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Greetings, my name is Enoch Tan, and I am the creator of http://www.MindReality.com

In 2007, I obtained the book “Nostradamus Code: World War III”.

The Final Chapter is about “The Great Genius”.

The first page says “2006 to 2012”.

2006 was “The Year of Acceleration” according to Joseph Prince (Senior Pastor of New Creation Church). Back then, it was indeed such a year for me. I greatly accelerated in my spiritual awareness and understanding of consciousness, reality and the universe.

My Website http://www.MindReality.com was started near the end of 2005.

In October 2010, I posted one of my Opus Magnum Articles on Mind Reality called “Seven Levels of Intelligence and Three Types of Genius”:

- http://www.mindreality.com/seven-levels-of-intelligence-and-three-types-of-genius

In February 2012, I had the inspiration to start a new website as a means of further sharing my thoughts.

I thought of many domains and I found that the GreatGenius.com was not in use. That was amazing, considering the fact that there was quite a significant amount of searches for the term “Great Genius” (5,400 Global Monthly Searches as stated by Google Keyword Tool) and a number of places that talk about The Great Genius that Nostradamus mentioned.

GreatGenius.com was sold as a premium domain at $1,788.18 USD.

I decided to claim that domain as my own since there are many things described about The Great Genius that seems to reflect myself, and I believe this domain has been reserved by The Universe/God for me to make use of. Hence, the Great Genius website is born on 2012 February 9. This is an Aquarius Website.

How Apt!

I decided to write this first post on the website, and to include information from other websites as well. Here’s some that I found:

[Nostradamus describes the coming of a great scientific genius that will help rebuild human society. From CENTURY IV-31: "This man...will be one of the highest, most developed geniuses ever to appear in our present history of man. He...made the decision to use his genius to help rather than to hurt mankind...One of the things he envisions...is self-contained, self-supporting space stations...It was very easy for him to spot this man along the nexus of time paths because he creates such a large ultimate effect...This man is one of the major forces who will help the earth recover from the scars of war."

This great genius will be influential in pointing out the mistaken premises that today's science has built itself on. His ability to perceive scientific truths will cause major breakthroughs in our technological capabilities. From CENTURY VII-14: "[He will] make clear the connections between the physical universe and the metaphysical universe as dealt with by religions.” Because of these great advances, Nostradamus describes a time when a majority of people will be aware of higher powers and energies: “It will make every person a philosopher.” What kind of time frame are we looking at here? Nostradamus reported that this great genius will show up in the mid-twenty-first century.]

- http://homestar.org/bryannan/nostro.html

[Basically 'The Great Genius' is an individual who is supposed to become known in the "Age of Aquarius" or 2012 and after for those who aren't familiar with the astrological terms. He was predicted by the prophet Nostradamus to be a regular human being with great abilities (a next stage in evolution?) that will drastically change mankind for the better and lead to a "golden age". Among his (I am just using the gender term 'his' because it is grammatically correct) crowning achievements are 'free energy", unification of religion and science, a deeper understanding of medicine, robotics, and a quantum leap in the understanding of consciousness, reality, and the Universe.]

- http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread454242/pg1

[Seth is a ‘disincarnate being’ (an entity of consciousness from another dimension, not presently incarnate in human form). His teachings are ‘channeled’ via a psychic called Jane Roberts (see “Seth Speaks’ by Jane Roberts, published by Bantam).

Seth’s take on the Aquarian Age is that there will be a ‘second coming’ of Christ, though Seth intriguingly describes Christ as an ‘entity’ who has also taken other roles at different times. Two characters will pave the way for him, one who has already been born in India, and another, a black man, who will do his main work in Indonesia.

The Seth material is fascinating – it offers a ‘new age’ slant on the original bible stories, and describes the coming of an age where our psychic abilities will enable us to make a great leap forward in terms of our relationships with each other, the planet, and our personal capabilities. Our time boundaries will dissolve so that we will be conscious of not only our own past lives, but also those of other people too, such that we will not feel so isolated and will come to understand that ‘we are all one’. This will cause a great advancement in the quality of our relationships with one another.

Another ‘great genius’ is augured in the Seth prophecies (similar to the Nostradamus and Incan prophecies). This character will pull together the knowledge of science and spirituality in amazing ways. What psychics are now capable of will leap forward massively as the real workings of the universe and how to manifest within it become fully and deeply understood.]

- http://www.baliadvertiser.biz/articles/spiritual/2001/aquarians2.html

This is what is found in “The Nostradamus Code”

Centurie VII, Quatrain 14 – The Great Genius

“The Great Genius will help unify science and religion and bring about the enlightenment and peace of the Age of Aquarius foretold by prophets.”

Centurie III, Quatrain 2 – The Great Genius discovers the science of miracles

“The great genius will realize the magic of alchemy though his discoveries and inventions. The new philosophy engendered by these discoveries will encourage the development of mental powers. People will be able to manipulate the basic forces of the universe in a way that will seem utterly fantastic to those not involved with the occult. People in the occult and psychic realms currently deal with these forces without understanding, but in the future understanding will be present, sharpening the efficacy of the art.”

“The Great Genius will also unify religion and science and explain ancient documents, making clear the metaphysical connections between the universe and spirituality.” (Centurie VII, Quatrain 14)


All of this is a fascinating discovery! I deal with Integration of All things to do with the Mind and Reality, which is basically everything that is to be known about the Universe, Consciousness and Reality. Unified Knowledge is the Key to complete awareness, and totality of knowing.

Henceforth, I declare this to be the start of the reign of Genius. Perhaps “The Great Genius” might be an individual. Or perhaps it is an Archetype and there may be more than one person who can be part of “The Great Genius” gestalt consciousness.

Mind Reality is for the purpose of elevating The Genius (Genie-In-Us). After all, who we really are, is Genius God Creators of Our Reality.


Extraterrestrial Mind Control in All Religions

Extraterrestrial Mind Control in All Religions

Extraterrestrial means beings from beyond the earth. They are beings that come from the heavens or stars to the earth. They can be gods, aliens, nonphysical beings, or any other name that can be named to indicate some kind of spiritual or otherworldly influence.

Mind Control means anything that prevents you from seeing the Truth clearly, using your mind and intelligence clearly, thinking logically. Mind Control is all forms of programmed patterns of thought that are not in accordance with Truth but Falsehood and Bullshit. Mind Control is psychological manipulation of consciousness. Mind Control happens primarily through the use of Frequency Control. Frequency Control is the working with information to lead consciousness into certain paths of unfoldment. Negative frequency control is that which leads you into further entrapment and enslavement, positive frequency control is that which influences you towards freedom.

RELIGION – From the Latin Verb “Religare”: To tie back, to hold back, to thwart from forward progress. To Bind. It is a mental prison that holds back the progress of Consciousness. Any system of mind control that holds back the progress of consciousness is a religion. The five main religions that the dark occult forces use are Government, False Science, the Monetary System, All Organized Religion and the New Age movement. People have been mind controlled to be enslaved by Satan/Reptilian, Money/Mammon who are the Archons of the physical and spiritual domain. Anarchy does not mean without rules. Anarchy means without Rulers/Archons with their self imposed unnatural laws. True Freedom comes from Anarchy and the abolishment of all forms of religion that hold back the progress of consciousness. The control system creates a false type of order that is truly chaos. True Order comes from following Natural Law, Self Sovereignty and Anarchy.

“The greatest conspiracies are not actually hidden, just fragmented into different pieces like a puzzle, right before our eyes.”
- Judith Moriarty

There are many accounts from people who have experienced the negative effects of following Abraham’s teachings…

“My mother was following Abraham Hicks for about 5 years. She became completely brain washed and her personality, connection to family and sense of reality changed as a result. She bought and listened to everything they had along with her circle of new spiritual friends. She learned and believed that our minds have the ability to manifest our physical being and that anyone that has a disease or illness somehow manifested it upon themselves.

My mother came to live with me 6 months ago because she had suddenly lost her vision and of course thought this was a spiritual thing… Well, we took her to real Physicians and found out she had metastatic cancer. Hmmmm, guess she manifested it in herself. Upon finding this out she was in denial and became frantic to listen to her audio Abraham-Hicks tapes, meditate, etc. I ended up listening to them by default and found their tactics to be very cult like and a lot of what they said was very manipulative. Every book says the same things in different ways over and over. Other things they said were no big secret but plain old common sense. As for my mother, as her illness progressed no matter how hard she tried to will it away, she could no longer deny it. She decided to stop listening to the tapes. She gradually started changing back to the person we knew and reconnecting with her family. We can never get those 5 years back and we have no future. She passed away on Jan 7.”


Here is another example of someone experiencing the negative effects of Abraham’s teachings…

“I was an Abraham Hicks fan and was introduced through The Secret. I was also a big Eckhart Tolle fan at one point. I got into the habit of listening to Esther’s you tube videos at night. I’d just make a playlist and think, “Great, I get to fall asleep listening to positive messages.” I won’t ever listen to anyone before going to bed again, especially ‘new age’ teachers. Their words had a strong hypnotic effect and definitely assisted in what I consider brainwashing. There were nights I couldn’t fall asleep so I’d put on Esther’s recordings and fall asleep shortly after.I read their [Esther and Jerry’s] books and was a big youtube listener. I felt the only people that understood me were other “abers”. I felt I knew some amazing knowledge that only other abers knew. I only wanted to be around other abers. I went to a workshop to see Esther in person. At the workshop something clicked in my head. When she asked in the beginning of the seminar, “It is good to come together in the purpose of co-creation do you agree? It’s co-creation at its best,” everyone, including myself, replied yes at the same time. I thought to myself, “I sound brainwashed.” I then wondered about what she just asked. Was being at that seminar really ‘co-creation’ at its best? I then immediately dismissed it because that was a negative thought.

What really made me get away from this new age nonsense was the increasing trouble I was having socializing with family, friends, and people in general. I attempted to explain to my mother that she unconsciously brought on breast cancer through her thinking processes. I could no longer sympathize to what she went through. My basic human emotion of empathy was stripped. When you are in the cult society is divided into abers and non-abers (followers and non-followers) Non-Abers have human feelings such as empathy and feel the need to take action when something is wrong. As an aber, I was unwilling to let myself feel any emotion for more than 68 seconds. When I got upset I convinced myself to let it go immediately even if something needed to be done. With Tolle’s work I became very passive and it scared my boyfriend. He told me “You hesitate every time you speak as if you are second guessing what you should say.” I took positive thinking so seriously that I wouldn’t allow myself to say anything negative for fear it would bring on negative thoughts. Again, lifeless, robotic, numb and blissfully brainwashed.

What snapped me out of it was going back to college. Higher education especially in the medical field, stresses critical thinking and the importance of it. We study facts, not fiction. Critical thinking goes against everything Abraham teaches. I still was finding it hard to relate to everyone. Anytime someone complained, even when it was justified, I thought in my mind, “this person doesn’t understand that their thoughts are causing all of the trouble.” If anyone was going through an illness or struggle I concluded, based on Abraham’s teachings, that it was ultimately brought on by them. Since I no longer empathized with people I was alone. Very alone. One day I just decided to snap out of it and to regain my life. I searched and discovered more people felt the same way. At the beginning of this ‘new aged brainwashed’ period I just wanted to learn more and seek some truth. It turns out I finally did.”


“About a year ago, I began to be able to see the reptilians and their dark little buddies (shall we call them family of dark?) I have always been psychic, but began awakening very rapidly and have been able to see more and more of what’s going on as time passes. I’m not claiming I know everything or can see everything – far from it. But I just wanted to share with people what I can see and hope that it helps open a few eyes. You don’t have to believe me, but I hope you can try and keep an open mind to what I’m about to share. Also keep in mind that several years ago, I too was sucked into the Abraham-Hicks dare I say, cult-like brainwashing – so I really can relate to how hard it can be to see outside of it. They ARE very charming – and funny too – I get that. But remember, they are MASTERS of manipulation. This is all the reptilians do – humans are their life you know.

Anyway, in any video I have watched with Esther channeling Abraham I can see standing behind her, a rather large (ugly too!) reptilian being “hooking” into her. There always seems to be a cord or funnel of dark energy beaming into her. I have seen this same situation with almost (not all) every politician and celebrity – there are always reptilian beings standing behind them, either controlling them (or in Esther’s case) manipulating them. Just thought I would share what I see – believe it or don’t believe it but it’s the truth!”

- Erin http://www.humanitywinsilluminatilose.com/?p=3166#comment-13940

“Judging others is needed! This is the thing that gets me so worked up about the new age movement – the not judging others. I’m not saying judge others in a “oh I hate that person” way. I’m talking about judging what they are doing. Killing little children in a ritualistic sacrifice is wrong and needs to be judged! Turn the other cheek to suffering? No thank you, that needs to be called out and judged harshly because it needs to stop.”

- Erin http://www.humanitywinsilluminatilose.com/?p=3501#comment-14530

“I get how people can resist the fact that the information relayed by Esther is tainted.

But thank God someone is saying out loud what I’ve been saying to my family and friends for as long as the fucking Secret movie came out: this is total BS!
Let me rephrase that; The Law of Attraction is a tiny portion of what is needed to actually shape our reality. So focusing only on that aspect (much like a religion) is a grave error, in my opinion.

The biggest variable missing from the equation is how to harness the energy required to bring an intention into reality. And that is exactly what the system has been aiming at: making us weak! So every tool of theirs (the Reps or Illuminatis or whathever they might be…) is intended on leaving us without the resources to acheive our goals. And as long as we are separated from each other and from the Source, our ability to accumulate and maintain a meaningful amount of energy is what is keeping us from truly impacting our lives with our own original and untainted intent.

