growth of mutual tolerance, friendship, and obligation; but ‘government’ arises from physical force applied by the Strong to the control and exploitation of vanquished foes. The sanction of government, is the same that holds good throughout the whole zoological and heliocentric scale—the sanction of material might. That ‘sanction’ should always be under test; because the most abject weakling may brandish a sword; but we do not know he is a weakling until another sword in the grip of a Man is pointed at his throat.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard


“Next to the belted sword-swinger and the sturdy well-to-do athlete; the successful money-making ‘man of affairs’ is especially attractive to the average female mind. He also (in a lesser degree) is a resolute professional fighter—a scalp-hunter—his scalps being title-deeds to land, farm-mortgages, bank credits, consols, shares and bonds. (Consols, shares, and bonds, represent sub-divided proportions of the battle-booty). He also, climbs to success over his prostrate rivals—for there is no other road. Success and money come to him only, when he has outwitted his rivals, and finally triumphed in the ruthless rough-and-tumble of daily, hourly conflict. The ‘Business Man’ is a conqueror of the most merciless, stony-hearted, and cruel kind; but we must not blame him for that. If he displays a particle of human sympathy, with the multitudinous victims of his business methods, he is immediately out-generaled, bankrupted, ruined by rivals, with more iron in their strategy — more hardness in their hearts. A kind-hearted man is always a failure in ‘business,’ and he is always a failure in ‘war.’ War means thorough-going smashing-up of your opponent, so that he may be prevented from smashing you up; and it is ‘ditto, ditto, ditto,’ in all the parallel phases of Commerce and Trade.

With ‘money in his purse’ the successful business man is able to support a family, and rear up his children in an environment of comparative freedom, and women are sharp to perceive this. In such matters the female mind is preternaturally acute. Except in sexual matters a woman has no more brains than a cock-sparrow — but in questions of marriage and love, she is an expert. Other things being equal, women prefer a rich-man to a poor-man for a husband —and they are scientifically justified. He who is without wealth amidst unlimited quantities of it, is either a coward, a born slave, or a lunatic; and no self-respecting woman should marry such an imbecile.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“With the possession of an ‘independence,’ a man is free to materialize his ideals; and if he is ‘well born’ it is impossible for his ideals to partake of the ignoble.

Gold is a fierce resolvent. It is the sublimated extract of Victory. It is the property—the booty—of the Strong. “Whoever has sixpence (writes Carlyle) is sovereign over all men to the extent of that sixpence; he commands cooks to feed him, philosophers to teach him, Kings to mount guard over him —to the extent of that sixpence.” Therefore, all men who would obtain freedom must obtain wealth ‘by hook or by crook,’ or as R. L. Stevenson rhymes it: — “You also scan your life horizon, for all that you can clap your eyes on.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“In a reasonably natural Society, the most vigorous males would possess Property and Power. Consequently (in accordance with the instincts of sex-attraction), they would also obtain possession and impregnate, the best and handsomest feminines; leaving the ovum-bearing residue to be fertilized by the less vigorous males. In an unnatural system of Society (such as the fiendish socialistic scheme, amidst which we now retrograde) weaklings, dotards, and semi-madmen are deliberately permitted to retain Property Privileges; that they are manifestly unable to defend, if put to the test. The ‘Law’ defends the Unfit.”
- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

“If those ‘in possession’ victoriously prove their capacity, then their prerogatives cannot be abrogated or abridged; but should they fail, then their vanquishers—presumably better men —are biologically justified in dispossessing them. “Let the best man win” is an assertive, at once popular, scientific and suggestive. The mastership of the Ablest Man is exactly what science and circumstances demand. In Nature an organism’s right is commensurate with its mentality and physique. In the realm of Cosmic Law the only Statute of Limitations is superior Power.”

“If legislative injunctions, and other bogey contrivances were wholly disregarded; then the Strongest and the Boldest (therefore the Wisest) would be fertilizing the pick of the best damsels per marriage, transmit their own right-royal qualities to their immediate descendants.”

- Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard


“Again I looked throughout the earth and saw that the swiftest person does not always win the race, nor the strongest man the battle, and that wise men are often poor, and skillful men are not necessarily famous; but it is all by chance, by happening to be at the right place at the right time. A man never knows when he is going to run into bad luck. He is like a fish caught in a net, or a bird caught in a snare.”
- Ecclesiastes 9:11-12

What Solomon is saying is that physical qualities is not enough to get what you want, but luck is required. You need to be lucky and to avoid bad luck that bring disaster. Luck comes from Chi, hence Chi is power. There is a need to increase auspicious chi and neutralize inauspicious chi.

Knowledge is power and hence you have to be careful in how you give knowledge to others lest they use it to overpower you. A magician keeps his secrets in order to keep his power and influence over others.


“We want you to hear path of least resistance in a new way right now – it’s your path of least resistance, which means it’s the path around your resistant thought. So life causes you to ask for something new, but you can’t all of a sudden just stop believing all the things that you’ve believed – you have resistant thoughts, and those resistant thoughts are in your way – but your Inner Being doesn’t ask you to get rid of all resistant thoughts before you receive motion forward, your Inner Being will guide you around your resistant thoughts toward what you want.
Sometimes the way that plays out a little bit is that you’ll be guided to clarity through what you might call negative experiences, and then you want to say “Well, that’s just a backlash of my negative thought.” And we want to say no, it’s because of the existence of resistance that your loving and kind Inner Being takes into consideration, as your Inner Being never stops moving you forward no matter whatever.
Another way of saying that is, if you have a strong enough desire, it does not matter what you believe, your desire will carry you, like the mother who finds the automobile on her child, and she’s never believed that she could pick a car up before, but she can today. And this is because her desire is more than everything – her desire is so powerfully focused that what she has believed before does not apply.”
~Abraham speaking in Portland, OR on June 9, 2018


Occult Secrets of Justice, Retribution and Self Defence under Natural Law

Occult Secrets of Justice, Retribution and Self Defence under Natural Law

When people have been wrongfully attacked or harmed, they naturally feel the need to revenge, to avenge, to punish, to get back at the other side.

This feeling is natural and right. Punishment is causing harm, suffering, pain and misery to the other side to make them experience pain, suffering and misery in return for the harm, suffering, pain and misery that they caused. This is for karmic balance, justice and fairness. It is a rebalancing of energetic imbalances.

The problem is that society has been wrongfully taught by government, religion and majority of corrupted spiritual paths that it is wrong to revenge, to get back, to return harm. And yet they have been taught by the very same groups of influence that it is right to do so through another party such as “Authority”, “Legal System”, “God”, “Karma”, “The Universe”, etc, and under another terminology such as “Justice”, “Legal Punishment”, “Divine Punishment”, “Karmic Retribution”.

This is why society exists in an extremely hypocritical state. They say it is wrong to do the very thing that is right to do, and then they do it in a different way that is unnatural and calling it different names that are misleading. A society that is based on truth will call something to be what it is and do it the way it is meant to.

The reason why people naturally feel the need to revenge, to avenge, to get back, to fight back, to return harm is because it is an action to protect oneself from psychological harm and trauma by reversing the action done upon them back to sender. It is an action that says to the perpetrator “I am returning this shit to you, you eat your own shit, you taste your own medicine, you get to feel how you made me feel until you are able to empathize not to cause this feeling to me.”

People have been wrongfully taught to think that revenging and avenging creates a cycle that is never-ending because it can keep going back and forth. But that is not true because it ends where it starts. Who started the harm is what matters, in fact it is all that matters. The root cause is what people should focus upon. The reaction, the retaliation, the chain reaction is all caused by the original harm being done and investigation into that should be the focal point of everything.

