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Greetings, my name is Noctis Enoch, and I am the founder of REALITY MAGI.

In 2007, I obtained the book “Nostradamus Code: World War III”.

The Final Chapter is about “The Great Genius”.

The first page says “2006 to 2012”.

2006 was “The Year of Acceleration” according to Joseph Prince (Senior Pastor of New Creation Church). Back then, it was indeed such a year for me. I greatly accelerated in my spiritual awareness and understanding of consciousness, reality and the universe.

My Website http://www.MindReality.com was started near the end of 2005.

In October 2010, I posted one of my Opus Magnum Articles on Mind Reality called “Seven Levels of Intelligence and Three Types of Genius”:

>>> http://www.mindreality.com/seven-levels-of-intelligence-and-three-types-of-genius

In February 2012, I had the inspiration to start a new website as a means of further sharing my thoughts.

I thought of many domains and I found that the GreatGenius.com was not in use. That was amazing, considering the fact that there was quite a significant amount of searches for the term “Great Genius” (5,400 Global Monthly Searches as stated by Google Keyword Tool) and a number of places that talk about The Great Genius that Nostradamus mentioned.

GreatGenius.com was sold as a premium domain at $1,788.18 USD.

I decided to claim that domain as my own since there are many things described about The Great Genius that seems to reflect myself, and I believe this domain has been reserved by The Universe/God for me to make use of. Hence, the Great Genius website is born on 2012 February 9. This is an Aquarius Website.

How Apt!

I decided to write this first post on the website, and to include information from other websites as well. Here’s some that I found:

[Nostradamus describes the coming of a great scientific genius that will help rebuild human society. From CENTURY IV-31: "This man...will be one of the highest, most developed geniuses ever to appear in our present history of man. He...made the decision to use his genius to help rather than to hurt mankind...One of the things he envisions...is self-contained, self-supporting space stations...It was very easy for him to spot this man along the nexus of time paths because he creates such a large ultimate effect...This man is one of the major forces who will help the earth recover from the scars of war."

This great genius will be influential in pointing out the mistaken premises that today's science has built itself on. His ability to perceive scientific truths will cause major breakthroughs in our technological capabilities. From CENTURY VII-14: "[He will] make clear the connections between the physical universe and the metaphysical universe as dealt with by religions.” Because of these great advances, Nostradamus describes a time when a majority of people will be aware of higher powers and energies: “It will make every person a philosopher.” What kind of time frame are we looking at here? Nostradamus reported that this great genius will show up in the mid-twenty-first century.]

- http://homestar.org/bryannan/nostro.html

[Basically 'The Great Genius' is an individual who is supposed to become known in the "Age of Aquarius" or 2012 and after for those who aren't familiar with the astrological terms. He was predicted by the prophet Nostradamus to be a regular human being with great abilities (a next stage in evolution?) that will drastically change mankind for the better and lead to a "golden age". Among his (I am just using the gender term 'his' because it is grammatically correct) crowning achievements are 'free energy", unification of religion and science, a deeper understanding of medicine, robotics, and a quantum leap in the understanding of consciousness, reality, and the Universe.]

- http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread454242/pg1

[Seth is a ‘disincarnate being’ (an entity of consciousness from another dimension, not presently incarnate in human form). His teachings are ‘channeled’ via a psychic called Jane Roberts (see “Seth Speaks’ by Jane Roberts, published by Bantam).

Seth’s take on the Aquarian Age is that there will be a ‘second coming’ of Christ, though Seth intriguingly describes Christ as an ‘entity’ who has also taken other roles at different times. Two characters will pave the way for him, one who has already been born in India, and another, a black man, who will do his main work in Indonesia.

The Seth material is fascinating – it offers a ‘new age’ slant on the original bible stories, and describes the coming of an age where our psychic abilities will enable us to make a great leap forward in terms of our relationships with each other, the planet, and our personal capabilities. Our time boundaries will dissolve so that we will be conscious of not only our own past lives, but also those of other people too, such that we will not feel so isolated and will come to understand that ‘we are all one’. This will cause a great advancement in the quality of our relationships with one another.

Another ‘great genius’ is augured in the Seth prophecies (similar to the Nostradamus and Incan prophecies). This character will pull together the knowledge of science and spirituality in amazing ways. What psychics are now capable of will leap forward massively as the real workings of the universe and how to manifest within it become fully and deeply understood.]