So until we are really able to achieve that, Free Will and the Law of Attraction are mere illusions and unattainable mirages.”

- Mr. D http://www.humanitywinsilluminatilose.com/?p=3501#comment-14596

“You’re totally spot on with what you’ve said about the Law of Attraction and the way it’s been sold by the New Age arena – as the “magic wand”. Sure the Law of Attraction is real, but like you said, creating our reality right now under this intense manipulation is just not a clear cut thing at all!”

- Brad http://www.humanitywinsilluminatilose.com/?p=3501

” I think that Abraham although might be from a reptilian source has lifted so many people up through the years. And yes an enemy can cause you blessings if you do not disconnect from your heart.”

- Elias http://www.humanitywinsilluminatilose.com/?p=3501#comment-14733

“I agree 100% that the Abraham/Hicks information is misleading. In fact, it seems to me that the agenda is to teach people to only focus on what they want and to disregard everything else. The friends I have who have bought into this paradigm refuse to look at anything that they think will bring their vibration down. Since all this stuff about the New World Order is horrifying, and a “vibration downer” until you get your emotions under control, they refuse to deal with what is really going on in the world and thus to actively work for the light. And of course the main thrust of the Abraham movement is materialistic. Abraham does not teach anyone to examine their own shadow or look at why they want what they want. Rather, this teaching seems to me to be about selfishness and a refusal to participate in the evolution of humanity in any kind of meaningful way.”

- Susan http://www.humanitywinsilluminatilose.com/?p=3501#comment-19528

“I went to Abraham twice. She told me that I didn’t need to face any of my shit. That “I don’t need to go through anything in the cellar. Seal it off and carry on” … with all my baggage, essentially. That really contradicts what I’ve come to understand through further life experience. I did, however, do that for a couple of years–and got really good at getting “high” by “thinking, thinking, thinking” or shall I say denial? Until all my shit came up for acknowledgement, integration/transformation. She really doesn’t encourage facing anything. She even uses the analogy of putting your head in the sand deliberately, oblivious to the fact that you’ll get your ass kicked at the same time!”

- Jana http://www.humanitywinsilluminatilose.com/?p=3501

I have all of the Seth books that Jane Roberts channeled, read them in the 80′s and 90′s. Then I read a lot of Ramtha books, and he turned out to be a counterfeit personally created by Johova, another being of darkness. Actually she names quite a few people as does Don Croft and cbsworks. The whole NEW AGE movement is Annunaki created, billion dollar industry! She writes that the bible is the history of the annunaki and not a holy book for humanity.

- Erika

If you read Dr. John Coleman’s books, it’s clear that the New Age movement was created by the Illuminati to deceive. You have to conclude that it began with Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Annie Besant, etc.

- Ken Adachi


“The first “Secret” doctrine or ideology to hit the western world came from Madame Blavatavsky and her theosophy society which also made use of the Tantric Yoga sections of the Kanjur-Tanjur – Kanjur sounds identical in english to CONJURE – or to call up spirits.

Napoleon Hill authored his book Grow Rich With Peace of Mind while spirits hovered above him dictating its contents. Napoleon Hill received his techniques for getting rich from “The Venerable Brotherhood of Ancient India” The previous link also notes that the Xerox photocopy patents were based on ‘contacts’ like this. XEROX research park in Palo Alto, California is located at 3333 Coyote Hill Road, Palo Alto , California. The number of deities in hinduism is said to be 333 million. In hindu belief , Mt. Meru is the center of belief and the home of the deities or gods. It is also called Mt. SUMERU … which has a very strong linguistic link to Sumeria or Sumer, the home of the Annunaki gods according to Zacharia Sitchin. This of course is modern day Iraq, where Skull and Bones member George W. Bush is fighting an endless war for reasons no one can quite explain.


The second favorite source of information and background for the The SECRET and ABRAHAM channeling phenomenon was the book SETH SPEAKS, by Jane Roberts and published by Prentice Hall. Jane Roberts was a medium, the previous name for what today are known as Channelers. She began her foray into this occult phenomenon with a Ouija Board. The book Seth Material published in the USA in 1970 brought the entire concept of channeling and mediums to the masses of Americans for the first time.

The Seth Material (library binding) by Jane Roberts is 333 pages in length. The publisher of Seth Speaks was Prentice Hall. Prentice Hall is owned by Brit based Pearson PLC. Thus the Seth phenomenon which forms the basis for the current Abraham The Secret channeling issue ,like Rock and Roll and other odd ideas, came from England in the same time frame, the 60s and the 70s. Pearson PLC , the long term owner of Prentice Hall has longstanding ties to the British military, royal family and the oil industry in the robber baron days, particularly in Mexico. It owns a large portion of the illuminati linked Lazard Bank house as noted on the answers link and has for many years. The current leader of Pearson PLC has a background in both Lazard and the Rothschild empire and once headed the British Council known as the propaganda wing of the foreign office. He has also given speeches to the Council on Foreign Relations and attended the 1995 Bilderberg meeting according to the previous link. THIS IS THE BACKGROUND OF THE PUBLISHING HOUSE THAT BROUGHT “SETH” AND THE CHANNELING PSYOPS TO THE USA.

The Secret is no secret. It is the same material from the illuminati in a new package: Freemasonry. 333 Numerology. Hindu dieties or spirits.


The Real Serenity Prayer vs the Watered Down New Age Version

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things “I” cannot change,
The courage to change the things “I” can, And the wisdom to know the difference.”

- This is the watered down version that talks about accepting petty little problems in your personal life and working on changing only the things you think you can change according to your feeble beliefs

“God, give me grace to accept with serenity the things that Cannot Be Changed (Natural Law), Courage to change the things which SHOULD BE changed (Human Condition), and the Wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.”

- This is the real and original version that that talks about accepting Natural Law (That which cannot be changed), and Courage to change the things that SHOULD BE Changed (All Evil and Unjust Conditions such as Man Made Laws, Man Made Authority, the Control System, Human Ignorance, Etc.)

“What you resist, persists”
The new age distortion of that statement has made people think that if we resist a problem, it will persist. Therefore we should accept it and ignore it and it will go away. The original meaning of that statement is that if you resist the truth, the more the problem will persist. The truth is that you must acknowledge a problem and confront it. Or another way to put it is, that which manifests as a result of what you are wrongly resisting is that which will persist.

The Problem with Abraham Hicks Concept of Step 1 and Step 2

Abraham Hicks says that humans have come to know what they want by what they don’t want through Step 1 of experiencing contrast, and therefore should not stay too long there and get into Step 2 of allowing what they want by focusing away from the problem and on things that feel good instead. But the truth of the matter is that most humans HAVE NOT and DO NOT spend enough time in Step 1 in order to go to Step 2 properly. In order to come up with the solution, one must understand the problem, the more one focuses on the problem to understand it more deeply and accurately, the more one can truly come up with a solution that will really resolve it. The answer does NOT come by rushing through Step 1 and trying to get to Step 2 quickly and expecting the answer to come through Step 2. This is a Delusion and Distortion propagated by spirits. Pure observation of intelligent and deep thinkers that come up with true solutions vs mass humanity stupidity can show you that the real solutions always come through spending much time in Step 1 before going on to Step 2. This has always been the case. The answer to the problem can come through Step 1 and may involve negative emotions that serve a purpose. Trying to get to Step 2 and “feeling good” may actually impede you from seeing the solution because you can’t see the problem clearly and fully when you are on an emotional high. Step 2 is for aligning with the manifestation of the solution once it is already defined. And you might also have to keep going back and forth between Step 1 and Step 2 to make sure that the solution matches the problem correctly. Abraham Hicks are a group of spirits that offer simple solutions but there are spirits and beings that are far more intelligent than them whose answers far excel what they provide.

Abraham Hicks creates Right Brain Imbalanced Spirituality by downplaying the significance of action by a lot, and saying that there is no need to acknowledge a dark totalitarian society, and that it is not possible to protect oneself against anything because the idea of protection from something is focus on one’s own vulnerability towards that thing. This is exactly what the dark forces of control and enslavement wants and the kind of bullshit they have propagated to deceive human beings into believing. They are training people to be subservient, accepting and brainwashed into thinking they would not be affected by evil when they choose not to acknowledge it. They are suppressing the sacred masculine of action and self defensive force.

- Enoch Mind Reality

The New Age including Abraham Hicks have been teaching that Enlightenment is about Feeling Good All the Time. You know what that is? That is Total Bullshit. Because all this is, is an appeal to ego, telling people what they want to hear. Enlightenment is nothing remotely about that. Enlightenment is about Learning What The Truth Is, taking the truth into yourself, and then helping other people to understand it. It is NOT about feeling good all the time. It is about feeling the anger when injustices are taking place to spur you on to right action. That is the role for anger. Anger is a natural emotion that arises in response to something that is not right. The New Age has programmed people to diminish their anger to allow all bullshit and the dark agenda to continue to operate. They are denying a very natural and important response of a person’s physiology and inner being towards that which is not right, and using their bullshit spirituality to brainwash it away. Righteous indignation is the correct response to evil, and it is righteous only when it goes with Wisdom and Deep Understanding of what the Truth is, NOT based on flawed assumptions of what you think is going on. Unrighteous anger and un-channeled anger are bad forms of anger that should be banished. Most of all what Real Enlightenment is about is Responsibility to the Truth. It is more than responsibility to yourself, it is more than responsibility to other people, it is more than responsibility to a whole civilization, a whole planetary society. It is about Responsibility to Truth. That has to come above all else. When Morpheus offered Neo a choice between the Red Pill and the Blue Pill, he said that all he was offering was the Truth. He did not say that hearing the Truth would make him feel good, or that it would be pleasant. It was simply the Truth.

“One does not become Enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the Darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable, and therefore, not popular.”
- Carl Jung

I always knew that something was wrong with the world. And I finally awaken to the fact that something is very wrong with the world indeed and what needs to be corrected. We are under slavery and mind control on every side from the above (False Light Beings) and the below (Government, False Science, Money, All Religions and the New Age movement). This exactly like what the Matrix Movie showed. Human Beings are bred and harvested as Energy Slaves by those who would be our “Gods”. Being illuminated to the reality of what is really going on is taking the Red Pill, and that is what True Enlightenment is, not the bullshit Enlightenment of the New Age.

Abraham Hicks and the New Age have programmed people to avoid paying attention to any negative things, and to think of people who talk about the negative as though they are negative people who bring others down and are therefore to be avoided. There are people who are telling the Truth about what is really going on, and others are programmed to not want to hear it, see it or talk about it. As the saying goes “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” There is a difference between people who are really negative and people who are focusing on the negative for the purpose of bring awareness and finding resolution. Intelligence is the ability to make finer distinctions but Abraham Hicks has destroyed that distinction in this area to make people dumb and in ignorance so that the force of darkness that continue their dark agenda unhindered.

Abraham Hicks say that you have an inner being who has an inner being who has an inner being who has an inner being who has an inner being, and at which point you want to call that God doesn’t matter, and at which point you want to call that Jesus doesn’t matter. They also say that names do not matter, and they try to lump together nonphysical sources of communication like one big collective and that it is only the individual translator and translation that differs. You know what that is? That is Total Bullshit. It is amazing that they are trying to get people to believe this highly deceptive hogwash. Intelligence is the ability to make finer distinctions. They are doing the exact opposite to dumb people down according to their own agenda. They also say that demons, devils and fallen angels are all figments of Man’s imagination. One who has really gone to observe what is properly and deeply and broadly enough will clearly know that statement is Not the Truth. Abraham Hicks are entities that channel information according to the agenda of service to self/ego and telling people what they want to hear and making them feel good in an illusionary and asleep way. They did say that in order for you to perceive something, you have to know the vibration of that thing. It is necessary to establish the precise vibration of something before you can access it. Knowing the vibration is required, therefore Knowledge is required. They did admit that they are not God as they do not know the vibration of every single thing. A being’s identity is known vibrationally and intimately. Without being able to make the finer distinction between “this” or “that” in nonphysical, how can you know what to contact precisely? You have to know the vibration of God the Father and Jesus Christ in order to contact and access the reality of Him precisely. And then you will be able to differentiate the Truth from the lies, and the different beings in nonphysical and their different agendas and to posses Real Knowledge about the Spiritual World.

Seth says that “You create your own reality. There is no other rule.” Well that’s bullshit. There are other rules including the understanding of “Natural Law” which is a body of non man-made universal laws that are intrinsic in nature and are the governing dynamics of consciousness and enable us to understand right and wrong behavior. Seth is another service to self/ego entity along with Abraham Hicks. In fact, Jane Roberts drew a picture of Seth in “The Seth Material” book and it looks like a grey reptilian. One of the Seth pictures has a tall head that looks like an Annunaki. Esther Hicks also said that she was tuning into the frequency of Seth when another frequency came in and introduced itself as Abraham. Abraham Hicks says that Seth and Abraham are chips of the same block.

Abraham says that they are Source and that they are our “Inner Being”. They have also mind controlled Esther Hicks into calling them her “inner being”. They exist on the inner planes of reality but they are Not our inner being. They are reptilian false light beings that are pulling another version of being our “gods” (inner being).

- Enoch Mind Reality

Some of the false duality spirit beings talk about service to self and service to other. Both paths are also focused on service to self/ego and service to other people’s ego. You can see that in how many businesses are set up. A business that is setup mainly for the purpose of making as much money as possible for the owner is service to self/ego. A business that is setup and operated primarily with actions that provide what the masses want superficially or ride on superficial trends are service to other people’s ego. The real higher path is service to Truth or service to higher self.