When the culprit retaliates against the retaliation, then the attacks and counter attacks can go back and forth which is completely natural and necessary until it all balances out with the wrongs being made right in order for the cycle to rightfully come to a resolution and ending. This is for karmic balance and equilibrium.
Insufficient retaliation against evil would naturally make one feel like continuing to counterattack until karmic balance is achieved.
Excessive retaliation would lead to new harm being done which will naturally provoke the other side to rightfully counterattack until karmic balance is achieved.

This is how all fights, quarrels, arguments, conflicts, debates, disagreements are meant to happen and should not be suppressed by government, religion, false light spirituality and nosy people who have no right to judge when they do not understand the situation because they are not naturally involved or informed.

Retaliation can be done through different means such as legal, religious, spiritual or magical, physical.

Legal retaliation is in the form of prosecution or litigation.
Religious retaliation is in the form of imprecatory prayer or calling down divine judgment.
Spiritual retaliation is in the form of believing in karma and therefore creating karmic retribution with the mind.
Magical retaliation is in the form of black magic, sending curses, psychic attacks, negative thoughtforms and negative energy.
Physical retaliation is in the form of using verbal attacks, swearing at the other, using physical force through physical means.

All forms of retaliation are acceptable depending on the situation and it is completely acceptable to use one form of retaliation to retaliate against a different form of harm. For example, a person who is being heavily abused by another person and is unable to retaliate sufficiently through verbal means because they are mute or have difficulty speaking may retaliate by physically pushing the other person away or even punching them out of distress. This is completely natural.

A person who does not want to use legal means of retaliation because the process is too slow, too vexing, too troublesome, and are also unwilling to use religious means of retaliation because they have realized that system of belief to be deceptive, may retaliate by using black magic, sending curses, using psychic attacks because this is a more natural way in using the power of consciousness to reestablish karmic equilibrium against those causing harm to them.

When a person is able to fulfil their need for retaliation through one of the means, they do not have to do it through the other means.
What happens when a person is unable to fulfil their natural need for retaliation when suffering from undeserved harm and wrongdoing is that they end up feeling powerless, feeling like victim, and they either consciously or subconsciously go around victimizing and abusing others, or they suicide just like people who have been unjustly bullied suicide because it is a natural impulse to refuse living in a state of existence that is without dignity and justice to oneself.

The ability to defend oneself from psychological harm and trauma by returning harm and bullying back those who bullied first, is power, justice, fairness, balance.

Natural feelings, natural reactions, natural responses, natural impulses come from Natural Law, also known as Moral Law, Cosmic Law, Universal Law, Nature.

Natural Law is the most occulted of all occult laws in the universe by the dark occult controllers who seek to enslave our world. If the world learns Natural Law, it will be the solution to all problems, it will cause rapid spiritual evolution and ascension, it will bring true enlightenment and illumination, it will bring life and liberty.


The Pleiadians on Soul Recycling, How to stop the Archon Matrix Reincarnation Trap

The Pleiadians on Soul Recycling, How to stop the Archon Matrix Reincarnation Trap

“Anunnaki recycling center
We are in a new inquisition today which is called political correctness. People are frightened today to admit what’s really happening.
It is best for you to understand the world of spirit, the non-physical as it works with physical rather than religions.
You get yourself in the most recycling situation when you do the religions.
If you look at the history of the Buddhists, they pillaged and raped and killed and flailed all kinds of people, and then they have this kindly Buddha.
You are tricked. You need to have a plan. And the best plan you can have is that you intend to take all your wits with you and everything you’ve learned in this lifetime you can accumulate as knowledge.
You say it is my intention to reconnect with my higher self, my oversoul, that’s where I will retreat to my own home in the cosmos. And that would be the larger self that you are connected to.
So when you immediately go over, don’t aim for god or the pearly gates. Always carry your wits about you to go further and to call yourself to unite back, reunite with the highest source from where you have come from where there is no manipulation, where there’s only freedom, respect and joy.”

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i9K9LIJnaA The Pleiadians on Soul Recycling, How to stop the Archon Matrix Reincarnation Trap
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