- http://www.baliadvertiser.biz/articles/spiritual/2001/aquarians2.html

This is what is found in “The Nostradamus Code”

Centurie VII, Quatrain 14 – The Great Genius

“The Great Genius will help unify science and religion and bring about the enlightenment and peace of the Age of Aquarius foretold by prophets.”

Centurie III, Quatrain 2 – The Great Genius discovers the science of miracles

“The great genius will realize the magic of alchemy though his discoveries and inventions. The new philosophy engendered by these discoveries will encourage the development of mental powers. People will be able to manipulate the basic forces of the universe in a way that will seem utterly fantastic to those not involved with the occult. People in the occult and psychic realms currently deal with these forces without understanding, but in the future understanding will be present, sharpening the efficacy of the art.”

“The Great Genius will also unify religion and science and explain ancient documents, making clear the metaphysical connections between the universe and spirituality.” (Centurie VII, Quatrain 14)


All of this is a fascinating discovery! I deal with Integration of All things to do with the Mind and Reality, which is basically everything that is to be known about the Universe, Consciousness and Reality. Unified Knowledge is the Key to complete awareness, and totality of knowing.

Henceforth, I declare this to be the start of the reign of Genius. Perhaps “The Great Genius” might be an individual. Or perhaps it is an Archetype and there may be more than one person who can be part of “The Great Genius” gestalt consciousness.

Mind Reality is for the purpose of elevating The Genius (Genie-In-Us). After all, who we really are, is Genius God Creators of Our Reality.


Is Our Fate Manipulated by False Controllers?

I watched The Adjustment Bureau again. It is about the human race being watched over and manipulated by beings who can adjust fate and minds, and they serve the Chairman according to His Plan for them. One human managed to discover this truth and tries to escape his fate to create his own life. He has to outsmart those beings and manages to have the help of one of them. That “rebel angel” tells him the truth about how they operate as well as the fact that water can block out their ability to read people’s decisions.

Similar to the Truman Show, The Adjustment Bureau tries to stop him from being with a girl that he loves (but not according to The Plan) and they create obstacles and “accidents” that make him decide to separate from her to keep her from being harmed. In the end, he manages to defy fate and be with her at the risk of being reset (artificially made mentally crazy). Then the Chairman rewrites The Plan to exclude them out of it so that they can live their lives according to freewill.

- Noctis Enoch (17 July 2018)


Are We in An Artificial World by An Artificial Creator?

Are We in An Artificial World by An Artificial Creator?

I watched The Truman Show. It is about someone born in an artificial world created to make him the star of a TV show. Everyone else in it are actors. Everything in the environment are just props. He fell in love with one of the actress which is not the one intended for him to be with, and she tried to reveal the truth about his world but was taken away and fired. He was told that she was taken away by her father to another country. He ended up being married to the lead actress that Christof (the creator of the show) wanted him to marry.

Eventually, Truman discovered more and more clues that there was something very wrong about his world. At one point he manage to find out a certain area he wasn’t supposed to go and saw the backstage setup with props and staff in it. He was quickly forced back out and was told they were doing renovations in that area. He was programmed since childhood to stay and not leave the world he was in. His fake geography teacher says there was nothing else that has already been discovered. His fake father was “killed” in a boat accident so he would always be afraid to leave by water. When he tried booking a flight, he was told there were no vacancies. When he wanted to take a bus, the bus driver would cause the bus to breakdown. He noticed that the people around him operate in a certain routine which was predictable and artificial. Whoever he talk to tells him he is crazy to think those thoughts and tries to misdirect him back to normal life.

Finally, he tried to drive out of the country but there is a spontaneous traffic jam that develops. Then he pretended to change his mind and start to drive home. But then he suddenly change his mind again and drive back to the same road and saw the traffic jam had disappeared, and so he drove out and even across the water through the bridge. On the other side, there was a sign that says forest fire. He ignored it and continued driving. A fire was artificially started across the road but he drove right through and was fine. But he met other obstacles that were artificially created that made him fail to leave.