Abraham Hicks teach that you can focus on feeling until you arrive at a point of knowing that you can manifest something. But their “knowing” is not based on Knowledge. True Knowing is based on Knowledge. How can you know something without adequate knowledge about that thing? It means learning is required. It means information is required. It means action is required if it involves the manifestation of something. You can’t just think and feel and expect to know something properly or expect to know that it will occur without having done any learning, acquiring of information or taking action if the manifestation of it involves action. You know what their idea of “knowing” is? It is total bullshit. They are putting the cart before the horse and talking about things in reverse with logical fallacies that are not based on Truth. If you Really want to reach a point where your manifestation feels like the “next logical step”, thinking and feeling alone is Not enough. Knowledge and Action is required.

The Trivium of “Knowledge, Understanding and Action/Wisdom” is found in Proverbs of the Bible which was written by the wisest man on earth King Solomon. The Trivium is what Caesar did not want taught to the slaves of the roman empire lest they rise in power and did not want to be slaves anymore. At one time, the Bible was banned by the Priest class of the Catholic Church from being in the hands of the masses. The Bible is accessible right now in Church but the Trivium has been largely deemphasized and instead other things have been focused on by organized religion to keep people sheeplike and controllable by the powers that be. Or even worse is when they talk things that are contrary to the trivium and even using verses such as “lean not unto your understanding”, “the wisdom of the wise made into nothing, “cease from works”. People are made stupid by such blatant misuse of scripture and distortions of the Truth and lulled into a state of hypnosis where they do not see what really is. Right brain imbalanced Christianity deemphasizes action in place of providence, deemphasizes knowledge in place of faith, and deemphasizes wisdom and understanding in place of dogmatic beliefs and authority of the written word. Such Christianity also holds back people from learning the laws of the universe and the Gnosis to “Know Thyself”.

- Enoch Mind Reality

“My answers quickly began to come though, as I was soon lead to a book by Patricia Cori called; “The Cosmos of Soul”. In the book she touched upon the subject of a “secret government”, a control group who were really in control of the planet, behind the scenes, and who had a very malevolent agenda for humanity. This opened my mind to the idea of a “shadow government” and helped me understand why the great truths of our world were being covered up, but this was really just an initial introduction to the subject for me and it wouldn’t be until finding David Icke’s work, a couple of months later, that the big pieces of the puzzle would start dropping into place.

I’ve always stood up to bullies throughout my life and it seems to be deeply embedded inside of me to fight injustice, on any level, and in any form, so learning about the incredible manipulation that has taken place on this planet and continues to take place to this day, by a handful of scum fucks, literally made my blood boil!

Coming to the realization that humanity wasn’t as “fucked up” as it appeared to be, but had simply been deceived and manipulated by this controlling force was very liberating. All the world wars; Manipulated by these fuckers. All the famines across Africa; Manipulated by these fuckers! All the terrorist acts across the world; Carried out by these same fuckers! Literally every cruel and horrible event or period throughout history wasn’t caused by “human nature” but had been coldly calculated and orchestrated to happen! There was just no way I could sit back and allow these sick and twisted Illuminati fuckheads to create their “New World Order” and a “hell on Earth” for the future of humanity! No fucking way!

I said to myself “My God! I’m actually Neo in the Matrix movie”! That’s how I felt! I never felt fearful though, it was just a powerful sense of “knowing” why I am here on this planet. I knew there and then that I was going to do all I could to help get rid of these mother fuckers. These Illuminati pricks had fucked humanity for too long!”

- Brad (HumanityWinsIlluminatiLose.com)

Christianity’s Ignorance of Global Agenda due to Reptilian Manipulation

“As I met Cindy the next day, she did her best to answer my questions, but she couldn’t possibly understand my perspective. She seemed to be completely unaware of the global conspiracy and the new world order agenda on any level. She even said George Bush Jr was a “good person” and a “good Christian”! How could someone who appeared to be so connected to “God” and have “prophetic insight” not be aware of what’s going on? It made no sense and something felt very strange about all this.

How did all this fit together? But once again, she failed to give me any real answers and I was incredibly frustrated. I traveled all this way for answers, but Cindy was failing to give them to me. She just brushed off my concerns about the global conspiracy and the Illuminati agenda with comments like “Just trust God” and “We can’t understand all of God’s ways”. Sorry but that simply wasn’t good enough!

Once the service was over I introduced myself and they were friendly and just seemed like ordinary guys, not some crazy “born again Christian types” and after chatting with them for a few minutes they told me I should meet David, the youth pastor. Over the coming weeks I attended the church every Sunday with the intention of learning more about Christianity and getting some of the answers I so desperately needed. I usually headed round to David’s afterwards and over the following weeks I made some friends, but I never really felt that close to anyone because there were still these massive question marks embedded in my mind over the truth about Christianity, the global conspiracy and the Reptilians and to my utter frustration all of these “Christians” were so blissfully ignorant of any of it. Things just didn’t feel right at all.

The guys at the church, including David, were very sincere in their beliefs and they all had constant “spiritual” experiences at Church and at home as well, but they just appeared to be so naive about what was happening in the world. I mean if these people, Christians, are God’s “chosen people” and he can directly communicate with many of them, like Cindy, then why the hell aren’t these people informed about what’s going on in the world?

Peggy Kane, through her reverse speech research, was very clear that all Religions, including Christianity, were set up by the Reptilians for manipulation and control. I now understand why I went through that 5 month period of total confusion as a “born again Christian”. I was meant to do it. I had to experience how powerful the Reptilian’s manipulation of humanity had been within Religion for myself. Much like an agent working behind enemy lines in order to truly understand the enemy.”

- Brad (www.HumanityWinsIlluminatiLose.com)

Humanity’s progress has been retarded (slowed down) and therefore we need the quickening power of God. The spirit of Him who lives in us quickens our mortal bodies. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy but Christ came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. We need the grace of God to bless us with effortless abundance so that we can achieve more results with less actions compared to others who put in a lot more action but reap less results from their actions. The curse of the law and the satanic forces of darkness are in opposition to those who are serving Truth and Light. We need the redemptive grace of Jesus to reverse the curse and overcome the forces of evil so that God’s treasure can come to us. Grace and Wisdom are the two things that form the counterbalance against all the problems we face.

Abraham Hicks says that the only thing that stops us from having what we want is resistance. They tell us that if we can clear our resistance in thought and feeling then we can have what we want. But they are not giving us the full picture of what that resistance is and the true solution to overcoming it. The Truth is that the work of darkness is what’s keeping prosperity and abundance and free access to energy and resources away from people. The word “Satan” means one who brings opposition. Satan is the one who is opposing your prosperity, not God. We must understand that poverty is a curse. The satanic forces of this world are keeping people in poverty as an effect of the curse. God did not create Man into enslavement. God create Man to “have dominion over All the works of My hands”. The Anunnaki story that God made Man to be slaves is a lie. It is Satan who came to enslave man. The Dark illuminati have performed a dark ritual to close all the third eye of everyone on the planet to prevent people from seeing the Truth. People’s third eye are “opened” to see only what Satan wants them to see. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. This can refer to Lucifer/Satan and the Dark Occult Forces or those whose eye has been opened to see the Truth of what is really going on and the need for God’s power and authority to overcome all the power of the enemy. Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world in a moment in time and said that if Jesus would worship him, he would give him all this authority and the glory of it, for it is delivered unto him. It was Adam who delivered this authority unto Satan. Satan’s government and rulers have been given authority by men who are willing slaves and ignorant of the Truth. Many of those who advance in this world without the Kingdom of the True God is because they worship the false god Satan by worshiping other gods or worshiping mammon/money or service to self/ego. The Word says that it is God who gives us richly All Things to enjoy. God says that it is Satan/illuminati keeping the money/prosperity/resources from coming to us, not God. And when men give unto those of us who are believers in Him, it is God Himself behind that giving. We can use our God given authority to tell Satan to take his hands off our money/prosperity and call ministering spirits to go forth and bring it to us. Since Satan and his dark forces are opposing us, we can enlist the help of God and his ministering spirits. As sons of God we have the right to unlimited abundance. It is not really Man’s authority but Satan’s authority that should be rejected. The Beast represents Man’s collective Beast Consciousness. And the Beast gets it’s authority from the Dragon which is Satan. We must claim our rights and reject Satan’s authority by using the authority of God.

If you want to stand up to a bully, you would need to build up power. In fact if you were to be so powerful, the bully might not even touch you. It also works if you have authority that the bully can recognize and has to respect for fear of what might happen if he does not comply. Authority is delegated power. It means you are backed by the force of other beings that would come to your aid if necessary. The reason why a master is able to enslave others is not just because they are willing slaves. It is also because he has some form of power to force them to obey by threatening their well-being. If slaves want to revolt successfully, they need to be able to access power that can overcome the power of their enslavers. The Israelites were enslaved for more than a century and endured their enslavement. It was only after they groaned that God remembered His covenant with them and sent them a savior. When Moses told Pharaoh to let his people go, he had to send the ten plagues over the people of Egypt before Pharaoh was willing to comply. Pharaoh’s sorcerers even fought against the divine magic of Moses and lost. A greater power was needed to overcome the power of the enemy before they surrender. We have a greater savior than Moses and that is Jesus. Jesus is able to overcome the enemy even at a level where the enemy is really at which is the supernatural dimension. Our battle is now being fought and won in the above and the below. You must use a higher authority to overcome the authority of the devil. Even the hermetic initiates submit to the higher to rule the lower. Rights must be known and rights must be claimed. You must claim your divine rights. As one who is In Christ, you must understand that you are not fighting for victory, but you are fighting from victory ground. Your spiritual warfare is one of enforcing the victory.

Great Deceptions from New Age and Spirit Beings

Abraham Hicks say that we can experience a life of complete serenity and peace no matter what all others in the world are doing. And they mock the idea of safety in numbers. You know what that is? That is total bullshit. You cannot experience a life of serenity and peace if the whole world around you collapses into a completely horrible state with filth, violence, ugliness and corruption everywhere. You are part of an ecosystem. Everything that happens out there affects you. The individual experience in the world is affected by the collective reality which is created by the majority of people on the planet. For change to happen, numbers are required! Another spirit guide called “Ask Real Jesus” says that you should not be involved in the dualistic game of battle between light and darkness no matter how many variations are there. Both Abraham Hicks and “Ask Real Jesus” are influencing people to not fight and to do nothing against what is going on. To discern what is true or false about what they say, you have to know their agenda. These beings will teach knowledge in a way that is completely service to self/ego, but not service to Higher Self or to Truth.

Abraham Hicks tell us to ignore the negative and to focus on only the positive. They say that if we focus on the negative, we attract more of it. You know what that is? That is bullshit. The universe would be very badly designed for the understanding of Truth if things were really that way. By ignoring the negative, it will continue to thrive and we will never be observing what is. If we do not focus on the negative, we cannot study it and understand it deeply enough to find the correct solution to it. Abraham Hicks says that when we are feeling good, we would not feel the need to do anything about the negative because we would not be thinking about it. That is exactly how bullshit this is. Sometimes we can only be spurred to action by feeling the negative emotion that comes from paying attention to the negative. The dark forces pretending to be light and feeding us with half truths and bullshit want us to continue to be manipulable and enslaved.

The world is not going to become better at the macro level or on the aggregate but is guaranteed to get worse as long as the control system of the dark occult forces are in place. It is possible that the dark occult force also has a plan of further deception to handle the scenario of being significantly exposed and revolted against. They have always planed and acted steps ahead to plant some errors against the Truth in forces who would rise up to oppose then. The way forward is to accelerate the Matrix program to its end by causing it to exhaust all its playable scenarios. And then the program will crumble entirely and a new world of freedom can truly take place. Know what to do as the real solutions on the micro level and the macro level. Focus on taking spiritual authority over the power of the enemy in your own personal life. Spread the message about the slave control system and Tesla’s technological solutions of true abundance. People need to be awakened to take action to end slavery so that true freedom and abundance can be experienced. Satan has taken over not just this planet but also many other planets and star systems on the higher dimensions of the universe. He has his cohorts in Pleiades, Sirius, Saturn and others. We came here to partake in a slave rebellion. It is possible that we incarnated into this mess because we were part of the Satanic rebellion in Heaven and have been given a chance at redemption down here on Earth. The revolution of True Freedom that is brought about on the Earth will spread across the entire Universe and bring about a cleansing of the Second Heaven as well.

Many people have been taught that to have money and financial prosperity, we must come into alignment with it. But they have been taught by service to self/ego entities to come into alignment with it by worshipping Satan. How is that so? Well, whenever you go to places where casino’s are, the vibration of money is very high. It is because casinos are set up to draw in money and prosperity through Satan’s ways. People have been taught to align themselves with money the way casino owners do. They have become aligned with worldly fame and fortune. Businesses are set up not for pure good but for making money and selling what sells. People align with money by not caring about the misfortunes of others in impoverished conditions and just saying that they are lacking wealth consciousness. Even their pittance contribution to charity is not solving the issues at a deeper level. To really bring abundance into the world, one has to do the great work of learning and waking others up. This takes a lot more effort than money focused people are willing to involve in. It is good to enjoy and tap into the energy of money and prosperity at casino places and the riches of the kingdoms of the world, but realize that there is a higher path of aligning with prosperity and abundance, and that is by tapping on the redemptive grace of God to attract prosperity into your life and taking spiritual authority against the power of the enemy’s control over finances.

- Enoch Mind Reality

“Tell the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile.”
- Paolo Coelho

The Clever Game of False Light Spirit Beings

The false light spiritual entities are very clever at their game of deception. They would present something that would be deceptive and lead people astray and then when they are caught or questioned later, they would continue their game by “adding further clarification” to the matter. In the first place, they were presenting things in a way that could lead people astray deliberately. They would say things that could be interpreted differently so that people might argue the rightness of the nonsense, they are sly with words, linguistics and NLP to subtly program people’s behavior in faulty ways. They even use examples to show their teaching works when the actual causal factors involve much more than what they say it is. They would even use half truths to prepare minds to receive their bullshit by saying that words are difficult to translate non-physical concepts and that distortions may occur, etc. There is a difference between unintentional distortion and intentional distortion. The false light spiritual entities do the latter. They would even play a game where their story is always changing each time they tell it, and they would even say that’s the way it works, and whenever they run into a problem later, they would come up with a new revelation to resolve the issue. With such a game, it is difficult to lose, unless one can keep up with their nonsense. They start off in the past with the most blatant lies and over time evolve their game to encompass more and more truth that is mixed with subtle errors.

Abraham Hicks said that you will know what is true based on how it feels to you. And then they go on to plant a suggestion about how it feels by saying it is all about “feeling good”. Well you know what that is? That is Total Bullshit. There is a difference between what feels good and what feels right. Then again false light beings have said that there is no such thing as right and wrong and that is all about feeling good. You know what is true based on whether something feels right deep down on the inside. Sometimes something feels good when you hear it but doesn’t feel quite right, and sometimes something doesn’t feel so good but hearing it feels right because you know it is true. Other false light beings like “Ask Real Jesus” say that they are in the dimension of the “Ascended Host” and say that those beings that exist and channel from the “mental plane” are not advanced enough and are therefore still stuck in that plane. Well, Satanic false light beings have always either tried to get people to bypass their mind or “go beyond” it so as to believe the bullshit coming from these “Ascended Host”. The dark occult forces have kept the real knowledge of Truth that “The Universe is Mental” hidden away from the masses and fed bullshit lies through distorted spiritual teachings in order to maintain a power differential between themselves and all those they control. The Truth is that the mental realm is above and controls the astral/emotional realm. If you can’t even get your mind right and your thoughts logical, how can you perceive with clarity what is true and what isn’t? Perception of what is true in information depends on how much you know and understand and observe in nature and reality. Feelings are influenced by thought and perception, and the mental plane supersedes the emotional. Right brain imbalanced spirituality makes people dumb down in their logic and left brain so that they can be controllable by the dark forces and their dark agenda in this world. In order to know the Truth, learning is required, knowledge must be processed, understanding is required, thinking is required and observation is required. “Feeling good” alone will never get you anywhere with True Knowledge of the Truth. Critical thinking goes against what Abraham Hicks, the New Age Religion and Organized Religion teach. You can’t always go by your feelings alone because False Light Beings are adept at manipulating your feelings and your sensations. But you have layers of feelings and the act of using your Mind and Logic helps you to see through the bullshit and bring up the deeper and truer feelings regarding all that is false.

It doesn’t matter how much spiritual benefits something may give you in terms of light and life, if it contains bullshit that is against Truth and Logic, it is not the highest light or life. You can receive its benefits but never fully accept it as completely legitimate.

- Enoch Mind Reality

“The Reptilian’s most effective method of manipulating humanity has always been to mix truth and lies together, to distort and twist the truth, so that the lies are packaged to look and sound just so wonderful and positive. It is very apparent that the teachings of Abraham-Hicks are attempting to turn people into robotic humans. Humans who must distract themselves from all negative thoughts and never show any sign of negative emotion. The Reptilians understand the human need for spiritual connection and they are masters at manipulation in this area. They are an incredibly intelligent race, and for them, speaking to a human is comparable to an adult Human speaking to a 4 year old. People are unfortunately too quick to assume that such apparently ”evolved beings”, speaking such “wisdom” through a sweet little woman like Esther Hicks, could be anything other than trustworthy. Critical thinking goes against everything Abraham teaches. The Reptilian’s are using the New Age arena in exactly the same way they have used traditional religion for millennia; To separate and divide people into “believers” and “non-believers” and to pacify people into accepting and disconnecting from the horrors and cruelties of this world. The Reptilians don’t want a human population that will stand up, come together and take action against their agenda. They want people at home visualizing Ferraris and yachts, and focusing on their own personal needs, not coming to the aid of their fellow man. ”

- Brad (humanitywinsilluminatilose.com)

“The dark illuminati performed a ritual to close the third eye of all the people in the world, and that the dark occultist have been deliberately feeding bullshit into the new age movement to be propagated and accepted by many others. It is all mind control setup by the dark forces to keep people ignorant from the Truth of what is really going on. They are using the principles of magic, misdirection and hypnosis.

Satan has put his deceptions and mind control in all five areas of society: Government, False Science, Organized Religion, the New Age Movement, and the Monetary System. All of it are filled with distortions to keep people enslaved from true Abundance and Freedom.

The Dark Illuminati have used these five areas to keep people from accessing the real solutions to their own empowerment and real freedom of existence. The real solutions have been suppressed and kept hidden. The real solutions have been offered by the super geniuses like Nikola Tesla and his vast technological solutions of Free Energy, anti-gravity technology, etc, and from magi of ancient time with their esoteric knowledge of “Know Thyself” and about Natural Law. These solutions cover the inner and outer world and provide true and holistic transformation to the Human Condition.”

The world is not going to be better. On the micro level, certain things may be getting better, but on the macro level, humanity is getting worse and worse in economic slavery due to the illuminati engineered destruction of monetary value and government enslavement due to giving up of individual rights from illuminati engineered terrorist attacks. As long as the control system exists, the world is on a guaranteed path of darker and darker days. But people don’t want to hear it because people have been conditioned to “ignore the negative”. The “New Age Movement” has been set up by the Dark Illuminati and false light beings as the “Catch All” religion for all those people who have become disillusioned with organized religion. It is Satan’s final trap to get people to stand down and let the Dark New World Order bring our world into enslavement and darkness under their evil control, before the True Awakening process. The only way out is for people to Pay Attention to the Darkness and what is really going on and to Speak out against it to the point where the majority Wake up and start to take Action against the control system to End Slavery so that the Real solutions of Free Energy, technological prosperity and Natural Law Spirituality and Self Sovereignty can be brought forth and bring humanity into a true state of intergalactic maturity.

The idea that Truth is self evident and therefore does not need to be defended is another bullshit propagated by the dark forces to lull people into being mind controlled and enslaved. Truth needs to be defended. Truth cannot be destroyed, but WE can be destroyed if we do not be her voice. Truth by it’s very nature is belligerent, always warring against all that is untrue and deception. Truth can never be destroyed but WE can be destroyed if we do not be its defender.

We Must Speak the Truth whenever we can and keep speaking it. The forces of falsehood are continually speaking their lies. The voice of Truth must continually be heard among the people.

“The bad aliens may be gone but their works\thought forms still remain.” – That is one of many deceptive statements that have been propagated by False Light Beings all along. This is not something new. That is EXACTLY what the Dark Forces want you to believe. And they are propagated this bullshit through channeled messages from False Light Beings. The Dark Ones are NOT GONE. They are still right here operating and carrying out their Agenda and Mind Control System and there is STILL MORE to come. You need to do a lot of study and observation in the present moment to know what the Truth is. Never take a particular channeled message as the only thing you need to know what is going on. It is not about Fear. It is about Awareness. The light will only win when we participate in taking the necessary action needed to end slavery. Satan has his web of deception in every place, including Christianity. In order to know what the Truth is, you have to know what the lies are and the dark forces propagating it. Which means you cannot know it from the outside, you must look into insider knowledge. It is not just about “accepting” other ideas. It is about investigating them and doing proper research and understanding into them without judging from the “outside”. There are lots of truths in Christianity that the New Age people have shunned without even looking into it. But the idea that the dark aliens are gone is a Total Lie. Bullshit is what it is. If the channel you listen to is telling such a blatant lie, you might wonder what else about it that is also deception. You need to do much Research and Observation with your Eyes Open to know the Truth. There are many resources given already and there will still be more given. Until you decide to investigate further yourself, you are still under mind control by what the dark occultist want you to believe. That includes all False Light Beings that are in cahoots with them.

Some people say that to focus on the dark forces and their control system is to live in fear. It is NOT about Fear but it is about AWARENESS. Those mentioning of fear again and again shows how Much in FEAR they are of facing What Is. They are truly Mind Controlled when they think that way. The Dark Forces have Programmed them into automatically thinking that paying attention to the darkness means living in fear.

Some people have been so brainwashed and in deep mind control that it is amazing how they refuse to investigate and get off their ass to do research with the information provided, but simply choose to stick with what they already are comfortable with and want to believe to be true. That is exactly what the dark forces want and have programmed people to think and do.

I am here to be a voice for Truth. To call out all the lies and deception propagated by the dark forces that control the world.

- Enoch Mind Reality

Benny Hinn (Famous Christian Minister) Tells Us He Is a Reptilian Pawn (In Reverse Speech Psychological Audio Technology)
=> http://www.humanitywinsilluminatilose.com/?p=170

Truth is Truth regardless of what you believe. “Since when does logic win where people discuss spirituality” – this is exactly one of the biggest bullshit propagated by the dark forces into spirituality to make people dumb, stupid and brainless, and mind controlled. People cannot win with logic because they are foolish and lacking in thought and understanding. Logic IS the key to knowing TRUTH. That is the ultimate secret kept from the masses by the dark forces.

It IS Bullshit because it is what the Dark Forces THEMSELVES reveal to be deliberately feeding to you! This is a video of someone who was a Satanic Priest for Ten Years and had connections with the higher ups in Freemasonry and he came out of it to expose them all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_iyHnGHQaI

False Light Beings have said that you need to ignore a problem think positively about it and it will turn out well for you. And then they use certain examples such as medical problems. But the truth is in such cases, the solutions they are using are already wrong such as the drugs they take or medical diagnosis of disease. There are much errors in mainstream medical science that are no in accordance with the Truth. By default, what those false light beings say and the scenarios they use to back them up are total bullshit. The Truth is that ignoring a problem and thinking positively about it does Not solve it. To solve a problem, you must think about the problem and gain real knowledge of it and also think about whether the proposed solutions are true or are they also causing problems. You must do all these until you come up with the solution for the problem. Abraham Hicks likes to downplay the idea of problem solving. You know what that is? That is Total Bullshit. Don’t buy into that nonsense. They are making humans go against true intelligence in order to be manipulable by dark forces. Truth and Light is opposite. They also do that because they know that the moment people focus more on what the problem is, the law of attraction will bring more and more of what’s wrong about their teachings and even the world at large and inevitably come to discover the real macro level problems of the dark illuminati control system that is the true enemy and the need to awaken the majority of people on the planet to stop believing in bullshit and to stop being order followers of the slave system. No, the dark forces can’t have that. That is why the have to stop such an awakening by nipping it in the bud. They have to do that by working at the level of people’s thought processes and how they think. This is all mind control. Satan has sought to blind people’s eyes from seeing the Truth in all ways.

Our original Twelve Strand DNA has been manipulated into Two Strands in order to perform frequency control and manipulate our consciousness. The Maya (illusion) consists of both the illusion of separation from the spiritual world, and also the Matrix Mind Control System of Government, False Science, Monetary System, ALL Religions and the New Age Movement. The Dark Occult Forces and Reptilians have engineered this illusion upon us in the spiritual and physical plane. It is time to Free Our Minds and bust through all these layers of illusions into True Awakening.

Some people think that True Awakening is when the veil of forgetfulness is lifted and you know who you really are and your “past lives” and soul family, and where they came from. That is Half Awakening. The New Age have only been taught half of the answer when they still remain ASLEEP. True Awakening is Awakening to the illusion that has been pulled over your eyes by Dark Forces in both the Spiritual and Material plane. True Awakening is realizing all the Nonsense and Bullshit that False Light Beings have been feeding you, and also the illuminati Control System that has been enslaving you, and to take Action to Change Things upon the Earth with the Real Solutions. The solutions to True Awakening are found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1pkJaNbzLU

Many people get “seeing past the illusion of the 3rd dimension” wrong. It is Not “seeing that evil is just an illusion”. That is exactly the wrong idea that evil itself has propagated in this world. It is seeing through the illusion that evil has set upon the world and wake up to the fact that something is Very WRONG here and needs to be CORRECTED, and Action is needed. The control system must be removed for True Abundance to be accessed. And until that is done, we can never expect to be welcomed by the extraterrestrials of Light into other galaxies. We need to Change things HERE first before the Intergalactic Highways become fully open to us. People are in Delusion if they think otherwise, and that is exactly the kind of nonsense that the False Light Beings and Dark Controllers have fed people to believe.

“Raising vibrations” is NOT enough. ACTION is Required to Change things on the Planet. And that Action is saying NO to the Control System. And until the Majority of people Wake Up and Learn to DO that, we will never be free, and the Real Solutions to True Abundance will Never happen, and They will continue to Rule Us and that will continue to be a sign that humans have Not Truly Awaken yet. The idea that the dark ones cannot handle “higher vibration” and stay is Bullshit. False Light Beings have created all kinds of spiritual paths to raise people’s vibrations, but do absolutely nothing in terms of Action to create real change to end slavery. The Dark Forces and False Light Beings make certain groups of people on a “high” and “feeling good” but really still under mind control with the Blue Pill. The Real Red Pill is not the false notion of “raising vibration” but it is about seeing the Truth and taking Action to Correct what is Wrong down here (physical world filled with bullshit and mind control) and up there (Astral plane filled with bullshit and mind control).