In the end, he managed to get to the end of the world after almost being killed by artificial weather manipulation by the creator. He found that the boundary of the world was fake and he found an exit out of it. The creator spoke to him from the artificial sky through the PA system and told him that there was no more truth out there than there was in his world, but he would have nothing to fear by remaining in the creator’s world and by the star there. Truman chose to leave and the audience who was watching the show cheered, and his lover in the outside world came running to look for him.

- Noctis Enoch (17 July 2018)


The Spiritual Domain Transcends Karma and Destiny

The Spiritual Domain that Transcends the Domain of Karma and Destiny

In this world, Man’s Fate is influenced by the Forces of Karma and Destiny. The Chinese are able to predict events by studying the patterns of Destiny in Feng Shui, Bazi, etc. The Buddhists say that Man’s destiny is completely influenced by his Karma and there is no escaping it.

But yet, there is something beyond the realm of destiny that the Devil wants to blind most men from seeing.

The Realm of Destiny does Not create events on its own. The Realm of Destiny and Karma is like a holding pattern. People can predict events by observing the holding pattern. But it requires activity from the spiritual dimension to manifest it into events.


1. The Bagua on its own does Not create events. A car number may have a Gua that has a pattern of a driver being angry and banging other people on the road. But that event is never going to happen until Evil Spirits use the Gua as a Doorway in Time and Space to influence the driver with angry thoughts and impulses to bang other people on the road.

2. Karma on its own does Not create events. A person may have Karma to have someone do something evil to him. But that evil event is never going to happen until Evil Spirits make use of that Karmic Pattern to go and influence somebody out there to go and do an evil thing to that person.

Even in high level Buddhist teachings, it reveals that there is something that goes beyond Karma. But Satan will never fully reveal what that something is. The thing that goes beyond Karma and Destiny is the Domain of God and Satan.

Satanic New Age teachings want to put the Domain of God and Satan as under the Domain of an Impersonal Law Based Universe. But by observing the Word of God, and observing reality as much as possible, one will notice that there is a Personal God and a Devil that operates above an Impersonal Law Based Universe.

You can observe very clearly in the Word of God that Karma works very differently for people of God compared to people of the world. In the Word of God, there are many cases where God has preordained His people for a great destiny. And in the process of good and bad events, God’s Hand is guiding all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His Purpose. It goes beyond whatever Karma the person has.

For people of the world, the events in their lives are completely under the control of Karma and Satanic influence. There is no higher plan of God’s Kingdom for them. Their Fate is tossed around by the forces Time and Space and Self Effort without a Higher Guiding Hand to shape it in a certain direction. But God is always seeking to win people towards Christ to deliver them out of the Power of Satan and into the Kingdom of His Dear Son.

Satanic New Age teachings may acknowledge that there is a Higher Guiding Hand which they call your “Inner Being”. But they present your Inner Being as being subservient to you, and being there to help you fulfill your personal dreams and wishes. It is Satan’s doctrine that you are God. But yet in the Word of God, and in the lives of God’s people, it is revealed over and over again that all things are subservient to God’s Purposes and God’s Will.

There is a domain that goes beyond Karma and Destiny. The Buddhists call it Man’s “Mind”. But no it is not Man’s Mind. It is the domain of God and Satan. You don’t have to “believe” it. You can know it by observing, and observing, and observing, and observing as much of reality as possible in order to see God and Satan operating beyond Man’s Mind.

Satan tries to trick people into believing the Many World’s Theory where there is a Universe where God and Satan is Real, and there is a Universe where God and Satan do not exist. But the two worlds are actually One World. It just looks like Two Different Worlds because Satan has seek to control the world with his “Indra’s Net” or “Buddha’s Palm” and make it difficult to see what is beyond it. God’s revelation of His Kingdom is like a different world altogether. But the more we can find the doorways and holes leading out of “Indra’s Net” and “Buddha’s Palm”, the more we are able to see that there is actually just One Reality that belongs to God. Satan is only controlling a small part of it which will eventually be reclaimed.

Although I learn about the Domain of Destiny, something deep down within me refuses to accept the limits of destiny. God wants me to know that I am not alone in an Impersonal Law Based Universe with Karma, Destiny and all kinds of strange spirits. There is someone who is my Shepherd. There is someone who is watching over me, guiding me, leading me, supplying me, helping me, protecting me, blessing me. There is a Personal God who loves me with a deeply personal love. And He is not just any nonphysical entity but the One True God of the universe who opens my eyes to see Truth and Grace.

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