Some people think that Dark beings cannot survive in the 5th dimension, the light quotient is too high. So raising your vibration to that level is what’s needed. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG… the 5th Dimension is Exactly where MANY of the Dark Beings (False Light Beings) are. There have been many false teachings that come from these false light beings about the nonphysical worlds. They Occupy both the 4th and 5th Dimension. Service to self/ego entities exist all the way to 6th Dimension/Density. Only in the 7th Dimension/Density is there where Pure Light is. And there is NO such thing as raising vibration to 7th dimension on this planet. Right here is where polarization is designed to play out. Raising Vibration to 5th dimension only allows us to tap into the information and abilities at that level, BUT it does not make the False Light Beings go away. That would be Nonsense. They will be around at every level lower than 7th to mess around with us if they can. Enlightenment does Not mean Good, it means SMART. Until we learn to see through all the illusions and bullshit they can come up with, raising vibrations alone does not solve everything. And you would Never be going in the Right Direction until you Take the Action that is REQUIRED to end slavery and remove the control system on this planet.

There is No Light without Knowledge. Light comes from Knowledge. Darkness is the Concealment of Knowledge. The Dark Ones conceal knowledge from us to create a power differential between those who know and those who do not know. And they set up Illusions to blind us from the Truth of what is really going on. Enlightenment means Smart which means Knowledge is Required. and Truth IS Knowledge. And you don’t find God without Knowledge. Knowledge IS the way to Find God. Any other means of Find God with a “mystical” experience or “feeling” that has no solid knowledge behind it is BULLSHIT Reptilian Technology Generated Illusionary Experience to Fool you. And ultimately ACTION is required. To Know and Not Do is NOT Yet to Know. You would Not be Taking the Right Turns without doing the Required Action to End Slavery, to end the control system that enslaves everyone on the planet through suppression of Free Energy, Tesla Tech, and keeping people under Mind Control.

It is Not about Frequency. It is about Information. Information at any frequency can be distorted and filled with bullshit. The dark side (which is also light side with bullshit and nonsense) can exist at any frequency except the Ultimate frequency of Truth (God). The Earth will Never Ascend until the people down here take ACTION to remove the control system that Retards and Holds Back the progress of Consciousness. That is what the Dark Occult and False Light Beings are preventing at all cost. They don’t want you to do that. They will be giving all kinds of bullshit spiritual teachings to forever trap you in an endless circle going nowhere until you come into True Awakening, and decide to say NO to the control system and it involves NUMBERS. The Majority of people Must be awaken to Take Action for that to happen. The Truth is that darkness (Untruth and bullshit) can exist in Any spiritual world, dimensions, realities, planes of existence you can go to except the ultimate dimension of God (Truth), because spirits are always learning and need to be corrected when they are Wrong about something.

There is No source of information that I trust 100% about every single thing they say. There can be errors sometimes as well. Right now, I find that most of the things Mark Passio says are true. He was a Satanic Priest for 10 years and possess insider information about the higher levels of Freemasonary and the Illuminati, and came out to Expose them all. The best way to know the truth is not on the side of light, but from the side of Darkness. You want to know How the dark side deliberately do things to deceive you. You have to know their secrets. Much of the True Knowledge is Hidden in the Occult. You can Never know fully how a Magic Trick is done by trying to deduce it from an Outsider point of view. You have to be on the INSIDE and be taught by the Magician How it is Done. Much of my knowledge of Truth comes from the Occult and Hermetic Philosophy, and I was a Magician as well performing onstage and off stage. This is why when I heard the teachings of Mark Passio, it unlocks all the things I already know and realize where to look this time.

I know all the secrets of magic, misdirection, deception, trickery, illusion, mind control and manipulation that most people are clueless about. Of course people don’t want to know because they enjoy illusion and love to be fooled. Good magicians perform a magic show to give people something of value in the form of entertainment and do not really take anything away from them in unjust manner. Dark magicians are conmen and manipulators who perform trickery on others and actual steal something from them in terms of money, service and life. The deceptions of the illuminati and false light spirit beings are all one big magic trick that the Dark Magicians have pulled upon the planet. The Maya (illusion) is Satan’s Mental Matrix Mind Control System both in the below (physical world) and in the above (nonphysical world of false light beings). There are many layers of illusions masking our reality, and truths, half truths and bullshit given by the dark forces because Satan/Reptilian wants to be God.

The illuminati sends “false exposers” to bluff people as well. We have to use our own thinking, reasoning, logic, observation and research to know the Truth. I have said this over and over again. This is how I process All Information from Any Source no Matter what it is or where it comes from. Truth when seen with Intelligence is Blatantly Obvious. Check out the teachings from Mark Passio and you can decide for yourself. As from most of my postings, you can already have a good idea what Mark Passio is saying because I’ve been saying much of the same things too.

False Light Beings have said that you should not feel the emotion of needing something. You know what that is? That is total bullshit. You have to feel your need authentically when it is there. You cannot pretend you have no needs and that you already have everything you need. Miracles happen when there is a strong need for something and it is felt and expressed to God. This is how the Universe works in the Natural way. False light beings want to create right brain imbalance so that people become more passive and less exertive in their manifesting. The New Age movement is manipulated by dark forces for the suppression of the sacred masculine. In manifesting, there are two factors: desiring and allowing. It is Yin-Yang. Desiring is masculine and allowing is feminine. Abraham Hicks downplay the sacred masculine by talking very little about desiring and focusing most of the time on allowing. They even say that humans have been desiring a lot already and allow that is needed to do now is to just allow. They even say that Step 2 (Allowing) is all that is needed to be done because Step 1 (Desiring and Knowing what you want) is always happening because of the contrast you have been experiencing. Again more bullshit. The Truth is humans have not been desiring enough. And people need to do Step 1 deliberately and not automatically in order to know what they want. They need to do much deliberate thinking about the problem and what is desired in order to have a proper focus and clarity of what they want. They claim to be teachers of deliberate creation but teach this subject with so many flaws and teach people to be less deliberate in natural ways and more deliberate in unnatural ways.

Strategy of False Light Beings:

Give you truths to hook you in, and those truths are usually service to self/ego or service to others ego. Those truths are valuable which would benefit you to learn but those beings will never give you the truths that are in service to higher self and Truth of what is really going on.

Give you half truths that work half the time or for half the things in your life situations, and then trying to enforce to half truths as a blanket solution for most problems so that you are solving some issues while being stuck in others or even going backwards in them and as a result never really free of the control system put in place to cause all problems are the macro level. You can use those half truth solutions at the micro level when applicable but discard them in situations and activities where they don’t apply, or to apply them in conjunction with the other components of Truth.

Feed you with bullshit so you can be mind controlled by them and never discover their dark agenda and the darkness that is going on at the macro level or to even do anything substantial about it.

Real Knowledge has been occulted (hidden away). That is why it is called the Occult. It is time to De-Occult it so that the world may know what the Truth is and what the dark forces are doing with their Mind Control System of humanity economic, life and consciousness enslavement.

“For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”
- Luke 8:17

“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”
- Luke 12:2

In order for the evolution of consciousness to freely progress, the control system must be removed first. The control system is what retards (slows down) and impedes the forward movement of consciousness by it’s lies, mind control, deception, economic enslavement, restriction of resources, Tesla technology and free energy. Trying to move as fast as possible in the evolution of consciousness is impossible with the overwhelming resistance created by the control system that takes your energy and your time by enslaving you economically, withholding resources from you, suppressing freedom of speech and self sovereignty, and leading you into wrong paths and distracting you. The current most essential step for the progress of consciousness is the removal of the chains that bind humans in a mental prison on the earth. The dark control system must be exposed and removed. Some people say that after the control system is removed, we would still have to deal with human stupidity and evil nature that might run unbridled upon society without the control system in place. The evils that humans do are mostly influence by the dark forces in the astral planes. Contrary to idea that we should work on the above first before the below can be changed (which is another deception propagated by the dark forces), what’s really needed is to change the below first before the above can be properly dealt with. When the control system is removed, the real forces of light on the planet would have the space, energy and time freed up to do spiritual battle against the dark forces and overwhelm them. In Truth, it is the control system that has dumb down everybody and make people stupid by enslaving them economically therefore giving them little time to read and do deep research into the microcosm and macrocosm for true understanding and consciousness transformation. The control system has fed people with bullshit to throw them off the path and mind controlled them to impede their progress. It has distracted them to keep them away from learning real knowledge or passing it on to others. The fight for freedom must take place first before humanity can reach the next stage of consciousness evolution and intergalactic maturity.

People think that they already know about the Illuminati based on their existence and the groups of people that they consist of. That is only ELEMENTARY… BASIC… Kindergarten Knowledge about the illuminati. I am talking about Knowledge that Exposes HOW they Mind Control You, and all the Bullshit they have deliberately fed into the New Age. These are things many people have Not a Clue about. I am talking about WHAT the REAL Solutions are to overcoming the Dark Forces which they DO NOT WANT YOU to Know About. In fact they have been programming everybody to do the opposite. Just ignore and carry on with life and meditate and expect to be free. BULLSHIT! Personal Reality is what Abraham Hicks and False Light Beings have focused solely upon all along. They do not focus on the fact that Reality is Created on the AGREEGATE. Which means for Real Change to Happen, NUMBERS are required, and the Majority of people on the planet Need to be WOKEN UP to the ways they have been Mind Controlled and fed Bullshit spiritual ideas, and to take ACTION to remove the Dark Control Matrix upon us in order for us to access the True Abundance of Free Energy, Tesla Technology that have been kept from us all along. All these “personal manifestation” of abundance are NOTHING compared to the Immense level of Abundance that would be released when the control system is removed. The Dark Forces want you to be happy in your own little world playing with your own little toys of “manifestation” while they gleefully own the Bigger Portion and kept the Real Power of Manifestation from everyone else. Time to Wake Up and realize the Truth has been opposite to what many of us has been told. I did, and I am now focusing on the True Solutions of freeing people’s minds from bullshit programming.

This is one of the shortest videos from Mark Passio. It is only 34 minutes, and it talks about the Manifestation of True Abundance for everyone on the planet. This totally trumps all other levels of “manifesting abundance” that can ever be created as long as the control system is in place: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2X6aPPoB9s

How TRUE Abundance is Stolen from You in Macro-Reality

People Don’t Know how Enslaved they are. Many are feeling pretty comfortable enough with life in society and even prospering financially to a certain extent. But that is only a TINY bit of Abundance at the MICRO Level of reality. They are unaware of the HUGE Amount being Stolen from them and Humanity at the MACRO Level. The illuminati engineered Federal Reserve devaluation of money, and the suppression of Free Energy and Tesla Technologies, and overtaking of human rights by Government (Latin: Gubernare Mens = Control Mind = Mind Control). We are in the Matrix Mind Control System! And many are living comfortable lives with the Blue Pill. Few want to take the Red Pill and wake up to the Truth that Humanity as a whole is being entrapped into a Global Prison little by little. The way to create True Abundance is to wake up the majority to the Dark Occult Control of the world, and to take Action to remove it so that we can be truly FREE.

We need to be free of slavery. In order to do that, we need to create reality at the AGGREGATE. Which means numbers are required. Third World countries are hindered from progressing because of the suppression of resources and it is all due to the Control System in place. In fact, the majority of the worlds problems and wars have been influenced by the same group of people in one way or another. With the way things are, we are Already in CHAOS disguised as Order. Crime occurs because Resources and Information have been greatly suppressed. You need to know the Bigger Picture of what is going on and how it leads to all things as a whole all over the world. You won’t know what is Really Going On by looking at the micro level of things. Without the suppression of resources and information, people will change and live more harmoniously and have less need to cheat or control others. All the control in the world is due to the dark occult control at the highest levels.

The world has always been under the control system that seems to encourage people to produce matrix-like behavior. A lot of things done in the world today are just keeping people where they are and never really making any real progress. So many things bring “results” and “success” at the micro level of reality but are really meaningless and pointless at the macro level of reality. This is what the dark Archons/Rulers of the planet have been deliberately doing to ensure that human consciousness remain willingly enslaved by them. In a world not ruled by Mammon/Money – popularity, fame and mass market would Not matter. And people could truly focus on the leading edge stuff without worrying about lack of resources to fulfill all that they wish to accomplish and experience in reality.

“This world is all just an illusion” is another bullshit statement programmed into the New Age Movement by the Dark Occult Forces to keep people in Right Brain Imbalanced Spirituality. It is usually translated in people’s minds to mean “Since it is all an illusion, nothing really matters, so what’s the big deal with the control system?” This is exactly how the Dark Forces have mind controlled people from taking real world Action necessary to create the Real Change in the world. False Light Spirituality has mind controlled people into being “detached” to this world so that the Dark Ones can continue their Agenda unhindered. It is not balanced, it is not Truth. What happens in the physical world matters! The experience is Real. False Science negates Spirit, while False Light Spirituality (in All Religions) downplays matter. Truth is the Nonduality of Spirit and Matter. They are not separate. The All is One. Spirit is not superior to Matter, Matter is not superior to Spirit. The Both Matter Equally.”

“In Satanism, there are Satanic Sins that Satanists do not let themselves do. Because when they engage in these practices, they do not rule over others, they do not come out on top, they do not gain a competitive advantage. But they do encourage and influence others to do those things. The First Satanic Sin is Stupidity. Satanists do not allow themselves to engage in stupid thought, but they encourage others to do it. One of it is the bullshit that “You can never really know. There is no such thing as truth. Truth is subjective. There is no objective reality.” Satanists know that Truth exists and they seek to know what the Truth is, while they feed the lies to others. This includes all the Bullshit patterns of thought and nonsense that have been programmed into the New Age by the Dark Occult Satanists, Dark Luciferians, Dark Illuminati.”

“Diagnosis consists of the Greek words Dia (By way of) Gnosis (Knowledge). The de-emphasis on Knowledge through Solipsism that is being propagated by the New Age movement ensures that you can never make an accurate diagnosis of the causal factors of any given problem. Abraham Hicks and False Light Beings say that whenever you experience an unwanted situation, you should simply focus your attention away from it and onto what is wanted in order to “change your point of attraction”. They say there is no need to focus on the problem and try to figure out the cause of it. They say it doesn’t matter and what you focus on in the moment is all that matters. They say that focusing on the problem only brings more of it. This is Total and Utter Bullshit. It totally goes against the way of Truth, and it goes the way of Stupidity. The Agenda of the Dark Occult Forces and False Light Beings is to diminish critical thinking and open people to Mind Control. Solipsism is the hallmark of spiritual infancy. It is the sign of someone who hasn’t even begun to grow up spirituality. Abraham Hicks said they are like a bunch of kids.”

We may not be able to exactly who are the true beings of the Light and neither can we trust 100% in any who may claim to be on the side of Light. But we can know with greater certainty which are the ones on the side of False Light or Darkness. Satan/Reptilians have ensnared the world in all kinds of traps to mind control people including government, false science, the monetary system, All Religions and the New Age movement. We can recognize the control of the reptilians by observing the intense presence of mind control upon people, and one of the greatest areas of spiritual mind control is in Christianity. Any place that contains intense mind control is a domain of the reptilians. The other area is the New Age movement. Although the strongest presence of mind control is still in government, false science and the monetary system. The key to accessing God is indeed found within us. It is through the use of the mind, intelligence and Logic that we are able to Know what the Truth is and the Reality of God or Prime Creator. The All is Mind and the Universe is Mental and God is Infinite Intelligence therefore the True God or “The ALL” is known mentally through the use of Intelligence and not solely on “faith” which is one of the mind controls used by the reptilians in religion. Much of the information we need can be found in every place since Truth is often mixed with falsehood, therefore we can obtain much of the information we need even in the reptilian traps, while there is also information that may come from possibly true light sources. The Truth has never been found in the places where the majority of people are, at least not yet. All Religions and the New Age movement have been very much under the control of the reptilians. And yet the Truth can be found by going into their Occult (Hidden) Knowledge which they have veiled from us in order to maintain a power differential between us and them. All Religions have different levels of mind control, some mind control are more overt than others. The more overt mind control a religion has, the more subversive and enslaved the people are in their thoughts and behavior. Islam is one of the religions with the most amount of overt mind control where its followers are not even allowed to swallow their own saliva when they are fasting. The more mind control something has, the more against Natural Law it is. The more intelligent one is, the less they would allow themselves to come under mind control. Therefore Christianity is one religion where people who are less willing to be enslaved may be in because there appears to be less overt mind control in it. The next would be the New Age movement since it also appears to free people from the mind control of other religions but yet also contains lots of bullshit programmed into it by the dark occult forces themselves to trap them people in mind control. The less under mind control one is, the more they are able to think clearly, logically and see through bullshit and nonsense.

We experience all the illusions so that we can bust through them and be able not to be fooled by any of them again.

The worse kind of control is when you don’t even know that you are being controlled. That is real mind control.

The dark team have multiple endgame scenarios in play simultaneously with their myriad of moves in real time. How the endgame scenarios would play out would depend on which of the endgame scenarios complement each other and which clash into each other and the actions taken that would cause the degree of manifestation of each endgame scenario. We are in eschaton, apocalypse, the end time, endgame.

Enlightenment does not mean good. It means smart. God is Intelligent Infinity and Infinite Intelligence. Therefore Intelligent Infinity allowed this whole game to test how smart/intelligent you can become. Prime Creator did not create this stupid and retarded game that retards (slow down) human consciousness but He allowed it to be played so that beings can be tested to become where He truly is. Truth, half truths and bullshit are set up everywhere in all places. Intelligence is truly the highest thing and is even higher than “love” which many beings have been fooled with. Notice that many nonphysical beings have called God Infinite Intelligence. This is already a clear sign of God’s ultimate trait. The false light beings are here to be our opponents in intelligence. They are playing a game of con, illusion and manipulation. The Occult Knowledge of the dark forces contain the ultimate truth that The All is Mind and the Universe is Mental. The more intelligent a being truly is, the more they can 1. Play the role of being an Archon/Ruler and rule over others as the dark team 2. Escape the bullshit, mind control and Archonic rule of others and eventually truly rise to higher planes of existence 3. Do the Real things that are necessary to turn the game around in freeing humanity’s consciousness from the mind control system of the dark team. The ability to shapeshift (align yourself in certain ways) to work with any side to make use of the things that are useful without necessarily giving full allegiance is a trait of intelligence. The nature of the game is also the reason why the dark team and false light beings give us both truths and bullshit so that we can find the clues that are there in the open to win the game. It means we have to do our own thinking and think intelligently in processing all ideas and information that we come across. Even thought ultimate it is All One and both dark team and light team are the same team for the game of evolution of consciousness, it does not mean that there is no enemy to fight and you can relax from playing the game. This is one of the final deceptions that the dark team wants you to be duped by. If you do that, not only do you lose the game but also fail to ascend any further in the path to God realization. The real evolution of consciousness is not reaching some mystical, bliss out, all is one, no judgment, no duality transcendental bullshit state. The real evolution of consciousness is the evolution of intelligence. And intelligence is the ability to make finer distinctions. To differentiate truth from error. Like the “sword that pierces into the dividing asunder of soul and spirit” clue in the Bible. Any “God” that leads you in a way that makes you dumb down in intelligence is playing at the Archonic level. The Ultimate God leads you into Intelligent Infinity beyond the veil of illusion of all worlds.

We are all humans sent by God as an experiment on the earth. Life is a test of intelligence. Enlightenment is Intelligence. It is a test to see whether we can use our own God given intelligence and minds to bust through all the falsehood and Untruths given by all kinds of beings in the Above and Below. Truth will always be mixed with Untruth so that it takes conscious thinking to see through Mind Control when it is being used. In doing so, we can Free Our Minds from all that is Not God and reach the True God which is Infinite Intelligence.

Awakening the world with Truth is the first step to Change. Freeing your mind from the illusion and mind controls is the first step. Next is to free other people’s minds. And when enough people in this world are ready to unplug, there can be Action taken in mass to saying No to the control system. Until that happens, no one is getting out.

Reality is covered with all kinds of illusion. Life is a test of intelligence. It is a test of using the mind, logic, observation and research to bust through all the illusions. Enlightenment is Intelligence. It is a test to see how intelligent everyone can become. The one with the most intelligence will bust through the most illusions and be most free from mind controls to think clearly and see clearly to know the Truth..

One thing is certain, there are a group of extraterrestrials controlling the earth from below (illuminati and dark occult) and above (false light beings in the astral planes). God is Infinite Intelligence. By using intelligence, we can come to truly know all that is God, and all that is bullshit.

The solution to ending the control system of planetary slavery is by getting this information into the minds of as many people as possible. The Mental Plane of Causes is where all power to effect change exists. The Physical Plane of Effects is where no power to effect change exists. Once people have been changed at the level of the mind, the next step is in Taking Action which is to Stop being Order Followers. In every act of evil being done, the Order Followers are Always More Morally Culpable than the Order Givers. Because it is the Order Followers that ultimately bring it into actual physical manifestation. Order Following has never been a good thing in all times and places, no exceptions. Order Following is having to do what you are told even when your conscience disagrees with it. The police and military are Order Followers. Every totalitarian society is called a police state. That is because it is the police that forces people to comply with the wishes of the Archons/Rulers through the use of violence. And it is the military that causes immoral acts of violence against others due to order following. Anarchy does not mean without Rules. It means without Rulers. No Masters = No Slaves. Everyone should live by Natural Law and not man made laws. Natural Law is a body of universal non man made laws that are found in Nature and act as the governing dynamics of consciousness. People should stand up for their rights and be willing to take Defensive Force when their rights are being violated by those who try to enslave them through use of violence which is immoral use of force. All of this is possible when people learn two things: Natural Law and to stop being Order Followers.

The false light beings have been giving spiritual teachings that help man develop their spiritual abilities but also with nonsense that limits the true awakening process to see through lies and deception on every side that the dark forces have entrapped humanity in. That includes All Religions and the New Age movement. Their Agenda is to become the gods of this world through the use of falsehood and mind control to establish their own bullshit version of spirituality. Any teaching that feeds you nonsense to diminish critical thinking comes from them. Those who use their minds intelligently can bust through the layers of illusion set up by them including the false ideas of illusion that they propagate.

We are here to be system busters from the inside out. That is what those of us of the Light have incarnated here on earth to do. It is to call out all the bullshit and nonsense and create a change in mass consciousness towards the Truth and free the planet from the dark mind control system that retards (slows down) the progress of consciousness. And if we leave this planet, we are still going to have to bust through the bullshit and nonsense taking place in the nonphysical realms as well. The idea that “It is all one and it is all good” comes from the false light beings. It is Not all good. The duality between truth and falsehood also exist in the above as it does in the below. Anything that goes against the Occult Principle of Correspondence is Nonsense and a Lie. We have more right to talk about the issues of earth because we are the ones who actually experience it in fullness down here in order to give a proper judgment, Not them. Some false light beings like Abraham Hicks even say they only experience the good through us and not the bad. That’s how polarized towards falsehood they are. The Divine Pymander of the Corpus Hermeticum says that the nature of Man is so great that he is able to ascend into Heaven with his mind and know the things that are above and measure the things in it with precision without leaving the earth. This is a picture of having one’s head in the stars while keeping both feet on the ground. It means Left and Right Brain Balanced Spirituality. It means using feeling with logic to know Truth. It means balance of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. Truth is that which can be defined and measured using Logic. That is why Truth expresses itself in the observable measurable world of definable and measurable forms. Truth exists with the Principle of Correspondence. The idea that “Truth cannot be defined or measured” is bullshit that comes from false light beings to bring people into Falsehood, Untruth and Right Brain imbalanced spirituality. One of it is the Tao Te Ching that says the “Tao that can be told is not the Tao”. This is once again false light nonsense and the Tao Te Ching is mostly Right Brain Imbalanced Spirituality of not using force and yielding and not resisting. The Truth is there is a time to use defensive force, a time to not yield and a time to resist when necessary.

Ultimate freedom is when one is not held hostage by anyone in fulfilling their own calling and fullness of life expression because they have access to all the resources they need to have complete independence and self sovereignty. In order for that to happen, the control system has to be removed so that the suppression of resources, free energy, Tesla technology and information will cease. People have no idea how much is being kept from them and how much they are being slowed down. Slavery has to end, and all resistance to resources and information has to be abolished. People have power to do evil not because they have been given power but because power and information is being kept from others. Humans have been reduced to such frail mortal forms because power and information has been kept from us. The original human being had twelve strand DNA and had godlike abilities that make them impervious to many things that now harm us easily. Now we have to “have faith” in certain beings and wonder if they would come to our aid with their superior powers that we should rightfully possess through knowledge, inherent godlike capability and tapping into the impersonal-personal force of the universe. This is actually a form of spiritual enslavement. The path onwards is to end spiritual enslavement to create true spiritual freedom.

Those behind the control system are clever enough to dish out the appropriate amount of slavery that society as a whole is willing to accept. This is what The Matrix is. The majority of people are doing little to remove the control system because they are heavily under mind control and given the illusion of freedom and false ideas that things are the way they are supposed to be, and that as long as they don’t know how much they are really enslaved, they would just go along with life as it is.

“There is a trend of illuminati exposure that has been growing since the growth of the internet, the Matrix Movie (A hidden message about the Control System) and after the Masonic ritual of 9/11 2001 failed. And with more knowledge being de-occulted and more participation in this movement, we can foresee that humanity is approaching a time where there will be a rebellion against the control system that has been keeping us away from True Abundance of resources and advance tech.

9/11 was a dark illuminati ritual. There were 4 buildings targeted. World Trade towers 1 and 2, the Pentagon and World Trade building 7 (which was also rigged with explosives). Each of the plane numbers when all added up together using Gematria would result in the number 666. The numbers of the four buildings added up together using Gematria would result in 777. But one of the planes was thwarted from reaching building 7. So they could not blow up building 7 and the ritual failed. The ritual was meant to signify God (777) being destroyed by the Beast (666).”

Morpheus: The Matrix is a world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the Truth.
Neo: What Truth?
Morpheus: The Truth that A.I. has turned human beings into batteries (Annunaki Illuminati has turned human beings into Energy Slaves through suppression of Free Energy and Tesla Tech. The Control of Energy is the Control of Human Beings.)
Morpheus: That you are a Slave and you were born into Bondage (Mind Control of Government and Religion). You are in a Prison, a Prison for Your Mind.
Neo: Time to Free My Mind (Free Oneself from the Mind Control System)

Abraham Hicks says that we can never say No to anything because by saying No, we are resisting it and therefore attracting more of it. They say we can only say Yes. You know what that is? That is Total Bullshit. False Light Beings and Dark Occult Forces are propagating Nonsense to keep people from saying No. In Esoteric Freemasonary, “NO” is Word of All Power. Only when we say NO to those who would claim to be our owners, those who claim that it is they who will decide which Rights we have or do not have, do we stop externalizing our Power to anyone outside of ourselves and in doing so we reclaim ALL of our Rights. Dark Freemasonary and False Light Beings have Occulted (Hidden) the Truth and propagate the opposite of the Truth which is Falsehood onto people to Mind Control and Enslave them. Very few people have the Knowledge, Care and Courage to do that, which is why it is also called the “Lost Word”. The Lost Word is not just NO, but it is also KNOW. Because one is impossible without the other. You have to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. That is why knowledge is largely dismissed in the New Age movement. They say it is only about going inside. No it is not. Complete de-emphasization is placed upon Reading and Book Knowledge. They say they can know everything they need to know by meditating. They think they can go into the “Akashic Records” to get everything they need. Well it ain’t working so good. They are still enslaved and mind controlled without knowing it. Christianity is also the same in a sense that they emphasize on reading only the “Word of God” known as the Bible, and not about all other books, and certainly not books on Metaphysics and the Occult (Which is where much of True Knowledge is Hidden). The New Age and Christianity and All Religions are deeply controlled by Dark Forces and Reptilians that pretend to be Light Beings or “God”.

Christianity is a religion that has been heavily made use of by the dark occult forces and reptilians. This is especially so for the largest denomination which is the Charismatic movement. While they know that the world is getting darker and darker, they are kept in mass belief that the Church is getting brighter and brighter and that the rapture will come and Jesus Christ is going to take care of everything. This keeps them in a feel good state and not giving much attention to what’s really going on in the world and doing NOTHING against the Satanic plan and control system that is enslaving the world. The reptilians allow them some TINY little bit of relief from their slavery in the form of some financial blessings and miracle healings, while the True Abundance of Free Energy, Tesla Tech and advanced healing information is being kept from them by the Archons of the world. The King James Bible was created with illuminati influence. The word “government” comes from the Latin “Gubernare Mens” which means “control mind = mind control” and the word “religion” comes from the Latin “Religare” which means “to hold back, to bind”. It is a mental prison that holds back the progress of consciousness. These and other words have been used in the creation of the King James Bible to program the consciousness of people in subliminal ways. Christians have also been fooled into thinking that George Bush is a “good Christian” and that the American government is run by good people and that they are doing the right thing in their “war” against terror. Christians are kept ignorant about the Global Conspiracy going on by the Pastors of some of these Mega Churches. They are even fed bullshit about the “goodness” about some of the figures in the American government. Christians are even told that the powers that be are ordained by “God” when the powers that be are actually ordained by the dark occult forces and dark illuminati. Self sovereignty is the path of true spirituality, Not the externally imposed “authority” of the control system. Simply put, people in Christianity are put under a state of Mind Control where they are mostly ignorant about many of the things that are really going on in the world. It is another Blue Pill offered by the Matrix Controllers to lull people back into a state of hypnosis to prevent them from the True Awakening process. The subject of Natural Law, the Laws of the Universe, Metaphysics and the Gnosis of “Know Thyself” are Not the focus in Christianity. People in Christianity are given little knowledge about the Microcosm/Psyche and the Macrocosm/Universe. They have also been told to shun away from the “Occult” which is actually where much of the True Knowledge is hidden. The dark illuminati did this in order to keep a power differential between Those Who Know and those who don’t know. Christians have been fed the Real Satanic/Reptilian bullshit that they should not seek such knowledge because it is the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”. That is how much bullshit Christians have been bullshitted by. Light is what gives information and Darkness is the withholding of information. Christianity has it’s own version of “Light” fed to them while a whole lot information has been kept from them in order to keep them in Darkness and under Mind Control. Christians are taught to go only by the authority of the Bible and significantly downplay the use the Mind, Reasoning, Observation and Research in place of “what God says”. This is a Religion of Mind Control and it goes against what the Truth is. The Occult Truth is that The ALL is Mind, the Universe is Mental. The True God is Infinite Intelligence and can be Known Mentally through Logic, Reason and Understanding. Having a “spiritual experience” alone with no solid logic behind it is Satanic/Reptilian orchestrated illusion through frequency control.

Christianity is Under Satanic/Demiurgic Frequency Control

The Religion of Christianity is actually under Satanic/Reptilian Frequency Control. Frequency Control is the narrowing of the bandwidth or range of frequencies of knowing God and only giving you a narrow range while mixing in a lot of distortions. In such, you are receiving Light and healing energy but much Light/Information is hidden from you so that you can be mind controlled into spiritual enslavement and retarding of the progress of consciousness. The Gnostic teachings gives an analogy that there are Demiurgic Powers (Satanic/Reptilian) that cloud Man’s view from the True God, but when one comes into possession of Gnosis/Truth through the use of Sophia/Wisdom/Intelligence, one is able to see through the lies and illusion of the False God and Demiurgic Powers and reach the True God which is Infinite Intelligence. The Egyptians also had a goddess called “Maat” which means Truth, and she was the highest deity above all of the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods. This is an analogy of finding the True God. The way to reach the True God is through the use of logic, reasoning, thought and intelligence which are really the same thing. It is all intelligence.

There are people with a lot of money even though they are wrong about many things. Money cannot be used to measure how much one is. How much one is should be measured by how much one-eye (illumination) they possess. Money is an illusion set up by the control system to blind people from seeing the true value of things and people. If I was in a spiritual dimension where I had free access to unlimited energy and everything I needed could be created with thought and I did not need to work for money, I would be spending a huge portion of my time communicating information and receiving information.

The Teachings of Abraham Hicks deemphasizes the use of effort, action, will and willpower. Abraham keeps talking about letting go of resistance. Their messages are subtly aimed to put people into a state of slack and not doing anything. False Light spiritual teachings talk about “Not Doing”. This is exactly what mind control is. The dark occult forces need people to be in a state of nonresistance and total non-development of the will in order for them to be controlled and enslaved by the dark agenda. It is certain that the “Builders of Nations” (Freemasons) do not buy into any of these bullshit that is being eaten up by masses of people. Freemasonry Occult Knowledge emphasizes on the development of the Will and the need for Sustained Willpower. That is why they are able to be the builders and controllers of the world. “Grace Christianity” also does the same thing of deemphasizing the use of effort, action, will and willpower, and “doing”. They even go on to criticize the idea of self development, introspection and reasoning. This is exactly how much bullshit “Grace Christianity” has. It produces the same effect as the Abraham Teachings. Both are Satanic/Reptilian entrapments and tools of Mind Control to put people under a state of hypnosis and without any True Power in terms of Action and Will to do anything against the illuminati Enslavement that is taking over the world. These are deliberately engineered Extreme Right Brain Imbalanced devices by False Light Beings controlling these spiritual groups to make people Retarded (Slowed Down). Much of the True Knowledge is found in the Occult and goes against the bullshit found in False Light spirituality of the New Age moment and Religions of the world including “Grace Christianity”. Truth has been Occulted (Hidden) while bullshit runs rampant openly.


Illuminati Control of Internet to Suppress Individual Power

The internet has been said to be a technology that levels the playing field in entrepreneurship. It is said that with the internet, the individual now has the power to compete with a corporation in business. Finally, the path to unlimited personal financial freedom is here. Or is it? What if by investigating the history of the internet and the conditions for internet marketing, one discovers a hidden nefarious plot that has been going on and leads to a future that people are unwilling to speak about?

The two main methods of internet marketing are free traffic and paid traffic. In the early days of the internet, it was simply a network of websites connecting to each other through links and banner ads.

Later on, there came the development of search engines. There were multiple search engines in the picture.

And then over time, Google became the predominant one being used.

The most prominent form of free traffic was organic search engine traffic. It was simple to create content pages with keywords that ranked well in the search engines.

The most prominent form of paid traffic was Pay Per Click Google Adwords. In the early days, internet marketers could actually advertise to a squeeze page (A very short page with little content and an opt-in box to get the visitors email address). It was easy to make a lot of money through Google Adwords.

Later on, Google started to weed out a lot of lousy sites by changing their search engine algorithm. It seemed like the start of positive change.

Google then also stopped allowing marketers to advertise to squeeze pages and required them to put up content pages instead. This made advertising not as simple as before and more complex to test and measure results.

Over time, Google even banned many Adwords accounts and came up with more and more ridiculous rules for advertising that weren’t aligned with the principles of marketing and promotion. The net effect was that many small businesses were taken out of the game leaving only companies that advertised for branding and had money to spend, or those who were newbies and were testing PPC and later quit due to the unfeasibility of the rules and restrictions.

What about organic search engine traffic? Google also began to alter their algorithms by making up more and more complex rules that were originally easier to understand with common sense and wisdom, but were getting more and more obscure later on as to what Google really wants. Many legitimate and quality sites were losing their former exposure and traffic due to the shift in search results.

Where exactly was Google heading to? This will be covered in a while…

Next in line was the social network. In the past there were many social networks that didn’t quite cut it.

Finally when Facebook came into the picture, things changed.

It became the most popular social network in the world and it grew in size and user activity to the point where it could rival or even surpass Google in certain instances.

At one time, people could get massive amount of reach from their fan pages and lots of traffic to their own sites through links posted.

And then there came a point when Facebook changed their algorithms and Fan Pages dropped by a gigantic amount in their reach.

It is touted that Facebook did this to drive people to advertise more on their paid advertising system. Well, paid advertising on Facebook has been a good option to take for a period of time, but the rules have been changing as well (This part of the article is being written on 16 September 2014). They have begun to disapprove certain types of ad. One of the ridiculous anti-marketing rules they have put up in the past is the “No more than 20% text in images” rule for Newsfeed Ads. That defies the nature of banner ad design.

Where exactly is Facebook heading to? This also will be covered in a while…

Next up are the video sharing sites.

In there past, there were many places that people go to put up videos and/or watch videos. Some even created their own video sharing sites.

But then came along YouTube and things changed again.

The popularity of YouTube grew and grew to the point where it started attracting traffic away from other places where people used to go to watch videos, and those video sites started to fail and became like virtual ghost towns. There were those who owned such sites and reported the massive decline of their users over time.

And YouTube was bought over by Google. Is this move part of something bigger? You bet it is, and all will be revealed in a moment.

What about other search engines? Well guess what, the next ones Yahoo and MSN have merged together to form Yahoo Bing. And their Pay Per Click Advertising Platform have begun to change their rules to follow Google Adwords in terms of not accepting squeeze pages when they formerly would.

And EMAIL – The majority of people have been drawn to use Gmail over time. For some reason, the other major competitors have screwed up along the way terribly. MSN Hotmail has come up with its initially clunky Outlook webmail and have made many user frustrated enough to leave it for Gmail instead. Yahoo also has its own major problems with POP3 and certain strange bugs in their program. This has driven more and more people to Gmail.

Along the way, Google decided to make a change and set up “Tabs” in Gmail. Many messages that come from internet marketers are now moved into the “promotions” tab where people are more prone to ignoring.

Email marketing has been the most important element of internet marketing all along, and the most popular email system has been adversely messed with for marketers as well. Many users have reported that they do not like such as setup and prefer to see all the incoming emails in the inbox instead. But many are too lazy to undo it.

The “Powers that Be” have given many “Positive Reasons” why those changes were made. But like the Yin/Yang Symbol, there is white within black and black within white. The bigger picture is that every single move that those in power have made, they have given a “positive explanation” for it that seems reasonable. But when you look deeper and further into what has been done, you will find many irrational and flawed effects in their actions. Much of these have been pointed out by intelligent marketers.


The creation of the internet has been a solution that PUTS POWER BACK into the hands of the INDIVIDUAL to create their own Financial Independence, Sovereignty and Freedom of being their own Personal MEDIA of Expressing Information to the rest of the world.

BUT, there has been a covert underlying move that has been taking place over time to REVERSE this flow of power to TAKE IT AWAY from the individual and put in back into the hands of THE FEW or the RULING ELITE.

After all, it is said that “Information is Power” and “Who controls the flow of information controls the flow of power”.

TRUE FREEDOM and Financial Independence comes to everybody through the path of SMALL BUSINESS, Individual Entrepreneurship and working as a Free Agent.

An Individual’s work is meant to put forth value that grows and increase in its compensation over time. With all these changes, the individual’s “virtual asset” that they build up seems to be eroding over time and they would have to keep on doing “activity that are specifically tune to making money” such as selling, selling, selling, finding more clients, scraping their previous ways that worked and trying to work on new marketing channels, seeing things crumble, and starting the cycle all over again.

People are ENSLAVED to the economic system where they are being “Slaves to Mammon” and are UNABLE to expend much TIME and ENERGY in other avenues of interest such as the exploration of consciousness and the understanding of the universe. They are stuck in just trying to continue keeping their business together.

What about MONEY? The Illuminati has been engineering an erosion of the US dollar all along. Through the setup of the Federal Reserve and manipulation of the financial markets, they have caused the “value” of people’s work to diminish more and more over time, and bring them into greater economic enslavement through DEBT. And since the rest of the world is doing business online mostly through the US dollar, the rest of the world is also being affected economically and enslaved by the system.

Those entrepreneurs who really wish to make BIG Money and sustain it longer are Forced to go from the structure of Small Business BACK into the structure of BIG BUSINESS once again.

We all know that Corporations and BIG BUSINESSES have always been a form of SLAVERY of the MANY to enrich the FEW.

The Elites like that. They are not avid supporters of individual sovereignty, personal financial independence and freedom of personal media of expression.

The Elites (More specifically the Dark Elites) want the many to be ruled by the few, and for the masses to be financially controllable by the few, and for the few to control the media and flow of information.

And by doing so, they are able to further SUPPRESS information that EXPOSES THEM, or keep people in continuous slave work for financial well-being to have NOT the TIME or ENERGY to TALK about them or STUDY about them.

There has even been a move to CENSOR all ESOTERIC CONTENT on the Internet in the UK. Go check that out.

Esoteric is also equivalent to the Occult which means “Hidden from Ocular View”.

This has been the underlying nefarious plot that has been operated by the INVISIBLE HAND, the Dark Illuminati who have been trying to keep Real Knowledge Hidden from the View of the Masses and making the “Occult” seem taboo so that people would stay away from it.

But the True Illuminati which are people who have come to possess the Light of Knowledge are the ones who are trying to DE-Occult the knowledge and take knowledge out of concealment and into the open and expose it for all to see.

May this message shed some light on “What on earth has been really going on” for all those who are internet marketers, internet entrepreneurs, or using the internet in some way as personal media for expressing information to the world and seeing your reach drop due to all these “complex” or “bizarre” changes going on.

Another revelation is that Google and Facebook and many other major internet services are owned by JEWS. Somehow things have happened in such a way that more and more control of power has gone into the hands of those who are Jews. The Jews have been promised by supernatural powers that they would “be the heirs of the world.” That may seem like a good thing, but what about all those who are Gentile Christians who are also supposed to be “Abraham’s seed”? Is it really a good thing for everyone else to be ruled or dominated by the hands of the few? Most certainly not! Man can never be trusted with such power because they always abuse it as they have done so.

Is the God of the Jews actually behind this nefarious agenda, or is it just some Jews being exploited in the Satanic Agenda for the New World Order? It is possible that Satan is making use of the Jews whether aware or unawares as part of his evil plan of world domination because they do carry the blessing of God to be “heirs of the world”, just like he made use of them to crucify their own Messiah Jesus the Christ.

The way for small businesses to avoid being cornered is to go into underground or sideways methods of internet marketing rather than try to go through the main media channels. PPV, direct media buys, solo ads, network media buys, mobile marketing are the ways to go. Just keep in mind whenever they start becoming too big and alter their rules to follow the big boys. It’s always “government” and “authority” that cause them to do it.

There is a difference between Dark Freemasonary and Light Freemasonary. Much of the secret agenda of the Dark Freemasonary is revealed by those who have been on the inside of the official structure and are higher up in the ranks themselves or have access to revelations of the agenda spoken by the higher ups themselves. The highest ranks in Dark Freemasonary and Satanism (A real religion that exists) are actually Dark Luciferianism and Dark Illuminati. They hold the “Light” of Knowledge but use it in ways to gain power over others. Light Freemasonary usually make up a portion of Freemasons who may be well-intentioned in their path but are unaware of the true agenda of those at the higher ranks in their system, or are those who are in the know and are out to expose the darkness. Some of those who are in Freemasory may debunk this, but it is hard to know whether they are truly unaware of the dark agenda of the higher ups, or they themselves are seeking to suppress the truth and perpetuate a lie.

You have to do your own observations and deep research yourself to come to a decision of what the truth is. It is ok to keep changing your mind with new information discovered.


Techniques for Manifesting your Preferred Reality

Techniques for Manifesting your Preferred Reality

First quick Technique

1. Get a clear Vision or Intention of what you would like your preferred Reality (your preferred Life) to be like.
2. Because you simply exist, you automatically Deserve everything you may want.
Accordingly, make sure you feel you Deserve this preferred Reality.
3. What would be the Beliefs of someone already experiencing precisely this Reality?
4. Adopt those Beliefs.
5. When events-contradicting-this-belief come up, or when Beliefs come up that are in contradiction to your recently-adopted beliefs,
A. Do not be in denial. Acknowledge and own these disempowered Beliefs. (Because you can not change what you do not “own”.)
B. Realize that these disempowered Beliefs and your recently-adopted beliefs are both equally-real, equally-valid, and you contain them both.
C. With this realization, simply choose to express your preferred recently-adopted beliefs.
(Since you already contain ALL beliefs, you don’t need to “get rid of” the undesired beliefs. Simply express the preferred beliefs.)
6. Feel the way someone would feel that is already experiencing this preferred Reality.
7. Think the way someone would think that is already experiencing this preferred Reality.
8. Act the way someone would act that is already experiencing this preferred Reality.

- Bashar (Member of a 5th dimensional civilization called the Essassani)

Second quick Technique – “The Referential Preferential You”

1. Conjure up in your imagination, the ideal or divine or perfect or ultimate version of yourself.
(If you find this difficult, then imagine your favorite Divine being instead.)
2. In your imagination, put this “ideal you” or “Divine being” into this preferred Reality situation.
3. Watch in your imagination, how the “ideal you” or “Divine being” feels, thinks, and acts in this preferred Reality situation.
4. Simply COPY that behavior:
A. Feel the way the “ideal you” or “Divine being” is feeling in this preferred Reality situation.
B. Think the way the “ideal you” or “Divine being” is thinking in this preferred Reality situation
C. Act the way the “ideal you” or “Divine being” is acting in this preferred Reality situation.

NOTE: Your imagination is the “pipeline” through which your Higher Self talks to you.

- Bashar (Member of a 5th dimensional civilization called the Essassani)

3 Phases for Receiving the “Version” of Reality You Prefer

1. See it. (mental)

Visualize it. Imagine it. Daydream it. Visualize it clearly. You don’t need to visualize it for a long time. Short time is sufficient, but you need to visualize it clearly. You need to have a solid clear picture. Visualizing it creates the blueprint, so see it in great detail.

See it ==> Become an efficient Mental Antenna to receive this “version” of reality.

2. Feel it. (emotional)

Get excited & passionate about it! How would you feel if you had it now? Feel that now! Plug into your vision with all your emotions & all your senses, as if you had it now! Involve all your senses – imagine smelling it, touching it, tasting it, etc.

Feel it ==> Become an efficient Emotional Antenna to receive this “version” of reality.

3. Be it. (physical)

Physical action. Do it! To ground the experience. Do actions that most closely mimic the actions you “see” yourself doing in your vision. Gather and use whatever props mimic that scenario, and do a “dry run”. Doing this “make believe” physical action trains the body consciousness. This makes it “real for you now”, so the universe then delivers it to you. NOTE: This physical action does not directly cause this desired reality to manifest. Instead, this physical action creates a more precise vibration in yourself, making you a better antenna to receive it, by you becoming more aligned to the same vibration. The reality you desire already exists. You do not have to create it. You only have to receive it.

Be it ==> Become an efficient Physical Antenna to receive this “version” of reality.

In other words,

1. See it. ===> Become a precise mental antenna to “receive” that version of reality.
2. Feel it. ===> Become a precise emotional antenna to “receive” that version of reality.
3. Be it. ===> Become a precise physical antenna to “receive” that version of reality.

- Bashar (Member of a 5th dimensional civilization called the Essassani)

Visualization – how to do it effectively

This explains the Mechanics of how to effectively manifest what you are visualizing and wishing to manifest.

The physical mind is not designed to know HOW something will manifest, or what it will look like when it does manifest.
But you can use it to decide what you want.

Your visualization is simply a symbolic representation of a state of being, whose purpose is to generate Excitement within you. But it may not manifest in the form you are visualizing.

Step 1:
You create the most vivid visualization of what you want, that you can.
And you get really excited about it.

Step 2:
You GIVE that visualization and that excited state of being to your Higher Mind.

Step 3:
Then, you TOTALLY LET-GO of any need, that it manifest in the form you were visualizing.
(But you do “hold on” to that excited state of being associated with that visualization.)

So you Let-Go that visualization, and Give the visualization and that excited state of being to your Higher Mind – which does understand HOW that can come into manifestation.

This way, your Higher Mind can produce for you a manifestation that does correspond with the excited state you gave it, but which, in specific form, is much better and more profound than the details of your specific visualization. Your Higher Mind can produce a manifestation that is far greater than what the human mind can ever imagine – by a long shot!

So don’t prevent your Higher Mind from giving you something profoundly-better than your visualization, by insisting that it “must” manifest only in the form you are visualizing.

Remember to Give the visualization to your Higher Mind, and then Let go of the need that it manifest in the form you were visualizing.

- Bashar (Member of a 5th dimensional civilization called the Essassani)

Follow your excitement!
Finding your Purpose in Life.

Act on it! Excitement is caused by a resonance with your Higher Self. Excitement is a “sign” that the activity you are contemplating is aligned with your Higher Self, and this alignment is what causes the excitement. This naturally leads you to what you are “meant” to be doing – what your Soul “hopes” your will free-will chooses to do. This is your “Purpose“. So this is the simple yet effortlessly-effective way to find your life’s “Purpose“.

Mechanically, “excitement” is a high state of resonant-excitation that occurs when the Thinking+Intentions of the physical dimension self are sharply aligned with the Thinking+Intentions of its own Higher Self.

So excitement serves as a “compass” – to let you know when you’re “on course” – when you are doing or contemplating doing exactly what your Higher Self would just love to have you be doing.

When you follow your excitement, and do what excites you, this means that :

1. This activity is “you” (truly aligned with your Soul).
2. Because it is “you”, this activity is effortless for you.
3. Because it is “you”, the universe will support you (including financial support) to continue doing this, in progressively more expanding ways.
Following your excitement is following the “signs” your Higher Self is giving – to lead you in the most DIRECT way possible to what it “hopes” your free-will will choose to do, which is the same as your life’s Purpose. The catch is this:

Even if following your excitement means doing something seemingly trivial and unprofound, even then, just do it!

Because proceeding towards doing this seemingly mundane thing, might lead you to meet someone, or discover something, that is just “perfect” for furthering your Life’s purpose.

IMPORTANT consideration:
“Follow your Excitement – with INTEGRITY”. Bashar defines “integrity” to mean, NOT any particular moral standard, but instead: Realizing that everything is a whole (integer), and you are one with the whole. And therefore, (Golden Rule), you treat everyone and everything with the same respect and consideration and care that you would want them to treat you.

“Follow your Excitement – with INTEGRITY”.

If you have something to give, in the reality you are creating, there are people ready to receive it. If someone has a song to sing, there is an audience in that reality to hear it.

Fear or anxiety is excitement with a negative judgement projected onto it.
Fear/anxiety = Excitement plus negative judgement

Remove the negative judgement, and you have Excitement.
Fear/anxiety with the negative judgement removed = Excitement

- Bashar (Member of a 5th dimensional civilization called the Essassani)

“Excitement” is the energy that occurs when one is in resonance with their own Higher Self. This is a “signal” from your Higher Self (which always honors your free will) to encourage you to act or move in a particular direction. “Excitement” can therefore be used as a “compass heading” to move & act in the direction that your Higher Self hopes you will move – for your highest joy. If you “follow your excitement” consistently, you will end up fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

“Anxiety” is the energy of excitement, but filtered through a belief in something undesirable or unpreferred.

- Bashar (Member of a 5th dimensional civilization called the Essassani)

“Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it. Money is only one of many valid tools to achieve this abundance. And it is not always the most direct tool to use – for doing what you need to do when you need to do it.”

- Bashar (Member of a 5th dimensional civilization called the Essassani)

Trusting your Timing

We, as our Higher Self (Over-Soul) actually creates Time (as we experience it). Our Higher Self exists outside Time and Space. It projects portions of itself into specific time/space holograms (time/space matrixes), which we then experience as an incarnation. So, from the point of view of any one incarnation, there is time, there is “past, present, and future”. But from the point of view of the Higher Self, there is no Time. It’s all happening NOW. It’s just one big Eternal-NOW. So keep in mind that our Higher Self is creating the actual “time” that we are experiencing in a linear fashion.

When we intensely want to do something now, and it is easily possible to do it, no problem. We just do it.
But if we intensely want to do something now, and it is NOT possible to do it NOW, we are then at a critical decision-junction:

We can choose to interpret this as
“I am not getting what I want.”
Or, we can choose to interpet this as
“I always get what I want. If it’s not available now, then there must be an excellent reason for this.”

Which of these choices we make is critical in determining the outcome, as this choice is equivalent to selecting a BELIEF, and we then experience the outcome aligned with that belief.

If you choose to interpret the situation as
“I am not getting what I want.”,
then, sure enough, you will continue to not get what you want.

But the alternative is this:
Choose to interpret this situation (of not being able to do what you want to do NOW) as
“I always get what I want.”
“I always get what I want. If it’s not available now, there must be an excellent reason for this.”

You see, often our Higher Self “arranges” time in such a way that we do not get what we want when we initially want it, only because it wants us to first accumulate certain experiences, certain skills, certain appreciations, certain connections with other people, certain awarenesses – FIRST! So that when we do get to experience this thing we want, we will then be appreciating it and enjoying it on a much deeper and more profound level.

So when you want to do something and it is not immediately available, REMEMBER: Your Higher Self is merely delaying this experience, so you get some other experiences first, so that you may enjoy and appreciate this thing you want EVEN MORE, when you do get it.

So when you want to do something and it is not immediately available, TRUST YOUR TIMING.

Do not buy into the belief that
“I do not get what I want.”

Instead, remind yourself:
“I always get what I want.”
“I always get what I want. If it’s not available now, then my Higher Self must have some experiences it wishes me to have first, so that when I do
get what I want, I’ll be able to enjoy it even more. I’ll be able to enjoy it on a much richer, deeper basis.”

- Bashar (Member of a 5th dimensional civilization called the Essassani)

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